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More on the Gibraltar monkeys
Cam "H"
10/30/2014, La Linea

It would appear that the Gibraltar monkeys rule the rock, they used to be looked after by the military and now the local Government take care of them.
They have no fear of humans and if they see something that they want they just take it from you.
This youtube link demonstrates just how they operate
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Life can be a little funny on Annecam

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10/30/2014 | Simon
haha, told you they were sneaky!
Hopefully they didn't grab anything off you.
Helen couldn't watch that video, it brought back to many bad memories.. ;)
10/30/2014 | Beryl Hair
The Rock looks really impressive. Am sure I would be scared of the monkeys and would hang on tight to my wallet. Thanks for the update of your adventures. Love from Mum & Dad H.XXXX
Up on the rock
Cam "H"
10/29/2014, La Linea

Photo #1 The Straits of Gibraltar
The Straits of Gibraltar
This will be the way we will be exiting the Mediterranean and sailing out into the Atlantic Ocean in just over two months time. We have to pay attention to the tides as there is a constant inflowing current from west to east through the straits and this can run at up to 3 knots, with a wind blowing against this tide we could have a very bumpy ride.
Photo #2 In one of the caves
Theater cave 1
This cave is so large that it is used for a theatre.
Photo #3 In the same cave
Theater cave 2
The acoustics in here are amazing and it is all natural with stalactites and stalagmites.
Photo #4 One of the monkeys
Monkey on the roof of our bus
This monkey made himself at home on the roof of the mini bus we were in.
Photo #5 Baby monkey
Baby monkey
At 4 months old they are almost fully independent and are very competent climbers. The Gibraltar Monkeys or Barbary Macaques are considered by many to be the top tourist attraction in Gibraltar. There are three separate troops that total 250 individual monkeys, they have learnt to raid the unsuspecting tourists for food and they have developed a real sweet tooth.
Photo #6 North to Spain
Alcaidesa Marina
The Marina Alcaidesa where Annecam is tied up. This is a very new marina with floating finger pontoons.
Life is never boring on Annecam.

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10/29/2014 | Linda
Mini bus huh? My captain made me walk all the way up there! Great view though. Good luck with the passage southwards through the North Atlantic.
The last few days of 2014
Cam "H"
10/29/2014, Gibraltar

Annecam's track
Annecam's track for the 2014 season
Red is by sea
Yellow is by road & train
This season we have sailed over 1,700 nautical miles (3,185km) visiting 12 countries and Islands
Days sailing and some of them were very short ones = 30
Nights anchored out = 35
Nights in a marina = 120

Gibraltar as we sailed past
This is the gateway to the Mediterranean

We found a bit of Oz here in Fuengirola Spain
Fuengirola is a part of the world that we could definitely come back to.

Phone box
Gibraltar still has red phone boxes for Superman
This might be the reason they have a very low crime rate

The border
Crossing the border from Spain to Gibraltar
We found that walking was faster than a taxi or bus.

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Crossing the border
Cam "H"
10/28/2014, La Linea

Today we walked across the border from La Linea Spain to the Rock of Gibraltar and as we found out walking is by far the fastest way to cross over. The line of cars, taxis and buses were at a complete standstill due to the security checks but by just holding up your passport as you walk past the guards is all that is required to cross, it was quite a stroll and now we have very tired sore feet.
While we were over there we caught up with the lovely young Australian couple Simon and Helen, they are the couple we met in Almerimar and waved goodbye to two weeks ago.
Also today an Australian catamaran called 'Finally My Darling' arrived here in La Linea, it is always good to catch up with people in person, we have been communicating via facebook and they are crossing the Atlantic at the same time we are.
We also did some shopping in the Morrisons Supermarket and Sheppards Chandlery in Gibraltar.
The photo is the Rock of Gibraltar from Annecam, complete with the Levant cloud that forms over the rock when the wind is in the east.
This youtube link will give you a brief look at Gibraltar.
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Life is always a voyage of discovery on Annecam.

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Cam "H"
10/26/2014, La Linea

We made it to Gibraltar and are now just over the border in a very nice marina in La Linea.
We left Fuengirola at 0830 and with almost no wind at all we motored the whole way in just under 9 hours giving an average of just over 6 knots, at least we had lots of dolphin to keep us company.
This would have to be the busiest place we have ever been in and the photo gives you an idea with 182 AIS targets for us to dodge to get here.
Life is relaxed on Annecam

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10/27/2014 | Beryl Hair
Pleased to hear you have got to Gibraltar save and sound. L E had his ears checked today and they were clogged up with wax. so he got some drops from the chemist for me to put in his right ear. May take 5 days to clear.
Gibraltar bound
Cam "H"
10/26/2014, Fuengirola

In less than one hour we will untie our dock lines for the last time for 2014 and set our course for the Rock of Gibraltar. As the photo shows there is always some company around and let's hope they do not get too close to us.
Life is always exiting on Annecam.

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