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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Shakedown last boat show...then we can go!
Becca B., First Mate, Only Mate!
02/15/2008, Pumkin Key, Biscayne Bay

Happy Valentines day! My honey showed up after a day of last minute duties on shore, arms full of things we had to have (probably not, hehe) and a dozen of the most beautiful red roses! We've been living on Altair at the mooring now for 16 days! (You're really not allowed to live on board at the mooring, but everyone is so living vicariously thru us and wanting us TO LEAVE...they overlook it). It's official...the cat is on board, the laptop is with us and some provisions! Can't tell you how how modern we are feeling! We have all the amenities, fridge, enclosed lanai, warm showers and LOVE. Yes, love can be modern too, with each and every day our love evolving and morphing into a new shape! As if that weren't enough, we have our new solar panel, the wind generator and new davits! We are styling. We are having a hard time adapting, with so much new equipment and no time to check it out! But we are mentally ready, I think! Are you ever ready to drop your life as you've known it and take off!

OK, I knew it! We've been stalling and now I know why! We're going to the boat show! Jim and Jimmie gave us boat show tickets so we have to spend more money on boat toys, so bummed. Not! This is an annual event that Dudley would never miss, just like the Coconut Grove Art Festival for me. We blew thru that boat show, covered lots of territory and wished and dreamed of all the goodies we still would like to have. I think we were just plain finished with projects and there wasn't too much that was calling our names. The only things we bought were some really nice inflatable pfds. Very important for peace of mind and easy to store too.

We seriously needed to stop working on the boat. We needed to call it quits and get away from the dock and the clubhouse to SAIL. We've been talking about a shakedown trip and we finally did it! We were a bit crusty this morning, but we're old salts and we just needed to go to the dock and fill our water tanks! We have been very frivolous and crazy with water usage! We have gone thru 90 gallons in approx 2 weeks or 7.5 gallons a day! That's too much for real....we've gotta cut back! We are theoretically still attached at the umbilical cord to the water supply, but bad habits are bad habits!

The club is tented, we couldn't shower before we leave, but we didn't let that stop us! We topped off the water tanks and actually sailed away from the Grove and the Club that holds us like an octopus! . It was a grand day, WE REALLY, REALLY SAILED! I'm so in awe, I forgot how great this boat is to sail! I know we have a lot of stuff onboard that weighs us down now, Dudley's biggest concern, but you couldn't tell with the wind off her quarter today! AWESOME! It was cold and blustery, a little bit squally, just the way we like it! Thank you wind Gods!

We got to Pumpkin key, expecting a n'easter tonight, just in time for a shower, body one that is, before it get's dark! We are so in love with the screened in LANAI...our shower was delightful and we got everything put away and cleaned up before dark! Yippeee, it feels so good to be clean! Dinner was pretty wonderful too! Isn't it funny when you're in the sun and wind all day how the food just tastes better? I whipped up a couple of delicous turkey burgers, ala some leftover corn relish turkey from last night's tacos, mixed baby greens, large sliced tomatoes and doncha know, smashed taters! Gotta cut down on the food intake too, or we'll need a bigger boat!

We are tired, but cannot tell you how great this feels to be at anchor! I'm being nervous nelly, guess I'll get over that, but I wanted to set the anchor, reverse the engine, put out more scope, oh well! My honey is feeling tested and he doesn't need me challenging him! Gotta work on that! That's it for tonight! We are going to set the alarm for early am to catch Chris' weather report at 6:30a so we can practice with that SSB. I must also throw a line out for a fish for Bagera....good night sweet cruising world! Not yet, but VERY soon!!

Yeiks, a storm blew thru in the middle of the night and we really got to test our 'get up in the middle of the night and jump into action" skills. We are seriously rusty. Those beautiful curtains that I made outta Phifertex, which entirely enclose the cockpit, keeps out rain, sun and gawkers, are going to have to come down before we go to bed! What a nightmare trying to see where you're dragging, need to look where you are going and have a connector and traslucent curtains in the way hindering the view and access to the deck and anchor! We are in Biscayne Bay, after all, so no great biggy, but we have to remember that for the future busy anchorages.

Just one more stumbling block....we practiced installing waypoints, setting routes and tracks on our chartplotter and it worked all day but now it's decided to quit! We were setting the anchor alarm and damn, damn, damn! We haven't even left Miami for the Gulf Stream! Dudley is going to call for tech support with Ray Marine in the am...Sheisa, shit, darn!

How fabulous to finally be ready! We are so pumped up! The big question is..."Are you ever really READY?

Three years in the making...
Becca B, first mate, only mate
01/31/2008, CGSC, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boat Yards

This is where Altair sat for almost three years while preparing for this trip. The Coconut Grove Sailing Club is Dudley's other love next to me and this boat. Not necessary in that order! This is where he poured himself into the virtual rebuilding of our precious Tartan. It's been a labor of love for my retired fireman, a reawakening for me.

