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Who: Barbara and Tom
Port: New York, NY
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SY Angel of London
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul. – George Bernard Shaw

Out Islands Bahamas
TRC East winds @ 15 kts
02/01/2011, Mayaguana

Mayaguana is the only one of the 700 Bahamian islands that still has its original Indian name. It is the most easterly in the 100,000 square mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world. We are 295 miles southeast of Nassau��"the mail boat comes every two weeks.....The reefs of the deep Atlantic (5 NM south of here it is 2500 meters deep) are rich with conch, lobster, fish, turtles and shipwrecks (not ours).

In a (rare?) impulse of ego mania, I could not resist putting up this picture of today's succulent lunch. There was enough to freeze for two more meals. Boy was he a big sucker, tasty though through and through. Thank you Mr Lobster and the mysterious force that put you here.

On our (slow) way North
01/23/2011, Puerto Plata

We arrived at Puerto Plata on the North Coast of the Dominican Repblic after a 40 hour passage from Guanica on the South Coast of Puerto Rico. There were some huge elephant sized waves in the Mona Passage and Angel handled all well.

Ah...the land of excellent coffee, great cigars and vintage rum....

It is not cold here. There is no snow. Sorry it is just beautiful. We are entering the area where just a sheet will do to sleep under and the days are warm and sunny. Not so bloddy hot as 500 miles to the south where we were a month ago.

The people of the Dominican Republic are perhaps the most happy, friendly and welcoming in the Caribbean.

Gilligan's Island
TRC (no snow, no rain, just sun)
01/15/2011, Guaiana, Puerto Rico

Angel at rest. The foreground is a long tidal flat that runs from insde the reef to the cove.

We have been back on the boat since 4 January. We are cruising the rather lonely and lovely south coast of Puerto Rico. We are Gilligan's Island is a small island managed by the Departmento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (DRNA)" that's Puerto Rico's Department of Natural Resources and part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guánica.

Excellent flats for salt water fly fishing. The clever bonefish has eluded me.

Palmas del Mar
TRC 85 Clear, winds 090@17kts

Our sailing friends took this shot of Angel entering the cut at Palmas del Mar. The Trade Winds are back.....We will head North to NYC and to Germany for a few weeks....back on the boat just after New Year's day...

Christmas Cove, USVI
11/24/2010, USVI

En route to the boat...

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