Not There Yet But Thankful To Be Here
by Jen
11/26/2011, Wrightsville Beach, NC

A few days late for stating all we are thankful for, but nonetheless we are happy to be on our way. Today in Wrightsville Beach the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and the temperature is much higher than it was at our last post. Now, I won't lie and say that if you asked, we wouldn't want to be as far as Florida here at the end of November but days like today make our "lateness" excusable.

On Thanksgiving day we attended the local Methodist church's feast with our friends Martijin, Ana & Mia aboard Rotop. It was a feast indeed. I cannot remember eating that much probably since we enjoyed Thanksgiving with our families.

Thursday night we decided on a quick offshore jump out of the Beaufort inlet toward Wrightsville Beach. The passage was quiet and uneventful under a blanket of bright stars. Around 10AM we entered Masonboro inlet against strong current and by 11AM the hook was down.

this is the 4-5kt current we fought coming in the inlet.

From here who knows? One thing we do know is that the offshore jumps look appealing!

Also, we have added a new gallery to our SmugMug photo site: ICW -> South

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Back At It Again
by Jen
11/18/2011, Elizabeth City, NC

F I N A L L Y We have begun Cruising Season #3!!!

We left Yorktown mid-morning on Wednesday and turned Anastasia's nose south. After a quick sail, close hulled, we anchored in the familiar spot of Hospital Point, Portsmouth just in time for the temperature-dropping cold front. We woke to a 30 degrree temperature change and heavy rain. Still we were jazzed from our much anticipated departure so we kept going even though the weather was nasty.

Over the past few weeks were delayed due to engine issues. We have had a persistent fuel leak at the high pressure pump that Maxwell and our amazing diesel guru Nick have been struggling with. Anastasia is powered with a Perkins 4-108, an oldie but a goodie. Since our ownership, we are responsible for 1000 hours and she has given us minimal issues. But this one was hard to fix, it took precious time and careful effort but the guys got it fixed! Thanks Nick @ East River Technical Services. Today we are happily motoring with no leaks!

Thursday found us trudging along through the wind and rain south via the Dismal Swamp. We made a promise in the Spring that we'd stop at the Visitor's Center in NC and so we did. We were told by the Lockmaster, Robert who is a gifted conch shell player, at the Deep Creek Lock that we were about 2 weeks behind the rush so we shared the dock with one other boat, Segwun. Nonetheless it was a beautiful night and very peaceful. Friday morning we woke to 47 degree cabin temperatures and frost covering the deck. I can't think of when this has happened before. We must get South!

crossing into North Carolina

Anastasia & Segwun @ the NC Visitors Center

Friday morning down the canal.

Friday afternoon we made it to the free docks in Elizabeth City and tied up for the night. We braced ourselves for even lower temps as the low was forecasted to drop to 29 degrees.

This shit is for real. It is COLD.

images speak for themselves.

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Looking For A Quick Update?
by Jen
11/11/2011, Chisman Creek, Yorktown, VA

Between blog posts, the best place for Anastasia updates is on our new Facebook page: Sailing Anastasia. Over there we're trying to start more dialogue and regular interaction with you! Link to the other pages we are following too. Some are our Friends, others are our Sponsors and the rest...we just like!

We also have a widget on our right-hand sidebar with the latest status updates.

If you are not a fan yet, please "like" us and get in on the action! As always we appreciate your support and keep reading!

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Rocna Gone Bad?
by Jen
11/03/2011, East River, VA

Recently there has been some news about Rocna Anchors. Unfortunately, this news is of the negative variety...

We purchased our Rocna after months and months of research. We went a lil' big for Anastasia but considered that extra insurance. Over the past years of cruising it has served us well, very well. We drop it into the sometimes clear, sometimes muddy water and it does just what it should. We would consider it among the top of our favorite things on the boat.*

Now to this news. In a Practical Sailor Product Update it was stated that there were, "questions about the tensile strength of steel used in the shafts of Rocna anchors..." West Marine (where we purchased our rocna) issued a "Specification Notice" that indicated, "One of our suppliers, Rocna, recently notified us that beginning in 2010, their anchors were manufactured using a different, weaker grade of steel compared to that published on the Rocna website at the time and that had been previously published in West Marine catalogs." This was not a product recall notice but with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, "if you feel your Rocna anchor does not meet your expectation, our "No Hassle Guarantee" assures you are protected and you may return your Rocna anchor to us for a refund."

It is now time to do some more research on our own anchor and see what it's future holds. Will it stay or be replaced? Not sure right now.

The lead photo is our anchor and chain when we were in Conception Island, Bahamas, Spring 2011. There was NO wind.

*Read our list: "Top 12," posted back in April, 2010 of our most important things on the boat.

