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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Great...we have the an obstacle!
05/29/2011, Culebra...Day 4...still...

Can't believe this! We finally have our brain wrapped around the idea we're making a 400 mile leap...not in the Mona Passage, thank you very much. We really have the perfect weather to big seas...nothing coming til Wednesday late and Thursday!

We can provision! We can fill up with water...but the solenoid crapped out on us! Just can't believe this! We should be leaving tomorrow!

Now we are taking our chances that someone here in Culebra, NOT...Puerto Rico...will have one! The only other obstacle on this new adventure is Memorial Day Monday!

For sure we are food addicts...we both said it at the same time "Can't go into town for dinner"...

We had great food on day one at "The Dingy Dock" just because of timing and a tummy growl! Today we choose Mamacitas because of the atmosphere. It was about the 'garden setting on the canal'...which turned into party central with the kids! Everybody was respectful, having fun and we were right in the middle of it all!

The ferry leaves at 6:30...wish us luck!

Ruh Roh...Discussing a Big Leap!
05/28/2011, Culebra to the Turks and Caicos...

Dudley started the discussion of where we'd go next with "We need to take a big jump this time and make some progress! We still have 1200nm to go!

What he is talking about is a 400 nm 'hop' passing by the north coast of Puerto Rico...NW past the Dominican Republic and on to the T&C. We figure it's going to take us 3.5 days of open ocean, never in the sight of land and just the two of us!

We are very social people and these islands in the Windwards and Leewards are within sight on just about every passage!

Can we do it?

Happy Memorial Day!
05/28/2011, Ensenada Dakity, Culebra

We were perusing the charts, having an at home quiet day...trying to figure our next move!

We had anything but that! It's Memorial Day here too, so Culebrita is out of the question...and the boats! Cannot believe the number of boats that have passed behind our stern, last night and today! Totally flabbergasted, love that word! Yachts, skiffs, fishing, para sail and everything in between! It reminds us of Columbus Day Regatta in Biscayne Bay! The only sailboats are the cruisers on moorings!

We plopped the snorkel gear in the dink and took off to find a reef to dive on, or better yet, check out the party animals!

We got invited to happy hour from this bunch! We think it's going to be a wild weekend!

That's wee Altair waaay in the background!


Exploring on foot...the only town!
05/27/2011, Dewey, Pueblo Viejo Originally!

Dewey was originally Pueblo Viejo and quite far from where it stands today! Apparently, some old timers still call it "Pueblo". In l906 the US military decided the town needed to be relocated to the water and moved it and the local folks with their 'stuff' and their entire families! They not only had the nerve to do all that, but had the nerve to change the name to Dewey after the famous Admiral. Pompous ya think?

This is a very cool town, as are most wharfs!

We got a place mat map from Mamacita's and walked! This sight, and sound, geese guards, were very territorial and let us know in no uncertain terms that we were too close for comfort! Very clever idea and extremely animated with a high volume!

More later, we hope!


Short Hop...Going West!
05/26/2011, Culebra...Spanish Virgins!

As with any new place...we approach with caution. We studied how to get there, but it's darn hard to close your eyes to the protected Wildlife Refuge! I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm so close to chucking it all...staying here, but it's gonna take 12 lifetimes to explore the Caribbean, so it's not that close after all. Culebra and the entire archipelago of which it's a part it so enticing, it's killing us!

Our chartplotter looked like a tic-tac-toe game board with the x's winning! The island is supposed to look like a snake, but the channel thru the reefs are very much resembling that reptile instead.

We had to enter Ensenada Honda which pokes itself waaaay up into the island of Culebra and since I was at the helm, decided to go all the way in and peek at Dewey! Can't properly peek unless you get on land. Soon come!

Just because I'm at the helm, doesn't mean I'm the Captain, nor make the decisions! I wanted to stay near 'town' and Dudley wanted to go back out to the anchorage behind the reef at the mouth of the bay!

We also saw a boat that suspicously looks like Kuhala! Our friends, hostess and host with the most, Lin and Harry who endeared themselves to us and a host of others in Antigua during the Classic Regatta are here.

They are not home! Before we 'dashed' (bragging now with our new prop) to town...we saw a dingy other than the one on the deck! We stopped by and asked "Who are you?" Not too warmly, we agree! Jim, says "Harry"...we giggled and found out that a couple were hired to work on the varnish while they are away and keep an eye on it! Ok!

We did email them as soon as we found out we could get wifi. The network, "culebrawireless" is strong and available for free...finally an island that wants to keep everybody happy in this new face of technology!


Awesome Hosts...Great Boat...Wonderful Evening!
05/24/2011, Moondancer, Harbor at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas!

Another great day on this journey of a lifetime! REALLY!

Nell and Phil would not allow us to bring a thing! Dinner was a pork loin, corn on the cob and asparagus, all cooked to perfection on the 'barbie'.

Another thing that is not for real are the goodbyes! It's just until we meet again! Moondancer will be in Europe next year...maybe we'll just have to join them on their journey when Altair gets home!

Thanks Nellie and Phil! We are so fortunate to have such grand friends from all walks of life and we couldn't ask for more! Well, we could, but what good would that do! Like stay out here for a couple more years and continue to explore this great Caribbean with old and new firends!

Big Love Nellie and Phil...Thanks for the travels to Bonnaire to you both and to you Phil with your illustrious racing schedule coming up!

Dudley and Bec

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