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Patience, Patience, Patience...
WINDY!!!! and cold - rain a-comin' :(
05 May 2013 | Norfolk, VA
As the sun is beginning to set on our adventure, we are learning how to be patient. It is a bit frustrating to be so close to home and not be able to get there.

We left the Dismal Swamp Visitor's Center Thursday morning (5/2). After a delightful early morning motor through the swamp, we locked through at Deep Creek then headed for Rebel Marina in Norfolk on Willoughby Spit.

We "chased" this poor pair of geese all the way up the Swamp!

This was the Superintendent's house when the Swamp was being constructed.

"Mileage" sign at the Deep Creek Lock - we hit all the southern points but one!

The Little Tug That Could! How often do you see a small tug towing a larger one???

We considered anchoring in Willoughby Bay, but we both really wanted a hot shower. We had stayed at Rebel on the way south, so decided to go back there. Not only were we looking forward to longer hot showers, but it appeared that our alternator might be about to go belly-up. Our batteries had not charged after nearly a full day of motoring. Long story short, we got someone out to look at it and all is well.

We have been here just over 3 days, and it looks like we won't be able to safely head up the Bay until Thursday. The winds are wicked - and non-stop, the Bay is treacherous, and rain is coming for the next couple of days to keep the wind company. At least we are safe, comfortable, and in a nice location with the ability to get to any services we might need. Hopefully we will connect with one of my former business associates that lives down here and go to dinner with them - maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is our temporary port:

The docks

The lounge - with full kitchen, large screen TV, new showers, and coffee always on :) and "Bay Queen" - the tugantine that the owner, Dave, lives on.

The decks - the back deck has a tiki bar, propane grill, and hot tub for anyone's use.

Thanks again to those that checked up on us! We are so blessed to have such caring friends :) As of now, it looks like we could be back at Green Point on Sunday. We'll see if Mother Nature decides to play nice...or not.
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