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Hold Fast
Isle of Shoals
29 April 2013 | Gosport
Hi Folks
Departed Salem at 0600 this morning. We are now in Gosport Harbour, Isle of Shoals, about 6 miles east of Portsmouth. We are headed to Portland tomorrow to pick up electronic charts for Eastern Canada.

It feels fantastic to be on a mooring and not in a marina. Heather was a little shocked when I told her that we wouldn't have the heater, microwave and tv tonight. But she is happy enough now wrapped in Kate's Hudson Bay Blanket napping in the cockpit. Weather is still looking good for the next couple of days. We will make our way up to Bar Harbour and and would like to cross from there to Yarmouth.

Oh the diver was down yesterday. The only thing on the prop was barnacles.

Bye for now and all the best
A & H P