S/V Puddle Pirate goes cruising

Ankley's family adventure, cruising with kids.

30 January 2016 | Mushroom Rock
12 January 2016 | San Carlos
29 January 2015 | La Cruz
21 December 2014 | San Diego
22 October 2014 | San Diego
12 June 2014 | Washington
04 May 2014 | 150 miles off the Island of Guadalupe
15 April 2014 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
08 April 2014 | La Paz
10 March 2014 | La Cruz
09 February 2014 | La Cruz
26 January 2014 | La Paz
03 January 2014 | San Carlos, Mexico
21 December 2013 | San Carlos, Mexico
09 September 2013 | Everett
03 July 2013 | Everett
10 June 2013 | Washington, USA
16 May 2013 | Santa Rosalia
29 April 2013 | Island Coranodo's
22 April 2013 | Puerto Escondido

The holiday is here

07 April 2012 | Mushroom rock, La Paz
After a nice quite night at anchored, S/V Papillon’s crew invited us over for an early holiday breakfast. Dan made a delicious French bread pudding and hash browns. Lew sliced up some fresh fruit (strawberries, pineapple and bananas) it was a feast, Kelly and I sure know how to pick men. Behind a husband that can cook is a happy wife.

After the holiday weekend started so did the migration of people to our quite little anchorage. The Moorings charter boats were the first to arrive then came all the other charter boats with their toys. The quite little anchorage was getting a bit crowded. The jet skis and pangas were everywhere. Dan and Kelly decided to head back to La Paz, while we decided to stay. Lew said he needed the target practice with his sling shot. We almost had ourselves and nice fishing charter boat. It had anchored right in front of us and only after 1 hour they started to drag. Lew was ready on the deck to claim his prize but they finally figured it out and moved.

In La Paz right before we left, Lew picked up a cool tandem hobie outfitter kayak with the feet paddles. This thing is a blast and fast. We have been using it every day since we got it. It gives you a good work out. It is like a stair master and elliptical on water. Puddle Pirate’s deck is getting full. We look like true cruisers or turtle depending on how you look at it. We have been trying to down size some stuff off the boat but it is hard. Lew sold our extra dingy so it left a big area on deck. The next day is when we picked up the kayak. Problem solved no more area on deck. Oh well we tried.
Vessel Name: Puddle Pirate
Vessel Make/Model: 44 ft. Gulfstar ketch
Hailing Port: Hidden Harbor, WA
Crew: Lew, Tamberlyn andAubryanna Rose
About: Lew and Tamberlyn lived in Tulalip, WA with their 3 youngest kids. Lew retired from Boeing in June 2011, then we cut the dock lines for good and went cruising full time. Their oldest daughter Crystal and son Fernando will keep to the land and visit in the winters.
Extra: Warm sunshine is what we seek! Oh Lew is always on a hunt for good pizza.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/directory_name/mistress2
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