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Who: Barbara and Tom
Port: New York, NY
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SY Angel of London
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul. – George Bernard Shaw

Angel of London's Photos - Southern Waters
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More dolphins...constant and delightful company in these waters.
It a bird.....
A nice day out for the locals
Castillo de San Marcos
a view form the fort
A nice passage in the old part of St Augustine
This stone was chosen for the fabric of the Castillo
A Spanish four pounder. 

"These instruments which discharge balls of metal with most tremendous noise and flashes of fire...were a few years ago very rare and were viewed with greatest astonishment and admiration, but now they are become as common and familiar as any other kinds of arms." (Francesco Petrarch, c. 1350
He thinks its his boat.
A little farther South we watched the Nov 14th launch of Endeavor carrying more than eight tons of equipment (one third the weight of our little ship) and supplies to the space station including a new toilet, a new galley, a refrigerator and two astronaut sleep stations. An incredbile sight