I've been waffling...and Dudley knew it...should I stay or should I go? It was a very sticky topic ever since our 5 month mini cruise in '04. He's retired and I'm not. Might as well be though, 'cause I'm not blazing trails to stardom, YET, nor on any who's who list anywhere. Everytime I've had indications that my biz (Murals by Becca) was growing with referrals he'd want to take off again! That damned sea is always calling him! Ok, Altair and his mistresses, i.e., the CGSC, sailing and that big blue sea. What's a woman to do? Follow my man, that's what. I can paint anywhere and I really love him, love sailing and love traveling too! I'll find a way to secure my old age...some's never too late and I'm sticking to that dream too.

So let's take a look at what He DID!!! Just so there's no misunderstanding, I'm only going by the list on board of what we've done to refit this little sloop of ours. We had so many 'master' lists, we had to restock our legal pad supply!

"Some" of Dudley's 'done' list:

Remove old autopilot, install new linear drive Simrad system. He claimed to love drilling thru the 'quadrant' shaft...not! He replaced the old helm pedestal and installed a new narrow and taller one. Of course that included running cables thru it for our new chartplotter and Simrad control panel, drilling thru the cockpit floor to secure it and attach it to the binacle. No small job either. He then moved the circuit board to the other side of the bulkhead so he could finally get to everything. This was something that's always bugged him and it was a small nightmare to reroute all that. While he was in the wiring mode, he rewired most everything that was old, worn out or's a 1976 boat for crying out loud, what do you think?

He purchased a SSB on e-bay, then had it checked by someone who came highly respected and that learning curve took a while. He got his tech license; installed a ground plate during the haulout in 2005 and installed the insulated back stay, tuner and cooper ground strip thingy!

We're just beginning! We hauled the boat in 2007 to really inspect the rudder, install the depth sounder sensor, painted her bottom with some kill the nature stufff and checked all the thru hulls. He removed the compressor for the old fridge and made room for a new flexible water bladder! 30 more gallons, very important. The trials of working in a small boat where all spaces are extremely tight! He installed that bladder, under the cockpit (pain in the... everything) and my quiet, calm, patient man was cussing, groaning and banging or scraping every spot on his bod. He revised the old deep fridge space, put shelves in and new lid and made me a huge pantry. As if that wasn't enough, he replaced old lazy jacks, rebuilt the whisker pole, mount and related blocks on front of mast! The rigging was worked on and checked, a new mainsail installed and tested. Righto, we got a chance to sail! New reading lights, new stereo and speaker system for cds and ipod connections, to appease your's truly, and a new ipod to tame the beast. He invented and made a model for the rain dodger, which is the tops. We had that made before I started sewing. He replaced the steps on the swim ladder with starboard; redid all the varnish down below with captain's varnish, to replace the water based varnish he tried and hated years ago. That was a major project that took months, taking it all home, you know the drill, but it was a break from mechanical stuff and he could get something done without interuptions from anyone, but me, of course! He purchased a new portable fridge from Engel, which we love, then he had to install a home for it while in use next to the galley, and a home while underway...that meant two more 12v plugs and more wiring. He moved our ridiculous chart table at the end of our quarter berth, now our 'garage', and extended my galley with it...very cool! That move is only 2' away on a 34' sloop, but the return is huge. Purchased and installed a new and deeper sink, built a box shelf for soaps, etc. and put in a new shelf under the galley stove for more organized galley storage. Really great!

My guy did so much to make our trip comfortable and I betcha to entice me along!

Just months before we left, he decided to add solar and wind...These were our last minute 'big' installations! Smart move though!!!! My major contribution to those jobs was following him around with a bucket to catch the wd40 and stainless drilling debris from falling into the water. He loved that!

Oh, yeah, he bought two new AGM 4d, or something like that, batteries, a new laptop, Skype-in subscription and headset. Whew!

I can't even begin to remember everything else, but he was a busy man! He loved every minute of it though. One of the main reasons it took three years was everybody came to the dock to help. They were wishing they could go cruising too and just plain coming around to find out what the new project was. I betcha he could've bought a bigger and more cruising ready boat for all the money he spent refit Altair. hmmmmmm.

When I wasn't painting for Murals by Becca, I was his helper:

I got the best help I could ever dream of when my friend Pat Zumpfe loaned me her NEW Sailrite walking foot sewing machine. Amazing that she brought it to our house, set it up, trained me and let me use it, and it is fantastic, what a dream. I had finally killed my Singer after making everything from tank covers, bags, wheel and binacle cover, bimini, port curtains. etc., and spent a lot in repair bills at my favorite 'SW Sewing Center' in the Gables. Then I made the dodger and connector (bimini to dodger awning) and phifertex curtains to completely enclose the cockpit, way cool. Her generosity also extended into her mentoring me, how blessed am I?

I also painted everything I had time to paint. He's said that he is afraid to stand still for fear I'll paint him too. The toe rail, coamings, traveler bed and hand rails on deck are all teak! The big hurricane of '92, Andrew, took out a lot of this teak! He patched, marine texed, (is that a word?) and painted the bandaged wood with Awl Grip. When I arrived in his life, I faux'd painted everything to look like teak! I would love to do the faux treatment in awl grip instead of easy poxy...I can find awl grip anywhere it seems, not easy poxy! Some other time maybe.

There is so much more to tell and to do yet, but the biggest news of all is we stopped working on Altair at the dock and decided it was actually time to work along the way. There will always be some-thing to do on a boat that goes cruising, hence the description of the blog, hehe.

Just makes you want to go cruising, huh?

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