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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
We are so blessed...Roxy's for a BBQ!
05/23/2011, Compass Point, Benner Bay, St. Thomas...

Roxy and Jerry both worked today...but insisted we join them for a BBQ at their place. We will take a Safari ($2 open caravan with a roof, which is very entertaining in and of itself) and Roxy will pick us up at the top of the hill so we won't have to hike more today! Post Office, the hill to Cost U Less, Home Depot so far already!

Jerry had some wings on the BBQ when we arrived...excellent we might add...Kilbasa was the plan for dinner on the grill...I made some potatoe salad...and then this!

Couldn't believe it! Dudley's favorite dessert! Somebody's pudding in a plastic tub with a pull top! Jerry and Dudley were like little boys inhaling that awful crap! Clearly they were having a ball!

I got to see Roxy's new canvas shop...their place on the water is sinking but a veritable jungle which I love...and good friends eating, drinking and the laughter! We had an opportunity for one more night to celebrate a friendship for a lifetime!

Big Hugs, Dudley and Bec

New Prop!
05/23/2011, Yacht Haven to Crown Bay!

Seriously, this is really a test to beat all! My honey put the new prop on the Yamaha outboard and we tested it today!

We found out where to do laundry...Crown Bay! We plum forgot how far it dink!

We got up on a plane, which we haven't done in a couple of months! We are eternal optimists and porpoised and pounded our way out of St. Thomas Harbor, past Hassle Island , Water Island, through Haulover Cut by the sea plane channel....then past the port and voila...Crown Bay! We arrived with our new prop working fine and all is exciting in the dink again! It's only three miles (guessing)...still a long way in a teeny dink!

These three big boys were our neighbors the entire time we were here...or ones like it...but those three "monsta' ships felt like they were the length of the harbor! Can we say intimidating?

Oh, more rain too! Enough already!


They surprised us again...
05/22/2011, Yacht Haven, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

We got an email from Moondancer, Nellie and Phil, monster cruisers having bummped into them in the Windwards, then they went back to Miami, Bonaire, Cartenga, Miami, back here to USVI a couple of days earlier than they said! This has all been while we were heading to Grenada, stayed in Grenada and now as we head back north...3.5 years later. We didn't know if we'd still be here...but they knew better! We move slowly, the complete opposite of Moondancer!

What a delightful surprise! Good friends from Miami that just started a round the world adventure we are enjoying vicariously! They also have a 56' Tayana!

We hope to spend a wee bit of time before they take off again for Bonaire, again! -- Dudley and Bec S/V Altair

Another Hike...right around the bend!
05/22/2011, The Deli @ Frenchtown!

I remember three years ago telling Dudley it wasn't far from Crown Bay. Now we are on the eastern side of Charlotte Amalie and we walked! I'm serious when I say that I can only hope for half the stamina, the energy, the tenacity, the will of my man when I am his age!

It was quite the feat for my man's worn out knees, but he's found out that if he takes 'alleve' (naproxen) that his knees don't object! I'm thrilled to have him by my side for my need to exercise...I just want to do the research and make sure it's compatible with his daily meds!

This deli has a quintessential breakfast menu very much like our Coral Bagels in the Grove, Miami! The bagels are is too...and we deserved the humongous meals we had to have, "just because"! I always try to share a meal...but I guess I'm helping him to work up some serious appetite!


More Good Friends...
05/21/2011, The Fat Turtle!!!

We ran into a bunch of people accidentally, Ed on Karma (still here), Skip, Olan and our non-friend Kiwi! He was our transmission guy and I won't rekindle that!

We looked for and found Roxy (Compass Point Canvas) and Jerry (Boat Works) the duo, hot shot team who have been together and going strong for a long time now, here in St. Thomas, Coral Gables and Jerry's home in New Orleans!

They agreed to meet us at Yacht Haven Grande which is the only dingy dock we know here @ Chartlotte Amalie! The Preakness was about to begin and we bought a ticket...didn't pick the winning horse, but did have a blast at the FAT TURTLE!

It does feel great to pick up right where we left off three years ago!

Dudley and Bec

Reunion Time!!!!
05/21/2011, Compass Point Marina, Benner Bay, St. Thomas

Yesterday was hysterical...we jumped into high speed mode, caught a Safari bus to Customs...managed that before they closed @4p. Then I managed to convince my captain that we could make it to Offshore Marine where our prop for the Yamaha was supposed to be (before 5p and in the rain, surprise). It was really a hike and Dudley is a major trooper @ almost 80 years old and keeps on keepin' on! My hero! I quote my guy and his secret to staying fit and young: "attitude, attitude, attitude and a younger woman"! Yippee!!!

Today we took a bus and a hiking for my man today...and we found Miss Patsy. A dear friend who took us under her wing three years ago when we toughed out hurricane season at Compass Point Marina!

Hugs all around...we love her! She and a lot of people here in St. Thomas are from Dominica. We knew we liked Dominicans for multiple reasons: loving, sweet tempered, kind, generous, family and legacy driven, hard working and resilient.

Big Love Miss Patsy!

Dudley and Bec

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