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sv Andiamo III
Let's Go! Welcome to the Reynolds Family sailing blog. We are a family of four setting sail from Olympia, WA to experience the adventure of a lifetime!
A Rainy Day in Washington
April 27, 2010, Olympia, WA (Swantown Marina)

Andiamo recently lost one of its crewmembers to the perils of the sea. With sad hearts, we say goodbye to our beloved Beta Fish "Rainy". Rainy was Abigayle's pet and she loved her dearly. Abby took care of Rainy every day by feeding her and keeping fresh, clean water in her tank. Unfortunately, Rainy passed away from natural causes. With long, colorful, flowing fins she was absolutely beautiful. She will be missed. Every time it rains in Washington, we will be reminded of the sunshine that Rainy brought to our lives.

So, now with a position open on the crew of Andiamo, a new beta fish "Spike" has joined our team. Spike has big shoes to fill, but has quickly gained the love and adoration of everyone on the vessel.

Goodbye, Rainy. Fair winds and following seas.

The Crew
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Andiamo III, an intro
April 23, 2010

Andiamo III is our 1982 Hans Christian 43 Traditional Cutter (hull #68). She was designed by Harwood Ives (Glouchester Yacht Design) and built by Hans Christian Yachts in the King Dragon boat yard in Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. From tip to tip, she is just over 52' long, 13' wide, and carries a draft of 6' 2". Tipping the scales at close to 40,000lbs, she has full keel with almost 13,000 lbs of ballast. Since new, Andiamo has sailed over 60,000 nautical miles and visited world destinations like the Mediterranean, South America, the Galapagos Islands, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other exotic destinations in between. In 1994, Andiamo completed the Pacific Cup Challenge from San Francisco to Hawaii with the first all-women crew.

Andiamo is a solid, heavy, ocean-going, sea-worthy vessel. Her warm, teak interior is full of history and nautical character. She is a head-turner at any dock, powerful under sail, and extremely sexy at anchor. The moment we first stepped aboard, we knew we were home. Not even half-way down the companionway and Tami says "we'll take it"! So, after a solid survey and sea trial, we became the third owners of Andiamo in the fall of 2008. During the purchase process, we came across some paperwork listing the names of the original owners, Susan and Andy Kerr. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, we were able to connect with Susan quite easily. It only took a few minutes over the phone for us to become friends. Susan regaled us with stories of world travel and shed some very valuable light on the boat's colorful history. Since that time, we have become very good friends and remain so to this day. We are so blessed to have her in our life and hope we can give Andiamo at least half the adventure that Susan and her husband did.

The Boat
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April 4, 2010, Olympia, WA (Swantown Marina)

More connections being made today in the battery compartment of Andiamo.

After a nice morning run downtown, an attempt to go easter egg hunting, and a wonderful lunch hot off the grill, we got back to work. Tami and the kids worked on organizing and stowing of the galley and salon while I buried myself in the bilge and battery compartment. We are finally making progress. The engine starts, the alternator charges, the windlass works, and everyone is happy. Just so you know, none of those things were even possible earlier today. Once again, I had to spend most of my time cleaning up lazy workmanship in the bilge and anchor locker. It's not perfect by any means, but it is better now than the way we found it. Next week, its solar panels and wind generators!

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April 5, 2010 | Richard Boren
Great to see the Blog starting up! We are saving a spot down here in paradise for you guys!
April 5, 2010 | Richard Boren
Great to see the Blog starting up! We are saving a spot down here in paradise for you guys!
Our First Blog!
April 2, 2010, Olympia, WA (Swantown Marina)

Well, here we go. Our first blog. Our new friends from SV Third Day convinced us that SailBlogs was the way to go, so here we are.

Weather: windy, rainy, and overall pretty crummy
Boat projects are well underway. I am currently shoulder-deep in our battery compartment making some new connections, installing fuses, and prepping for the installation of a new electrical panel. I am also repairing some sub-standard workmanship. Doesn't everyone have to turn on their windlass switch in order to use their VHF radio? The solar panels are sitting in their cardboard boxes on the weather deck patiently waiting to be installed. The wind generator, which arrived yesterday, is sitting in the salon still in its box as well. It all seems a bit overwhelming sometimes.

It's Good Friday and I have the day off work. The kids are at school and Tami is grocery shopping and doing laundry. The boat is a mess, so I'd better tidy up before she gets home.

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April 3, 2010 | S/V Pearl
It's about time you guys got a blog. We're tracking your position already. Good luck with projects. I'll be doing the same in a couple weeks.

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sv Andiamo III
Who: Eugene, Tami, Christian, & Abigayle Reynolds along with Toby (the dog), Stripe (the gecko), and Spike (the fish)
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