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A real Cruisers port
Cam "H"
09/17/2014, Cartagena Spain

When Annie and I sailed into the Spanish port city of Cartagena we had no idea of what was on offer in this place.
We have found that this location like many before is a very friendly, very safe and very clean place to be. We have met some fantastic people here and English or lack of it is no problem at all. We do recommend to all of our fellow cruisers that this is a must see place.
Almost every day we see several large container ships along with the odd bulk carrier but it is the cruise ships that generate the most interest. There was one docked here two days ago called the Independence of the Seas, a beautiful ship that was built in 2008, she is 339 metres long and 39 metres wide, she boasts a gross tonnage of 154,407 tones and with almost 6,000 passengers all trying to go up the main street at the same time, it was a good day not to go into town.
The video clip will give you an idea of what it is like here in this part of Spain.
Life can be a little hectic on Annecam sometimes.

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Cam "H"
09/14/2014, Cartagena Spain

There are a few boats here in this marina with children on board and every chance that Annie and I get we like to meet the young parents of these children just to hear their story of where they come from and where they are going. We have found that the cruising community as a whole are pretty much a friendly open bunch of like-minded people. The German parents of the young child that I was pushing in the stroller (not kidnapping) are definitely no exception, they told us that they were crossing the Atlantic Ocean this year as well, we don't envy them with two young children on board.
The never ending list of boat jobs just seems to keep on going, as we finish one another will almost always pop up.
The more we explore the city of Cartagena the more we like the place, it has a really good feel about it, the locals are very friendly, the marina staff are more than helpful and the prices we are paying for provisions are good. There is a section of the city that is totally car free and the first thing we noticed was how neat and clean it was as we walked through, there is a very rich history here with ancient Roman buildings and a fort or castle on almost every hill and mountain that we can see from our marina.
Life is very easy on Annecam.

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Super Moon in Spain
Cam "H"
09/10/2014, Cartagena Spain

Another quiet day on Annecam, we are having a nice relaxing time here in Cartagena. The weather is nice and warm with very little wind here at the moment and no rain at all.
Like the rest of the world we have the super moon but for some reason I cannot seem to be able to get a nice clear shot here in the northern hemisphere, this one has the forestay of Annecam on the left and there is still a small amount of cloud over the lower half but there seems to be a little something in the atmosphere here that will not allow a clear shot.
Our Australian flag seems to be a bit of an attraction over here with many tourists and locals stopping to take a photo or two, we even had a German couple ask from over the marina fence if we had sailed all the way from Australia and they are not the first to ask the same question.
Life is very relaxing here on Annecam.

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Wedding Anniversary
Cam "H"
09/09/2014, Cartagena Spain

We have just spent an absolutely wonderful hour or so (3 hours) having lunch with a fantastic bunch of cruisers at a restaurant just outside of the marina. The food was magnificent and the company was even better, we had Judy and Merv fellow Australians, Alison and Chuck from America and Gabi and Wolfgang from Germany and Norway all help us celebrate our wedding anniversary. Yes believe it or not we were married on a beach just north of Cairns Australia on 09/09/2009 and we have a photo that shows my watch right on 9 minutes past 0900 as we exchanged vows. We were asked today if we had a lucky number, well the number 9 would have to be ours.
We are now settled into life in the marina, just watching the boats come and go. There seems to be quite a crowd of tourists and a few locals who seem to be attracted to our Australian flags with quite a few stopping to take photos as they stroll by, I guess that they dont see many Australian flagged yachts in this part of the world.
Thank you Allison for the photo, it feels like we are with the League of Nations on occasions like this.
Life is sweet on Annecam.

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Happy Father’s Day
Cam "H"
09/07/2014, Cartagena Spain

Happy Father's day to all of the Dad's around the world especially my very own Dad who is in his 90th year and he is still as sharp as. His memory still leaves mine for dead. I gave him a call and he was happy to hear from us as usual. He said that my sister Marg had already called him from the resort she is staying at in Indonesia.
We have decided to stay right where we are for the next few weeks to see some of the festivals that will be here starting tomorrow with the Voices Del Jazz Festival, there is Carnival every night and a sea food and Salsa Fiesta that runs right through, this is just a small part of the next two weeks. So stand by for some more information the events that we get to.
The photo is of me with my new friend here in Cartagena.
Life is about to get festive on Annecam.

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09/07/2014 | Jane
Seafood and salsa festival appeals to me! Reckon we can get there by 27 Sept. Will it still be on?
09/08/2014 | Beryl Hair
Happy wedding anniversary for the 9/9 Love from us both XX
Just the two of us
Cam "H"
09/03/2014, Cartagena Spain

We have had a lovely time with our guest Fiona on board with us for the last week, this is Fiona's third visit. She was our first guest we had join us not long after we purchased Annecam and we have named one of the cabins after her, the 'Pivo Suite' and just for the ones reading this that means "beer" in Croatia which is Fiona's surname and the country we were in at the time.
Fiona is now back in the UK after catching ride to her plane with Jill and will be soon on her way back to Australia. So it is just the two of us once again on Annecam.
Another guest we had join us last season, Peter, is sailing past us as I write this blog on his own yacht Fourth Dimension with Bill and Garry another couple of Aussie sailors. With a bit of luck they will sail within vhf radio range so I can give them a call later tonight.
We are slowing our west bound passage down to hopefully allow another few yachts that will be crossing the Atlantic a chance to catch up, we might move on another 30 miles on the weekend if the weather is ok at the time.
The phot was taken last week with Fiona, Martha and Annie during a great evening out in Valencia.
Life is very quiet again without our guest on Annecam.

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