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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
It feels like home...We're Back!
06/27/2011, Kidd Cove, Exuma, Bahamas!

It was so amazing to sail thru North Channel Rocks just a few hours ago, put a sight on Man-O-War and glide on the gentle breeze with just the jib up heading east through Elizabeth Harbour. It is as familiar as our very own shimmering emerald Biscayne Bay, with all the reefs to skirt, Dudley up on the bow, confirming what the chart plotter tells us instead of the dead reckoning so second nature from the past.

We still have the eyes of child, full of excitement and wonder which propelled us into wharp speed to get into town through the infamous bridge which leads us to that special dock behind Exuma market. RO water is still free and available at the same old dock, the renovations are evident that were contributed by the cruisers back in 2005 at the top of the ramp leading to civilization.

So comforting...we are almost home! Our first order of biz is to Top and Bottom, where Fredricka is wailing to someone about finding her son and dragging him back to her by hhis hair if necessary. She turns to us and says "OMG, my son..."!

It's a very special place this 'Chicken Harbor', Georgetown Exumas!!!!

Dudley and Bec

Happy Birthday Caroleena...
06/25/2011, Clarencetown, Long Island, Bahamas

It's exactly 6 months before Christmas and we love YOU! Happy Birthday dear friend!

We got the presents though...we hiked up the mountain, ok, so I exagerate...but it is hot up that huge hill, met Mr. Pratt, his two grand kids, got some water jugs, some bread, some oranges, cookie for the cookie monster...and then this.

Father Jerome was an architect, turned priest and built this beautiful church...among others here and on Cat Island!

When we got to the dock with our purchases, we are the proud recipients of water filter fittings from Charles on the motor yacht behind us. While we were waiting for him to find the right ones from his stash, the guy on the fishing boat gave us a huge bag of mahi mahi. He tried to give us more but we have a small Engel 12v fridge.

Thank you fishing village! Again!

We''re moving fast now!
06/24/2011, Heading for Clarencetown, Long Island.

We see a very cool place before us and yet another reef to weave. It's looking more and more like a fishing town!

We are hoping to find in line water filters, fittings for the last one we do have, veggies and some fruit!

We got in very early, again...sun rising on the horizon and I'm still looking for a Bed and I'm obsessed!

No hardware, chandlerly or marine store within walking distance, so it's a car rental or continue filtering the water thru coffee filters.

Not on land yet...just found our new house to be built on Biscayne Bay!

Another Over Night Passage
06/22/2011, Mayaguana to the Crooked Acklins!

I'm starting to see a pattern! Arriving very early, or very late...and here we are at Atwood Harbor. All alone, very peaceful, enough wind to keep us cool....ahhhhhh.

Sometimes you just need to chill! We stayed just one day and tried to find Chester settlement. We did not. We had a glorious day exploring in the dink and walking the beach, just in time to leave in enough light to pass umbrella rock, out the reef for Long Island!



Wow...Everyone is so GREAT!
06/21/2011, Mayaguana Settlement

We moved into the head of Abraham Bay to clear into the Bahamas! Now we're getting close to home! Thank goodness we are a 34' boat (the only time other than our mooring fee at home), it's $150.00 permit fee, not $300. for a boat over 35'. Whew!

We were only here for 3 days, but we have received so much love! We met Antoine, Akeesha, Fire, JR and Tiffany on S/V Frodo (a Golden Hind), and Rosie!

Rosie is an angel! She didn't have milk, bread, ice, cheese, tomatoes, fruit, but said she would fill two gallon jugs and make ice for us. She also called around to see who's making bread. When we showed up the next morning, she said that Winefred baked bread this morning! Fire took us to her place and was our tour guide!

Winefred is going to make potato bread next....this is one of the biggest 'summer' potatoes we've ever seen!

Thanks Mayaguana...we love you!


Left South Caicos @ 5p...31 Hrs later...
06/19/2011, Mayaguana, Bahamas

Another long leg...leaving at 10a and arriving 31 hours later. It's scary when you have to go thru reefs and the sun is low on the horizon, not to mention our Ray Marine chartplotter likes to take a vacation whenever it's inconvenient.

We also have a problem with our water. It looks like mud and soot so when Dudley attacked the in line filter solution, installing our last spare (with connections)....we still have mud and caca in our forward tank! Will the crap ever end? It's a boat!

We arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset to Abraham Bay on the south coast of Mayaguana!

Tomorrow is another day!


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