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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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We got a ride for this!
05/17/2011, Cow Wreck Point!

Since I was not able to get my honey to the NW corner during our long beach walk yesterday...we talked Sarah and Justin into taking us to these dreadful abodes!

This developer clearly did not do his homework and never built on a beach before...let along a pivotal corner getting seas, waves, weather and wind from all directions eroding at alarming speeds.

This was not described in any guide and it was a local his fellow countrymen are not talking either.

Those sand bags aren't doing anything except for the inevitable. Yeiks!


We're not leaving today afterall...
05/17/2011, Loblolly Marine Park, Anegada's North Shore!

When Sarah and Justin offered to take us to Loblolly we were stoked! Seriously, it's going to be very hard to stop and see every island, and if we make it surely we won't be able to see all that we'd wish if we do stop...especially a new place for us!

The weather has been squally and we were afraid the north coast was going to present a murky, milky, cloudy stage for our snorkeling today!

Loblolly is everything it's touted to be! A couple of hours does not make a solid referral, but for us...we rarely get such a pristine reef, crowded with fish!

It's always hard to pick just one image to represent our post! Underwater shots are getting better because I can anticipate a fish entering the frame now! These yummy, I mean, baby yellow tail....were hiding in a tangle of coral the likes of Penneycamp in the Florida Keys. Ooooh laaaa laaa!


The day is young....
05/16/2011, The West and North Coast, Anegada!

I guess we are trying squeeze as much as we can in as small a time slot as we can possibly manage! We got to see Settlement this morning by motorized vehicle and personal guide!

Now it's time for some personal motorizing! Dudley agreed to a walk on the beach and off we went! It was less than two hours this time, but the beach has a magic way of breathing life into tired old lungs; reviving muscles to believe they can walk around the earth; and opening our eyes wide for each and every gift of nature that exposes itself to us.

We rounded the south west beach and the north coast is alive with gusto! Thanks honey for being such a 'monster'!

To Walk or Hire a Taxi?
05/16/2011, The Settlement, Anegada, BVI!

We heard on day one that the only 'town' is "Settlement"....and it's about 1.5 miles away. We can do problem.

Then we heard it was 5 we might walk it...and take a bus back! Today was the day to visit the one and only town, really...and we were told it was 7 miles.

We called Jerry! Or Leona called Jerry for us from Netptune's Treasure! This family is very special too....more later!

Settlement is small, poor and very tired! They are proud, industrious and definitely don't want their island turned into a concrete jungle like all their neighbors!

We met glorious locals...all, in colorful homes in various stages of repair and all drenched in a Mother Earth's explosion of color at every turn!

Claudia, who owns the only grocery store, cried the voice of her people "We have some bad seeds having arrived here and we don't want the big developers here either..."

Let's pray these humble folks decide what their futures hold, not the people who want to change it!


Blowing Goodbye to Anegada!
05/16/2011, Neptune's Treasure...

The entire Soares clan are tops! Really, truly, madly, deeply! We went in to Neptune's Treasure because everybody we've met on the island, along with this remarkable family will be there to say goodbye!

Dudley managed to be the STAR Blower...seriously blew us all away! He's still got it!


Finally lobster...and now it's Anegada Lobster!
05/15/2011, The Lobster Trap Restaurant

It was a very long day and Dudley is an amazing man! He's right there by my side every step of the way, showing me up too!

We ended our day with some really great lobster...why this is the best we've ever tasted I'll never know...just is!

Our three new friends...Sarah and Justin also guests on the island and Velma...a wonderful local woman who treated us like family!


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