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20 February 2017 | Zapatilla Cays
19 February 2017 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
06 July 2016 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
05 July 2016 | En route - San Andres to Bocas
03 July 2016 | San Andres
02 July 2016 | San Andres
02 July 2016 | En route to San Andres
30 June 2016 | En route to Providencia
30 June 2016 | En route to Providencia
27 June 2016 | En route to Cayman Brach
27 June 2016 | Cienfuegos
26 June 2016 | Cienfuegos
23 June 2016 | Cienfuegos
23 June 2016 | Macho de la Fuera
22 June 2016 | Jardines de La Reina
22 June 2016 | Jardines de La Reina
21 June 2016 | Jardines de La Reina
19 June 2016 | Jardines de La Reina
18 June 2016 | Cayos Machos de Fuera
17 June 2016 | Cayos Machos de Fuera

Day 68, Underway.

23 May 2012 | Underway to Vivarillos
Tuesday, May 22. It was overcast but not raining when I got up @ 5:00. It was too dark to leave, but I gt the boat ready, made coffee and juice and then got Deb up. We were ready to leave by 6:00 and it was light enough as well. We had “breadcrumbs” from coming in, but didn't really want to follow them as they went over some very shallow ground littered with coral heads, so I cautiously headed out on a slightly different course that I hoped would be deeper. It was. We only saw 16' going out, not bad. When we were safely outside the reef, I unfurled gennie and sailed down wind for a while with just gennie. Spinny would have been better, but with the sky full of dark clouds, I didn't dare do it. A short ways out we crossed under a squall line without getting wet, but getting a good run from the wind. The next one we were not so lucky. This one had rain but little wind. And so they day went. Raise main, reef main, drop main, motor, sail with gennie, motorsail with gennie. The radar was a great help in judging the distance of the squalls and the rapidity of their approach. It has an intermittent feature that runs for 1 minute of every 5. Since I knew the interval and could estimate the jump in position from one scan to the next, I could calculate how long before it hit. It worked pretty well, but we got hit by one that had significant wind ahead of the rain. We had all sail up, but by running down wind, we never saw more than 20 kts so it was OK. For night, we ran with one engine (the port engine since we sleep in the starboard) and gennie. Eventually we had to roll up gennie as there was no wind, but it was comfortable going and we were both able to get some sleep. I went down right after dinner and got up after a few hours. Deb slept and I stood watch until she woke up as she does every night from her MS. Then she stayed up a couple hours while I slept, and finally I took the watch from 4:00 until morning. Not a regular schedule, but it works for us.
Vessel Name: Always & All Ways
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine-Pajot Belize 43
Hailing Port: Hancock, NH, USA
Crew: Mark & Deb Parker
About: Mark, an ER doc, retired 10/08 to become a sea gypsy. Deb, an educator, has been retired since 5/07 and was equally anxious to leave the cold of New England far behind
Extra: We now have a hurricane season home in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We still plan on spending many months cruising every year.
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Cruise of Albuquerque Cays and Providencia, Columbia
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