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cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
More Good Friends...
05/21/2011, The Fat Turtle!!!

We ran into a bunch of people accidentally, Ed on Karma (still here), Skip, Olan and our non-friend Kiwi! He was our transmission guy and I won't rekindle that!

We looked for and found Roxy (Compass Point Canvas) and Jerry (Boat Works) the duo, hot shot team who have been together and going strong for a long time now, here in St. Thomas, Coral Gables and Jerry's home in New Orleans!

They agreed to meet us at Yacht Haven Grande which is the only dingy dock we know here @ Chartlotte Amalie! The Preakness was about to begin and we bought a ticket...didn't pick the winning horse, but did have a blast at the FAT TURTLE!

It does feel great to pick up right where we left off three years ago!

Dudley and Bec

Reunion Time!!!!
05/21/2011, Compass Point Marina, Benner Bay, St. Thomas

Yesterday was hysterical...we jumped into high speed mode, caught a Safari bus to Customs...managed that before they closed @4p. Then I managed to convince my captain that we could make it to Offshore Marine where our prop for the Yamaha was supposed to be (before 5p and in the rain, surprise). It was really a hike and Dudley is a major trooper @ almost 80 years old and keeps on keepin' on! My hero! I quote my guy and his secret to staying fit and young: "attitude, attitude, attitude and a younger woman"! Yippee!!!

Today we took a bus and a hiking for my man today...and we found Miss Patsy. A dear friend who took us under her wing three years ago when we toughed out hurricane season at Compass Point Marina!

Hugs all around...we love her! She and a lot of people here in St. Thomas are from Dominica. We knew we liked Dominicans for multiple reasons: loving, sweet tempered, kind, generous, family and legacy driven, hard working and resilient.

Big Love Miss Patsy!

Dudley and Bec

Saying Goodbye to Anegada is HARD!
05/20/2011, Hello St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie!

We were there for four days...but we seriously got attached...Goodbye to Charisa, Pam, Joe, Tomas, Levi, Linda, Leona, Velma, Maxine, Frances, Captain Fishy (Grandpa, head of clan) Sarah, Justin, Mark, Debs, Beth and Gary, Ian and Ann and Kenny (thanks for the new weather site: magic seaweed) who's a fly fisherman!

We got a chance to sail for a bit...slow as it was to Virgin Gorda to clear out of the BVI's...and the only excitement for us that night was a beauty contest and the contestants were having a photo session just outside of Customs. Poor guy at the Immigration desk was having a hissey fit trying to see the we assured him we were not in a hurry.

Spent the next day sailing to St. John! The time was short here too, with the only excitement being the entrance into Maho Bay, through the Fungi Pass. It's pretty cool squeezing between two mountains with tg the reefs encroaching into the cut from both sides! We can't even look at the guide because we took a mooring at Cinnamon Bay! No more said...gotta go!!!!

We collected water, caught some 'zzzzzs' and arrived here in Yacht Haven, the eastern side of Charlotte Amalie this afternoon!

We are still having crazy weather...arrived in what seems to be the fashion of late: squally, sopping, dripping...gotta dry out style!

We got on-line in Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock, and found a replacement for our
'flower' here in St. Thomas! Welcome back to the United States and a driven population. This is the prop we've been using on the Yamaha since we chewed it up in Guadeloupe!

We got a ride for this!
05/17/2011, Cow Wreck Point!

Since I was not able to get my honey to the NW corner during our long beach walk yesterday...we talked Sarah and Justin into taking us to these dreadful abodes!

This developer clearly did not do his homework and never built on a beach before...let along a pivotal corner getting seas, waves, weather and wind from all directions eroding at alarming speeds.

This was not described in any guide and it was a local his fellow countrymen are not talking either.

Those sand bags aren't doing anything except for the inevitable. Yeiks!


We're not leaving today afterall...
05/17/2011, Loblolly Marine Park, Anegada's North Shore!

When Sarah and Justin offered to take us to Loblolly we were stoked! Seriously, it's going to be very hard to stop and see every island, and if we make it surely we won't be able to see all that we'd wish if we do stop...especially a new place for us!

The weather has been squally and we were afraid the north coast was going to present a murky, milky, cloudy stage for our snorkeling today!

Loblolly is everything it's touted to be! A couple of hours does not make a solid referral, but for us...we rarely get such a pristine reef, crowded with fish!

It's always hard to pick just one image to represent our post! Underwater shots are getting better because I can anticipate a fish entering the frame now! These yummy, I mean, baby yellow tail....were hiding in a tangle of coral the likes of Penneycamp in the Florida Keys. Ooooh laaaa laaa!


The day is young....
05/16/2011, The West and North Coast, Anegada!

I guess we are trying squeeze as much as we can in as small a time slot as we can possibly manage! We got to see Settlement this morning by motorized vehicle and personal guide!

Now it's time for some personal motorizing! Dudley agreed to a walk on the beach and off we went! It was less than two hours this time, but the beach has a magic way of breathing life into tired old lungs; reviving muscles to believe they can walk around the earth; and opening our eyes wide for each and every gift of nature that exposes itself to us.

We rounded the south west beach and the north coast is alive with gusto! Thanks honey for being such a 'monster'!

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