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Sitting in Southport...
Chilly and WINDY!!!!
21 April 2013 | Southport, NC
Spent last night at the free dock at the Provision Company and had a good dinner there. Left the dock this morning and headed out to the Cape Fear River...and promptly turned back. It was BRUTAL! Winds have been in the upper 20's gusting into the 30's ALL DAY! Forecast is for more of the same through tomorrow into tomorrow evening. We've moved down to South Harbour Village Marina about a mile south of last night's dock. A delightful marina with friendly, helpful staff, reasonable prices, nice showers, 2 restaurants on site, a huge park down the street for Daisy to get some exercise, and reliable WIFI! What more could you ask for?? I know, less wind - we're bouncing even tied to the dock!

So, like Daisy in the picture above, we are taking naps, watching TV, reading, walking Daisy, and meeting new people along the docks. LOTS of folks here from New England. Met a couple that had sundowners with Barb and Rich in Maine! Small world! They have now relocated to Solomons and came down to Myrtle Beach for the winter and are headed back to Solomons. They seem to look for the same weather conditions as we do, so we will probably see them frequently as we each head further north. Even without the wind, we are slowing down a bit to give our Canadian friends, Bill and Martha, a chance to catch up to us...they are about 2 days behind us.

As I was relaxing in the cockpit this afternoon, a liveaboard couple from Blackfin (Marathon, FL) came motoring by on their way to Baltimore. You just never know who you will meet along the way!

I probably won't post again until we start moving...and have WIFI. Hope everyone at home is keeping warm...last temps we saw were still pretty chilly. If it's any consolation, we've had to wear the jeans and sweatshirts the past couple of days, too!! :(
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