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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Worlds Apart...
03/21/2011, We left Le Marin for St. Anne

All we did was check in yesterday and I managed a small hike to tried to remember all the places and routes that my friend Olga showed me!

We wasted not one day before we weaved our way thru this complicated harbor...lots of reefs, lots of obstacles, but totally worth the move to clear water out here at the mouth of the bay and a glorious village that we missed on our way south so long ago!

This is the path, paved and switch backing thru the 14 stations of the cross to the top of the mountain where the statues of both Mary and Jesus are displayed. Dudley is truly amazing and that's what I fell in love with 11 years ago. He's like the ever ready battery and I want to emulate him when I become a septuagenarian. Fat chance me tinks, unless I change my ways!


First Step on Martinique Soil...
03/19/2011, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia to Le Marin, Martinique!

We left this morning with the main up @ 5:41a and said goodbye to St. Lucia...and here we are, looking at the NE coast with some weather hovering all around us! We like it blustery...and we got it good! We arrived in Le Marin, south coast of Martinique @ 11a with plenty of time to clear in before siest...and our first stop was for mussels at the Mango Bay restaurant where all the cruisers gather for internet, a cold brew and good food. They bloody speak French...what are we American's supposed to do...learn the darn language ya think? This is where we first stepped onto Martinique, the dingy dock in front of customs. This is the land of flowers, for real.

We want to go to St. Anne, but we need to get some stuff done and it's Le Marin where we will get the water for our tanks, the laundry done, the Super Marche, the Yamaha fixed..right here in the sailing capital of Martinique! If you need to get it done, it's here!

We miss you Olga...but have embraced every hike and every bit of local knowledge so far that you've shared with us two years ago...oooooooh the history, the yoles, the patisseries, boulangeries, the food! We miss you more!


-- Dudley and Bec S/V Altair skype name: dbaltair skype #: 305.600.2308 [email protected] [email protected]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
03/17/2011, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia!

We disconnected from the mooring this green day in a fabulously verdant spot here at Marigot Bay. We are having a very laid back, non-alcoholic version of St. Patty's Day! Hope everybody is celebrating the luck of the Irish, in your green way!

We only have a short distance to go before we arrive at Rodney Bay to clear out of St. Lucia.

We successfully visited Pigeon Island and Barbara, the owner of Jam de Bois and we met Barbara and Bob, SV Crusader, Eunice and Derek of Nottingham and Alice and Alyn on SV Moody Blue there! Jam de Bois is an artsy restaurant and bar, tucked into the end of Pigeon Island, in the park that was once the home of Josset Legh. Very special woman.

We got a visit from Gregory the veggie vendor, pictured here who was very entertaining and nostalgic from 2 years ago and we managed to lighten his boat by buying lots of his delectable wares grown right here on island, including the thing he called a hybrid, mango and melon...darn thing never got ripe!

I got a haircut from Collette, after eavesdropping on April and Deb, which is our radio entertainment should we find the time to get bored...NOT! April giggled when I called to say I was listening, 'because everybody does it' she exclaimed.

We spotted our friends on the gaff schooner, Rebecca, heading for Antigua's Classic Regatta and got invited to tea, so properly English! We're moving right along with Martintique in our sights, literally, and the spot we plan to drop the hook next!

The now famous St. Lucia Jazz Fest in May is going to have to proceed without us however will they?


Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair skype name: dbaltair
skype #: 305.600.2308
[email protected]
[email protected]

Rain Forest Sky Rides
03/16/2011, Babaneau and Chassin Gorges

We called and it's a go! We are heading to the Rain Forest at Babaneau and Chassin! We are taking the "Gondola' thru the canopy and I can't wait to share the beauty from such a delightful vantage point. We had a great guide too, Jessame. At every level the Tram rose, we were treated to different flora and the fauna that came with it! How special!

The next time, if there is a next time (maybe Dominica), we will do the zip lines. These 'zipper' dare devils shared the rain forest with us and we heard the squeels all morning long!

Thanks honey!

Three hours to go 7.5nm...
03/11/2011, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

We left late, slugs that we are...11:15 when we let the mooring line free! The seas and the wind are still out of the north but it's an hour and a half at most to get to Marigot Bay so we can tough it out for that short a distance.

Really, three hours is ridiculous!!! We thought we do the 'cruiser's thing', anchor and enjoy the freedom of paying noone or any biz. We knew ahead of time there isn't a lot of room for many boats and after 15: we were calling Marigot Bay Marina! We took another mooring! This time it comes with the bennies of fast internet wifi service, showers, laundry and a grocery store right on the property. Can we say "Very posh, very pricey"?
Again, we said we were not going to stay and before you know it six days have come and gone! We hiked, we trekked to Castries for new "LIME" cell phone service, farmers markets, and new friends, shucks!

We have sure changed neighborhoods and the caliber of our new neighbors has increased as well.

Soufriere, Alive with a Special Strain of Adrenaline!
03/09/2011, Big, Lush and Flavorful...St. Lucia!

We thought that Soufriere was going to be a sleepy little town where we could relax and just chill. NOT...this place is pumped up on some special kind of adrenalin that won't let them relax either. We've been privy to these islanders and how hard they work, how hard life is here for them...but this is NUTS. This town, Baron Village actually, was the hardest hit from hurricane Tomas. You can see the landslides where people lost their lives, homes and that road that used to wrap around this side of Petite Piton. We know all too well about hurricanes in Miami. It brings people and towns together and creates a better world in the long run. They just seem filled with an urgency that only a storm instigate.

We were tired yesterday when we arrived...but the activity was just too intense, I couldn't nap let alone sleep. We weren't planning to stay either. We didn't put up the connector (that magnificent piece of canvas that connects the dodger and the bimini and gives us a huge shade tree), but we're leaving, right? The tour boats, the fishing boats, the dive boats, the catamarans for touring too. All packed and taking multiple trips a day! The perogues, 20-30 at least, selling fish, bread, veggies, jewelry, carvings, fuel among everything else we MIGHT need, flying by every five minutes, at least. Can you say WAKES? We were all over the place with the willawaws too. One minute we were tugging on our mooring strings, the next we were doing 360s having no idea which way we would be facing.

We stayed for just a couple of some hiking in, made some new friends, got some rotis, some fresh Tuna and a wood carving for our friend Karen who's coming to visit.

It is time to find a quieter place...after all my man is looking for peace, not more of the daily energy he's subjected to by yours truly.

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