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Chesapeake Bay or Lake??? Ans: HOME!
warm, scattered showers
11 May 2013 | Green Point Marina, Worton, MD
We spent Thursday night at Calvert Marina in Solomons Island. Was nice to have a courtesy car again to get food for Daisy and a couple of needed groceries since I will be on the boat for a few days while Al goes home to get one of our cars.

We left Calvert at 6:15 and headed up the Bay. The bay was nearly as smooth as glass and no wind. Past Annapolis, we finally got enough wind to put up some canvas to motorsail the rest of the way to Green Point. We pulled in to Green Point at 5:30. It was a LONG day (11 1/4 hrs) but better than dealing with rainy weather for our very last leg (if we had stopped in Annapolis as we originally thought we would).

Thanks to Rich, Frank, and Carol for welcoming us home! Now comes the "unloading the boat" part and some major cleaning...but it's all good. To those of you in the "pool" at Green Point - since you ALL lost, you can drop off a bottle of wine at any time. Feel free to leave it in the cockpit if we are not on the boat :)

Al and I want to sincerely thank all of you for "traveling" with us and checking up on us when you didn't hear from us in a while, and always being "there" for us!

As we close out this blog, we leave you with some Lessons Learned Along the Way:
1. Sometimes you have to count higher than 10.
2. Be sure to take spare parts - & replace ASAP if you use them.
3. The importance of sleep.
4. Anchoring in opposing wind and current is futile at best. Wait for a change in one or the other. Better yet - find a marina!
5. Stuff is just stuff - don't keep it for the sake of having it.
6. The laundry bag is always in the way!
7. A composting head makes living on a boat much more pleasant.
8. There really ARE some nice powerboaters!
9. It really IS a small world.
10. We make a good team.
11. If you can sit in your cockpit at the end of the day, safe and sound, with or without a sundowner in hand, it's a good day. Even if the "getting there" was less than pretty.
12. We are truly blessed to have such caring friends in our lives and to have met such wonderful new friends along the way. The cruising community is amazing!

That about wraps it as Bugs Bunny would say...Tha-Tha-That's all folks!
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