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S/V Puddle Pirate goes cruising
Ankley's family adventure, cruising with kids.
The holiday is here
04/07/2012, Mushroom rock, La Paz

After a nice quite night at anchored, S/V Papillon's crew invited us over for an early holiday breakfast. Dan made a delicious French bread pudding and hash browns. Lew sliced up some fresh fruit (strawberries, pineapple and bananas) it was a feast, Kelly and I sure know how to pick men. Behind a husband that can cook is a happy wife.

After the holiday weekend started so did the migration of people to our quite little anchorage. The Moorings charter boats were the first to arrive then came all the other charter boats with their toys. The quite little anchorage was getting a bit crowded. The jet skis and pangas were everywhere. Dan and Kelly decided to head back to La Paz, while we decided to stay. Lew said he needed the target practice with his sling shot. We almost had ourselves and nice fishing charter boat. It had anchored right in front of us and only after 1 hour they started to drag. Lew was ready on the deck to claim his prize but they finally figured it out and moved.

In La Paz right before we left, Lew picked up a cool tandem hobie outfitter kayak with the feet paddles. This thing is a blast and fast. We have been using it every day since we got it. It gives you a good work out. It is like a stair master and elliptical on water. Puddle Pirate's deck is getting full. We look like true cruisers or turtle depending on how you look at it. We have been trying to down size some stuff off the boat but it is hard. Lew sold our extra dingy so it left a big area on deck. The next day is when we picked up the kayak. Problem solved no more area on deck. Oh well we tried.

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La Paz update
04/05/2012, Marina Costabaja La Paz

We had a nice drive exploring Mexico Baja by land. First we went to Cabo and explored the town. While walking around some condo body snatcher tried to sell us a chance to swim with the dolphins. They even said we could keep the dolphin. My girls thought it would be cool to have a dolphin as a pet. I said where would we keep it on the boat. It was funny to think they believed we could keep the dolphin. After we had our walk we headed back to the hotel and right for the pool and hot tub. Lew sat in the hammock and watched us while he kicked back with a drink. The next day we drove to Hotel California. The real Hotel California from the Eagles album. It was very cool but luckily we didn't get stuck in the vortex like in the song.

Later that night we finally arrived back to Puddle Pirate ready to plan our next adventure. The movies were on the list of things to do and of course they won. We saw Clash of the Titans new movie. We went with our friends off S/V Papillon, Dan and Kelly. The movie was great and the theater was the best I have ever been in. They had big recliners with kick out foot rests. We all stayed for the credits because we didn't want to get up, it was that comfortable. We all decided to go again in a couple of days. This time we saw The Hunger Games. Oh did I mention the cost of the movie, it was only 70 pesos. That is around $6 US, what a bargain.

Yesterday we had a dock party with our fellow cruisers. The cruising community here is so friendly; it is like we belong to a yacht club without the dues. Today we cast off our dock lines and headed back to mushroom rock just outside of La Paz. Together with S/V Papillon we found a great anchorage and settled in for the night. Tomorrow we are headed for a new anchorage as we explore more of the Sea of Cortez. I will keep you posted.

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We have arrived
03/27/2012, Marina Costabaja La Paz

We arrived in La Paz Saturday before noon. It was just a quick motor to Marina Costabaja. After securing our slip with jumped in the shuttle and went to town. Just as we arrived at the bus terminal we ran into our friends off S/V Papillon, Dan and Kelly. They recommended a great taco restaurant just 2 blocks from the bus station. We set off to find this restaurant, find it we did. It was great and just what we needed. The wait staff wore yellow shirts; I say this because I can't remember the name of the place. Anyway it was a great place to eat. Later we explored the town and the Malecon. The La Paz Malecon has some 13 different sculptures that are very cool and a number of activities always going on. While we were there, kids were showing off their best brake dancing moves and a giant pole was being set up for an aerial diving expedition show later that evening. I am very happy we decided to head back north and not miss this beautiful little oases in the sea.

Tomorrow we are going to rent a car and check out the baja by land. The weather has been nice and sunny, with temperatures in the 80s. I know I am rubbing it in, but it really is perfect. If the girls spend any more time in the water they are going to mutate fins. The Marina Costabaja is a 5 star resort with an infinity pool and a cool beach club. The docks are very nice and they even have cable TV and internet hook-up at your slip. The staff is very nice and helpful; I would defiantly recommend this spot to any cruiser passing through. Oh the prices are comparable to other marinas in La Paz without all the extras. I can see why many cruiser come here and never leave.

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03/27/2012 | Dan Freeman
And of course it's great to see you guys again!

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