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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
We've GOTTA get outta here....
05/08/2011, St. Martin, the French Side!!!!

Jeezzz, time just flies to fast! We came to do a lot of things, did get to see and talk to some good friends we've met mostly in Grenada...didn't get our prop...did get a prop part # though...chose to treat our batteries tenderly until we get back to Miami and no, we didn't get to Saba!

We just can't fit some things in at the rate we are moving and the weather has just been screwy on top of that! When I talked to Marilyn, she understood that we couldn't make Saba...we'll just have to make it a point to come back...we have to leave some things for later, right and she's a diver so that would be way cool for "stella to get her groove back"?

We thought we were leaving at 10, remembering that it was a 24 hour passage the last time we crossed the Anegada Passage! We planned for it...we staged for it...then we looked at the chart plotter and it's only 75 miles...or 16 we will be leaving at 3 or 4pm to arrive in the morning! Just proves that we are seasoned now, it's not stressful like it was more than 2 years ago!

The sky is gorgeous, and there are at least 20 boats coming east toward St. Martin, we think. I tried to call them on the radio to see what the real conditions are in the passage....not one of them answered our call! Oh well, we're committed...or should be!

Bye St. Martin! Goodbye dear friends...fair winds to all our friends crossing the pond!

Ooooh the Friends...
05/05/2011, Marigot Bay, St. Martin

We got a call from Diane (of Jabulani, our friend of CGSC, and Grenada) on the VHF. She met a new man and is staging from here to cross the pond to to the North Sea with Gerd. Unique Dream is the boat he built and being a German, means that all the systems onboard that boat are probably exemplary!

They stopped by just as Vicky and Mike did to ask about customs! The four of them agreed to come aboard and we managed to pull off a sundowner without ice! Red wine, my infamous salsa, some pineapple and we chatted til the phenomenal sunset. How cool this cruising community!!!

We only chatted, after we heard them on the radio, with Susie on S/V Spirited Lady! Michelle and Dave on Daniel Story are here, going south too...Vicky and Bob on Fox-Sea, Rosemary on Balder (heading to the North Sea with 16 other Swedish boats) and Antonia and Joe on Woeee, also heading south! We bumped into Marilyn and Kent on Cardea, who were totally willing to pick us up in their rental car take us to Phillipsburg where the ferry to Saba is and pick us up at the end of the day. We have such a wonderful connection with those two! Yes, they are heading back to Grenada with the 'parade' of boats....Wheeennnn, wish we had time to hang with them all!

Lots to do here....
05/04/2011, Marigot Bay, St. Martin

Wow, it's really been 2.5 years since we stepped foot on this island! This is the first place we saw then too! The last time we didn't check out of the BVIs because we forgot and the French are so laid back that we couldn't help but rush into port after getting the dink in the water and dashed to the customs office early, we thought.

My guy is so tired...the customs guy, Ernest, played with us a bit, turns out it's 5 minutes before the office closes! He wanted to know if I made Dudley wait when we got married. I didn't tell him that I'm still waiting.

Leaving the Dock...Hate this part!
05/03/2011, Port Zante Marina @ St. Kitts

This piling is the sister to the one off our port stern, and are the reasons we put the dink on the davits. We do not like docks and now we have to back out into the wind...

Fortunately, Jeff on SV Contessa, agreed to help us!

The other thing that doesn't set well are those ominous looking clouds! Of course we will be leaving at 1a and won't be able to see anything except for the town lights!

Goodbye St. Kitts, hello St. Martin in about 12 hours!

We're going to tour Brimstone Hill and the Rainforest!
05/02/2011, West Cost of St. Kitts and Liamuiga (Fertile Isle)

Kenny, Captain Sunshine, our tour guide du jour, and highly recommended for anyone else visiting St. Kitts...was fabulous! We got a detailed description of the spots along the west coast up to Brimstone Hill and Fort Charles. This is a fort to beat all forts! I said that I could care less if I saw another one, as every single island in the Caribbean has a fort at a strategic entrance to a significant harbor protecting it from either the French or the Brits...but I have to admit this was amazing if only for two reasons... the restoration feat and the views! Spectacular! This part of the tour was designed for the guys and I was gaga over the rainforest!

We got the hike of all hikes! Unfortuneatly, for Dudley, he answered my request for the physical aspect of hiking, 1,000 feet straight up, complete with walking sticks... as well as the flora and fauna to be appreciated and immortalized thru my photography! Dudley and the two 'girls' from the Marriott were somewhat taken aback...however, our friends Vicky and Ed on SV Boto, were willing and able and we had a blast!!!!!

Thanks Kenny, the tour was great...the petroglyphs very cool, the home in Liamuiga where you were born, your Dad who raises the vervet monkeys was a class act as you are...and your Mom and brother were gracious as well. The fact that it was "Labor Day" and we saw the parade in town with the Prime Minister laid back in his straw hat and hanging with the local folks in the heat of the rabble rousing was pretty cool too! Politics in action right before our eyes, island style!

Dudley and Bec
05/01/2011, St. Christopher (St. Kitts to us)

We are sitting (moored) in St. Kitts, thinking about and missing our friends and family from back home! We are missing some of our new friends and when we know the dates we celebrate them too!

Happy Birthday dear Sue, our cousin in South Miami! We miss you terribly and know that your kids have whisked you off to a great new destination or restaurant this year...wish we could've helped you celebrate in person not just in spirit! To my niece Lacie, you're getting so grown up...would love to help you play on your birthday this month too! Jo, you are always in our hearts and thoughts, sorry we missed you when you were so close on the cruise ship around your birthday! Big Love to you sweetheart! Todd, you are ever elusive, and Olga and Tangerine, hope that you made his birthday special, happy happy to you too wild man! To Gabi, our granddaughter way up and out there in Colorado, it's hard to believe you turn 14 this year...ooooooooh we miss you very much! Big, big hugs dear, we love you tons! To my second cousin, can't believe that James has a beautiful son Sawyer, who will be two, and it's the terrible 2's for sure...Lots of giggles, and we know you will be spoiled on your birthday on the l0th. Gabrielle, can't believe you'll be 8 this year, just not possible! Jenn, hope your baby girl is pampered...what does an eight year old want now days? To Akim, may your day be filled with flying, with love and with parties (with my oldest best friend, Patti, at your side, all is possible)...Happy Birthday dear friend...whichever coast your on for your day on the 9th (or is the 12th...bad friend who can't remember the date)! Last, but not ever least, to you Connie Banko! You are sorely missed...hope all is well and you ROCK! Keep on keepin on dear friend...Dudley and Bec wish you an awesome birthday and Susie you are the creative chef and daughter to make that gastronomic feast come to fruition for her. Wish we were there!

Big Love to you all! Dudley and Bec

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