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Short passage making
Cam "H"

We sailed through the Alboran Sea on our way to Gibraltar with almost no wind until late in the afternoon each day, we covered the distance from Almerimar to Gibraltar in three short day sails. The last anchorage Ensenada De La Herradura Bay was absolutely beautiful, it had a good sandy bottom so our Mantus Anchor had no trouble once again setting and staying exactly where we dropped it all night.
There has to be an advantage to not having any wind and we found the payoff was a dead flat sea for the three days and I guess that we were a bit lucky compared to some we did not have any fog.
We just had clear days filled with lots of pods of dolphin but none caught by the camera. The further west we sailed in the Mediterranean the better the fishing, we hooked up to tuna and albacore tuna almost every day, in total we only kept two fish for our table.
Life was good sailing on Annecam

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We are back
Cam "H"

Well at least we are back in our old home town and we could not believe our eyes when the first person we saw that we both knew was my Mum, her bright yellow car was the giveaway and it was not until they stopped at the bus terminal that we realised that my Dad was sitting in the passenger seat. It was a very brief hello to them both as Annie and I have a nasty virus that we do not want to give to them as my Dad has almost no immune system at all as a result of the chemo therapy that he is on. We will keep our distance until we are both sure that we pose no risk to them.
We had a fantastic time at Annie's daughter and son in-law's beautiful new home with plenty of grandson time for Annie.
Just for the Almerimar crew we are staying in one of the pubs here in town complete with a pool table, so the hustler is very happy about that and I'm sure that she will find another Steve to give a lesson to.
Life is still good off Annecam.

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We are still catching up
Cam "H"

Yes we are still catching up with family and friends here in Australia and we have not been back to our old home town yet, we should be heading up that way tomorrow.
We did manage to catch up with Kylie my old work mate and good friend who I mentioned in the last blog, and it seemed to me we picked up like just as good friends do, thanks Kylie for re-living the good old days.
Today we had a very quick visit from my brother and sister in-laws Bob and Ann as they had just returned from a cruise around New Zealand on the Dawn Princess and they fly back to WA this evening.
The biggest hurdle we have is the jet lag is still with us, we are wide awake at 0300 and no one wants to play with us at that hour but the real down side is we are ready for a Nana and Grandpa nap by mid-afternoon. I suppose we both are grandparents so we are allowed to.
Life is never dull on or off Annecam.

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Catching up
Cam "H"

We are catching up with the different time zone and our jet lag is slowly subsiding or we could say that our camel has almost caught up, if you are wondering what a camel has to do with jet lag, have a look at the blog that I wrote on the 5th.
Annie is having a ball with her new grandson Sam and I must say he is one very contented and happy boy. We are staying with Kara and Peter in their beautiful new home on the south east side of Melbourne. It has been great to catch up with them all.
In the next couple of days we will be catching up with an old work mate of mine, Kylie, she used to work in the same office as me in Horsham. The next day we will be catching up with Annie's brother Bob and our sister in-law Ann as they return from their cruise around New Zealand.
We then will be traveling up to my old home town of Horsham to catch up with my Mum, Dad and one of my daughters, son in-law, my grandsons Baxter and Phenix plus one of my sons Brad and his finance Alana, I'm not sure we will get back in time to see my other son Tom and his partner Pip.
Life is still good even though we are not on Annecam

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Back in Australia
Cam "H"

After a 24 hour flight with short stop overs in London and Dubai we are back on home soil. Our plane landed in Melbourne right on time but by the time we got through customs and we were in the express lane with nothing to declare it still took just over one hour. With the drive from Tullamarine to Officer it was almost midnight by the time we hit the pillows. We were bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning that was until the good old jet lag caught up. We both had afternoon naps and slept well that night. Still we are trying to get our bodies back in the time zone of Melbourne.
So today we jumped on to a train and bus to attend the wedding of one of our close friends Wayne to Lyn in Maryborough.
It is all happening off Annecam.

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11/08/2014 | Peter.
Welcome home to you both.
A quick question, is that the Wayne we both know. The face looks somewhat familiar.
See ya,
Different times
Cam "H"
11/05/2014, London without Annecam

We have left Gibraltar and are now in London, last week we changed our clocks for the end of day light saving and yesterday as we approached England the pilot announced that the time was one hour earlier again. You would not think that it would make much difference but it does, there were 8 hours difference between Gibraltar and Melbourne, then 9 hours, now in London it is 11 hours difference. I'm still trying to get my head around why 9 plus 1 equals 11, don't figure.
It is always an interesting flight travelling from Europe to Australia as we head east against the flow of day light, we leave today at 1230 on the 5th and arrive 24 hours later in Melbourne at 2130 on the 6th, now you can work that one out.
Flying from Melbourne to Europe is also an interesting experience as it is also a 24 hour flight and we almost arrive at the same time on the same day as we left.
Some call it jet lag but I like the one that a fellow sailor James told us some years ago that an Afghani camel driver told him, 'if man travels faster than a camel can walk it will take the same time that the camel can walk for his soul to catch up'. We do spend quite a bit of time waiting for our camel to catch up.
Life can be a bit puzzling on Annecam

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11/05/2014 | Beryl Hair
Wow! What luxoury in London. Would love to see Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey home. Alls well here. Sun is shining today. Love from Mum & Dad
11/05/2014 | Beryl Hair
Wow! What luxoury in London. Would love to see Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey home. Alls well here. Sun is shining today. Love from Mum & Dad

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