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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Dive #2...Before the tide starts CRANKIN'!
07/16/2011, Further South...same area...Warderick still!

I really wanted to check out another reef...this one in deeper water and the tide is starting to run...slack tide is very skimpy...darn it!

We are in a very protected area...conch are thriving and prolific, lobster are as well, and this yummy...I mean healthy specimen, is getting bigger each day because he can hide and become one with his environment! Can't help seeing grouper or snapper without thinking "lunch"!

We are so grateful for the work they do here...thanks to all who make this possible @ Exuma Park!

Dive #1...
07/16/2011, Between Narrow Water Cay and the Park Headquarters.

We got the skinny and Darcy, the park ranger, was bang on accurate about the best place to dive!

We took off after lunch at slack tide...key point! The current whips thru here at 4 kts easy.

It was a wonderful site with soft and hard corals challenging each other for space. The fish were plentiful, playful and much bigger than we've seen lately!

This was a big surprise! We've read recently that the lion fish have become a nuisance in this part of world having been brought here accidentaly it seems. They are extremely poisonous yet very exotic looking.

Hiking thru Banshee Creek...
07/16/2011, Boo Boo Hill, Warderick Wells

First it was a haircut on the beach where Dudley lost all of his curls and locks, under the Chickee...then a hike over the craggy limestone rocks. We wended our way through the brush, across Banshee Creek and around some scrub trees, red, white and black mangrove beds all the way up to Boo Boo Hill.

The lore of Boo Boo Hill goes as follows: On a wild, stormy day many years ago a luckless schooner sank off Warderick Wells. All souls perished in the disaster. Not a single body was recovered for a Christian burial. Local people say that if you climb to the crest of the hill at the bloom of the full moon, you can hear the voices of the lost souls singing hymns. Either by the light of the sun or the glow of the moon, this trail shares with you some of the enchanment of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

So many did and it's nice to revisit what's so near and dear to our hearts. We have a very special bench just around the corner, but our lips are sealed on this one.


OMG...We are still Mezmerized!
07/15/2011, Warderick Wells

We were not able to's rain! We were teased this morning before we hoisted the anchor and caught maybe a 1/4 cup of rain with all the hoses and jerry cans hooked up to our water catchers. Chug, Chug and we're limping along with a worn out alternator belt that is sluffing a coat of residue the likes of black mink on a hot woman.

When we arrived to this wonderland called Exuma Park all our boat problems vanished! Again, how do I choose from the magnificent photos I'm able to shoot because of the environment I'm exposed to.

Here's a snipet and a tiny peek at the headquarters for this park office here at Warderick Wells.

Day 2, the Aquarium
07/15/2011, O'Brien's Cay, Exuma

We had another short hop today to Warderick my honey agreed to squeeze in another dive here at the Aquarium...O'Brien's Cay!

Need I say more!

No working on Altair today...just PLAY!

We got the auto pilot fixed before sunset and a warm, neon orange beauty it was too!

Today we took off at slack tide...checked out the plane that sunk and is marked with a buoy just off our port side! We wasted not one second climbing back into the dink for the Aquarium.

There was a couple on one of the two moorings...the guy had a bad cut so he wasn't in the water, but the generous young woman offered to take this shot! They were also feeding the sergent majors and it was so fun being in a frenzy en mass for about 5 minutes.

The reef is so alive, so full of fish and no current when you check out the tides and catch it slacking off.

So glad we made it!

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