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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Beautiful and 180 Degrees from Peaceful!
07/25/2011, Honeymoon Harbor, Lee side of Gun Cay

We felt like we were at Elliott Key back home in Biscayne bay on a weekend. The power boats were coming in droves...and we were totally surprised with Dudley just commenting on the size of the tiny anchorage behind the beach on our short 'motor' 8 nm over here to this newly evolved harbor!

My captain was awe struck by the missing beach that was completely and totally eroded away that he'd walked on numerous times over the years and you can see why...check out those aggressive waves that did the dirty deed. Mother nature can be a royal b_ _ _ _! Just an hour ago, there was enough beach at low tide to walk around that tree on the left of the shot.

Very interesting that the only other sailboats are on the windward side of Gun...and we are here on the lee and gulf stream side of Gun....hmmmm.

Goodbye Guy Harvey's Outpost...Big Game Club Marina!
07/25/2011, Bimini, Our Beloved Bahamas!

One last photo op here at Guy Harvey's NEW Outpost! Guy Harvey has traveled the globe to study & observe marine wildlife and has created an environment that would make Hemmingway proud! Surely a nature and fishing lover's haven.

Guy Harvey and I have a lot in common with Teddy Roosevelt...we understand the importance of protecting our earth and is drive to paint the marine life he's in love with. Guy Harvey is single minded in his approach to the precious oceans that nurture the wildlife so prevalent in his artwork inspired by all his underwater research and aquatic adventures!

We are leaving the hard scape of the marina and heading for the peaceful, undulating anchorage at Honeymoon Harbor.


Why is it called Honeymoon Harbor Anyway?
07/25/2011, A very Busy Honeymoon Harbor!

Weather is looking bad, and there's a mass exodus! We like that we'll have this sweet harbor to ourselves at the end of the day...but the weather is really looking really scary!

It always tickles our heartstrings when we see amazing youngsters brought up at the helm of a boat. I wonder where this obvious love of 'boating' will ultimately take her.


Ohhhh, Dear Sweet...
07/24/2011, Bimini, Big Game Club Marina!

We really enjoyed our stay here in Bimini! It's like we were on vacation from our vacation. NOT. Cruising is a lifestyle that just plain is not for everyone and we're tired.

We are getting so close to home! So much to do when we get tinks we're stalling! We are so not looking forward to driving. A car. Walking on land is a problem and I'm scared.

I need a job! Altair needs a face lift and a new owner! I will get a car so I can get a job! We're gonna be busy!

In the meantime...hiking, eating and being immersed in the fever of sport fishers that took over the place from Miami this past weekend gave this place a heartbeat and us a diversion.

It won't be long now before we are back in the USA and the sweet, slow pace of the Bahamas and the Caribbean will be replaced with mahem and the almighty compulsion for the dollar. Yeiks!

07/23/2011, Slip D-15, Good Sloop Altair, Big Game Club Marina!

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make Dudley's birthday memorable. He feels very loved with all the support about his amazing stamina for an 80 year old monster. He is truly an outstandingly magnificent man on so many levels and I'm so proud to be his woman!

We slept like a rock, akin to one from the Baths at Virgin Gorda! Didn't wake up til 8:30 this morning...we needed it very much and it's his birthday!

We took off for breakfast at Captain Bob's and then this is what he wanted for his birthday. To check out this yacht.

Well, if wishes were fishes we'd be swimming with schools of 'em.

Here's the only thing, other than relaxing, that he wanted to do for his birthday today. This schooner is the only other sailing vessel at this marina which was packed with weekend with fishing boats and yachts! They started arriving late last night, but this beauty is Dudley's dream or one of them.

She's a replica of L. Francis Herreshoff''s Ticonderoga. This schooner is called Mistral. To quote Herreshoff: " I've drooled over those drawings for more than 20 years, wondering how she'd feel under my feet in a fresh breeze and feisty sea. I sensed she'd be a spirited and friendly boat, a partner for a lifetime". Can you see why he's a magician yacht designer?

We chatted with the Captain, met the newest and third owner of this artistically, historically crafted ship and my camera battery held out long enough to capture a glimpse of one of many of Dudley's wishes for his birthday and every day. All wishes that start with a bigger, better, newer vessel to carry him on yet another journey like the one that's just about to close for us.

I love you honey and I wish with all my heart to be able to give you that!

Happy Birthday dear, sweet, wonderful man...who's all mine, totally your hearts out!


Last VISIT Before Miami!

We took a slip at Bimini's Big Game Club Marina! We are desperate for a stand up, hot and cold, full running shower; jonesing for some comfort food; and needing to change fluids, check filters and top off the diesel for all the motoring we've been doing and probably will do to get home! Sad but true!

We are so close, yet so far! I asked Dudley if he wanted to get everything done today and play tomorrow on his Birthday! Dudley Do Right says "get the work done before we play", so we did!

We were very tired...never sleep well on these overnights...but it all got done! I even splurged on fresh water, @ $.40 p/g, to scrub the cockpit cushions and cursed the boat while scrubbing the deck and cockpit too. She's clean...just needs a paint job darn it!

We treated ourselves to 'brunch" at the Big Game Bar and Grill...then again after the dip in the pool, after sundowners, after finding out where the grocery store, chandlery (hah), and the home made icecream are and had dinner there too.

It's good to be back "home", or what feels like our playground and back yard.

Then we crashed...


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