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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
#1 Reason to come to Stocking Island...
07/06/2011, Windward Coast Hike...

That sunset was quite the blazing, brilliant, bling spectacle last night! We had a hangover this morning, but could not leave Georgetown until we walked the beach on the windward coast of Stocking Island. I lost my prescription glasses during all the fun, but managed to get that shot and see perfectly or the camera did for me!

This day is very special first because it's tradition and second, when we reach this pivotal point in our journey whether it's our final destination or a passing fancy...we must walk this beach!

My man is amazing and I will never stop with the accolades! I'm proud to be by his side and he never ceases to amaze me.


Twenty-five reasons to anchor off the @ Chat & Chill.
07/05/2011, Stocking Island, Georgetown, Exuma

Here are our top best reasons to bop over to the Chat and Chill before leaving Chicken Harbor:

25. All the work on the boat is done (for now) and we can VEGGGGGG!
24. Watching the sunrise which just seems better in the Bahamas and on the water.
23. Getting a haircut on any spot along hole #1 or the famous Sand Dollar Beach.
22. Laughing so hard TRYING to play volleyball.
21. Wading in a neon adarondack chair you've plunged into the surf...
20. Strolling, climbing and balancing our way around hole #1 to peek into hole zero!
19. Drink an icecold Kalik beer (Bahamian brew) that costs too much anytime of day just because you're here.
18. Pick a wildflower from KB's (Kenneth Bowe) property for your loverkins.
17. Gaze mindlessly or thoughtfully, depending on how much rum you drank at the sunsets which are lengendary.
16. Eat great fresh seafood or bbq'd anything from the hands of Ulrich the Grillmaster.
15. Sit for hours chatting with KB about the old days.
14. Sitting for more hours with KB to Chat about the new days!
13. Drinking too much rum on the sand.
12. Take as long as you want building teeny sand sculptures...or not. Just playing in KB's sand box.
11. People watch.
10. Drink more ice cold Kalik beer with someone new, since my first mate doesn't drink beer.
9. Try to remember if you've sat under every cassarina or almond tree over the years.
8. Beaching the dink after too long away...and the feeling you have when you tromp up the beach to the bar...indescribably comforting!
7. Depending on the time of year, seeing if you recognize anyone.
6. Reading the shirts and banners hung high above our heads in the rafters...
5. Deciphering the madness scribbled in the guestbooks.
4. Gawking at babes sitting, playing v-ball or walking by.
3. Drolling over the hunky guys doing whatever.
2. Family regatta action and Cruising Regatta craziness spilling over here in April.

And the all time best and number one reason to come to the Chat and Chill:

1. Beaching the dink and walking to the windward side of Stocking for the historic hike along the stromatolite, ancient reef formations still being studied to this day, and making it up to the monument... then coming back to the Chat and Chill for an ice cold Kalik.

Thanks KB for all the memories, since l998, and he's keeping on keepin' on! Check out the Chat and Chill on Facebook!

Happy Fourth of July America!
07/04/2011, Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas...

We have a big beautiful family and extended family back in America to celebrate this day of Independence...we miss you! We miss America too which we hope and pray is on the mend. It's got it's problems...and we hope that we can be more proactive in showing and teaching how to "live that others may simply live"!!!

Today...we were leaving, heading to Stocking Island for our historic walk on the beach on the windward side and a cold chilly Kalik at the Chat and chill when we return.

Then we go sailing toward Miami!

We couldn't get wifi for me to get caught up on the blog, so my hero agreed to let me park at Forbes Enterprises for the day!

This is the place to get things done! During season and the Family Regatta and Cruisers Regatta...there is a cruisers net. "There is everything here at Chicken Harbor for the sailors who need to keep busy and Naaman Forbes is the place to go"! They, his number one man, Mike Sweeting and Naaman are too good to be true! Lots of love here! Shipping, tours, mail service, sharing taxi's to the airport, etc. If Naaman Forbes can't find it for you then it can't be found! Did I mention's oozing from this place called Forbes Enterprises, Ltd.

Thanks for letting me squat here today on this independence day of the USA!

Zelma, Nellie, Tyler, Jobe and Neekie...
07/01/2011, Sandollar Beach and Chat and Chill!

We really should stay focused and finish fixing the list of things to be done on Altair....NOT! Not today anyway!

Zelma agreed at the last minute to join us for a day on the water! We thought she was bringing Neekie, her granddaughter and she arrived on Elvis' Water Taxi with Nellie, Tyler, Jobe and Neekie!

Dudley was the hero today...taking them into shore after we motored over to Sanddollar beach. The sanddollars appear to be extinct...but one showed itself! They also took a young counch that we talked them into returning to the sea. Jobe, that wonderful 16 year old, wound his arm like a pro softball pitcher, tossed that baby into the sky and it plopped into the shallow bay getting a real headache I'm sure!

We had a blast and Dudley treated us all to burgers at the Chat and Chill.

Another great day by Dudley!

Can you imagine eating this?
06/30/2011, Altair...a work in progress!

It's Day 4, and just cannot believe how much work this "cruising" on a small boat can be. Today we finally got the water problem worked out! We think! We tried adapting the shore filter for collecting water as a pre-filter for the expensive inline filter. Two hours of trial and error and we can't find more inline filters anywhere either!

We'll be home soon!

This is a very yummy treat, but one butt ugly critter! Thanks you big wonderful sea that provides for so many!

Thanks you hard working, generous angel, Rosie, from Mayaguana!


Yeah, Our Friend Zelma Nixon!
06/29/2011, A friend's tour of the island...

Old home a day! It's like family...long lost...and she could not stop saying "I thought I'd never see you again"!

She said she was going to take us to the Emerald Isle Grocery, to the Emerald Bay Marina and to Nappa...but insisted we hang with her today as her guest!

We headed north on the Queen's Highway thru Mt. Pleasant, Hooper, Hermitage, Mt. Thompson Settlement and then to Farmer's Hill Settlement...her neighborhood which they call settlements all around the Caribbean. It's really nice for her to show us her 'compound"...she is so enterprising...rental cottages in the back...her garden across the road, her sister next door and a big huge Garage for that enormous Suburban...the nicest ride in town...Taxi 20.

We continued onto Steventon where she shared her newest project and her retirement! She has this beautiful beach house that she has been renovating when we isn't pouring all her money into the 'nicest ride on the island'. She is so very management, a cook for the schools, 6 kids and numerous grandskids and the taxi for the Four Seasons before they folded. Now she's preparing for her old age.

This property is on Flamingo Bay, close to the airport, right on the beach between Rolletown and Emerald Bay. Gorgeous location and I want to do everything I can to help her get on the world wide web so she can take a break and let the income from the beach house let her retire from working so hard all these years.

She took us to the Pompey, the landmark grounds where the slaves were imprisoned after the revolt (URL when I find it)...then we explored Rolletown and onto Barraterre (aka Barataria) settlement, tried to have lunch at a very cool place called Catch a Fire. We were crushed to miss the evening's authentic "Rake and Scrape" band. It's a saw, guitar and goatskin drum...and we are going to miss it! Just means we have to come back.

We stopped back at her home and picked up her granddaughter Neekie, and I made a connection with her mom, Zelma's daughter who has internet. She and I will work together to help with:

Zelma's Beach House (for now), Flamingo Bay, Steventon, Exuma, Bahamas!

We love you Zelma...come sailing with us!

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