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Crew thoughts...
Who: Barbara and Tom
Port: New York, NY
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SY Angel of London
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul. – George Bernard Shaw

Bye bye Irene
glad that is over with
08/29/2011, Westbrook, CT

Lots of rain, flooding and lots of wind.

We are happy and safe.

There is still no power at Westbrook where we are.

That doesn't make too much of a difference from the boat technology point of view...just a little spooky.

not an inspirning entry...more later

All well
TRC/Heavy rain today and tomorrow
08/14/2011, Westbrook, CT

Don't cry cause its over. Smile cause it happened.

Yippee! Summer has been great. Recognize this little bube? Yes it is...its me!

We have been working hard on Angel and she is looking great.

Will be heading south in a few weeks. More regular blogging will follow.


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