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Maryland Highlights
by Jen
10/29/2011, Deltaville, VA

From September 27th through October 28th Anastasia was anchored in Maryland waters. First, in Solomon's Island and then Annapolis where we spent the bulk of our time. If you have been reading our last posts you will know that we worked most of that month-long period for US Yacht Shows. Setting up, staffing and taking down two boat shows. But the shows are not what I want to write about in this post. I want to talk about all of the highlights of our trip visiting Maryland. I think the easiest format is to just list them one by one, in no particular order. So here goes:

Public Transportation: Annapolis Public Transit is super convenient and affordable. $1.50 for a single fare or $3 for an all day/unlimited fare. We used the bus to get around town almost every day that we weren't working. We found other folks riding to be very friendly and helpful. One tip we picked up from a local was to catch the red bus over to Safeway where the prices were a lot better than the Giant in town. Good tip!

US Navy Sub Sighting: This was cool! The day we left Annapolis, the Naval Academy was having a Homecoming celebration and had coordinated a submarine to be anchored out for tours. We did not tour but sailed by (at 500yds of course!) on our way south. The next day, while still sailing, we were flagged down by a USCG orange swift boat and told by the gunner on the bow , "Alter Your Course to Starboard!" I thought when they were coming along with lights and sirens that they wanted to board us but no, no, no! Upon further inspection of the water behind them I saw the submarine coming toward us! We turned to starboard but this time there was no way we'd make it 500yds away. It passed maybe 100yds off our stern. Super cool.

Seeing Friends: Yay, we have friends! Godspeed, Sunrise, Cynergy (formerly Glass Slipper), Barefootin', Cara Mia, Jesse Marie, and probably others but my brain is not working...and our friend Merry who lives on a very cool boat in Eastport.

Ram's Head Tavern: Our vote as the COOLEST bar in all of Annapolis. Daily drink specials (not to be beat) and FREE appetizers on weeknights. They have an ambiance that immediately makes you relax, sit back and enjoy. Their drink specials are jaw dropping and the free appetizers are more than just nuts! It is a MUST if you visit the area.

Sailing Town: Annapolis is just that, a sailing town. It is cool to be surrounded by others who do what you do. Even if they all do not liveaboard, they understand. It is the kind of place that you can walk into a restaurant wearing your foul weather gear no one looks at you like you are crazy.

The Belted Cow Co.: This is a boat show hightlight...we met David with The Belted Cow Co. on the last days of the powerboat show. First of all they sell awesome products! Check them out here. Second of all they have awesome, friendly staff! This is a company that you feel good buying from, no doubt!

Bacon's & Goodwill: I lumped these two together because they are essentially the same concept but peddling two different genres of goods. Bacons is a huge marine consignment store in Annapolis that we visited often. We were able to find a new GPS antenna for our secondary GPS, a new bronze deck fill and other odds and ends that would be very expensive brand new. Everyone knows about Goodwill and what is to be found there. Both are right up our alley!

Public Dinghy Docks: Any street, which ends at the water in Annapolis, has a public dinghy dock. Now if that is not inviting, I do not know what is. Other waterside towns and cities should learn this simple accommodation. All we (cruisers) need is a spot to tie up, dump trash and we will come and spend our money in your stores and restaurants. Simple.

Water Taxi: Another simple concept but it is golden! The water taxi will pick you up at your boat or dock and take you wherever you need to go. If you don't feel like taking the dinghy, take the taxi! A perk we had as show workers were free rides on the water taxi!

Walking Town: When we just wanted to stretch our legs, downtown was the place to do it. Annapolis is such a historic place with beautiful architecture, that walking around is a real pleasure.

We do not know what our future will hold but could easily see how we could fit into the Annapolis population very easily. For now, we'll tuck that thought away into our hat for later.

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10/29/2011 | tate
The encounter with the submarine sounds pretty cool. When the gunner told you to turn to starboard did you ask how many points to starboard? :P
10/30/2011 | Chad
Keep your eyes out for my parents headed south on a beige Caliber 40 named Symphony. They are in the dismal swamp right now.
It Almost Got The Best Of Us
by Jen
10/26/2011, Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

Not one boat show but TWO! They totally should give out a t-shirt at the end that says "I survived the boat shows!" What a circus! Literally, everything arrives on trailers, is unloaded, sorted and shuffled around, and abracadabra-poof!! There is a show! (no lions and tigers mind you) It is quite amazing, when you think of it, how quickly these complex operations materialize. And then, they morph from one flavor to another in TWO DAYS!

We worked a total of 17 days, many at or above 10 hours. During those days we had a chance to meet and share stories with other show staff. To my surprise the crew was not all cruisers as I had expected. Here I am, living within my own little world, assuming that only boaters would staff a boat show. But no, there were folks from all sorts of trades and backgrounds joined together on this team. When I'd ask, it seemed to be consistent with most, that at this point they just needed work. Any work. And so, the circus came to town to help us all!

Setting up tents!


For the next few days Maxwell and I will just enjoy being aboard Anastasia. We've been using and abusing her for too long and it is time for some R&R. After that we will begin our path south once more with a quick stop in our home waters for provisioning and other last minute errands.

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10/26/2011 | Bill and Lara Calfee
Hey... and we are in your back yard... East River. Will you be coming her to recover?

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