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06 February 2011 | Jekyll Island, GA
05 February 2011 | Savannah, GA
19 November 2010 | Georgetown, SC
11 November 2010 | Bald Head Island, NC
10 November 2010 | The Atlantic
08 November 2010 | Beaufort, NC
07 November 2010
06 November 2010 | Portsmouth, VA
11 October 2010 | Norfolk, VA
09 October 2010 | Henry's Creek, VA
09 October 2010 | annapolis, maryland
08 October 2010 | Running the Delaware
08 October 2010 | Cape May
04 October 2010 | Atlantic City, N.J.
01 October 2010 | Port Washington, NY
30 September 2010 | Port Washington, NY
28 September 2010 | Montauk, NY
22 September 2010 | Falmouth, Mass
14 September 2010 | Falmouth, Mass

19 November 2010 | Georgetown, SC
Cape Fear has a neat set-up for southbound travelers. It's natural because of a rock formation and carries the endearing name of "Frying Pan Shoals". They work their way out from the north side of the inlet 20 miles into the Atlantic. This creates a real obstacle for mariners using the Atlantic to go South because they have to be way out as they parallel Cape Fear. Surprise went down the ICW and did not have to deal with the shoals but chose to leave the inlet and jump into the Atlantic because it was so hospitable to this direction of travel. Before we knew it we were 20 miles out anyway and couldn't see land and no cell phone service. The current was pulling us and without a natural range we just let our guard down. When we couldn't see land and there were no other boats around we decided to veer off toward land and follow the coast a bit more rather than cut the bay.
We entered in at the Beaufort inlet which is a considerable way from the town. Arrived around 5:30 or 17:30 - I am trying to get really comfortable with the 24 hour clock as it is used in sailing.
Nice marina - Harborwalk - close to town. Georgetown, like so many of the Southern waterfront towns with a history used the 90's to revitalize and although struggling a bit now have an infrastructure to support tourism - restaurants, shopping, historical markers, renovated old homes.
Vessel Name: Surprise
Vessel Make/Model: Bruckmann 50
Hailing Port: Houston, Texas
Crew: Keith and Diana Anderson
About: Empty nesters trying to get in some serious adventure before grandkids hit.
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Who: Keith and Diana Anderson
Port: Houston, Texas