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Back in a marina
Cam "H"
10/25/2014, Fuengirola

We motor sailed again today with only 5 knots of breeze to keep our sails from luffing, the last 20 miles we hoisted our staysail on the inner fore stay so we are now a cutter rigged sloop, we did gain one extra knot of boat speed by doing so.
We are tied up to the visitor dock in Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola, it will be tapas for dinner tonight. The little look around that we have had so far has revealed something like a very strong Moroccan influence in the architecture and we can't wait to explore this part of Spain tomorrow.
Life is nice and secure on Annecam

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Cam "H"
10/23/2014, La Herradura Bay Spain

We motor sailed away from Almerimar in very light conditions to one of the few places that provide shelter for anchoring along the south coast of Spain, this beautiful little bay is surrounded by houses that look more like they are the palaces of the rich and famous.
We did get some wind from the right direction for the last few hours of the passage and it is great to be anchored with our Mantus anchor we call 'Greg' well set.
Life is great to be anchored on Annecam again.

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Sailing West
Cam "H"
10/22/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

As I write this blog we are about to cast off our lines and sail away from Almerimar. We have fallen in love with this place, the people the excellent and not too expensive restaurants and provisions. The excellent work by Andy the rigger, Stuart and Ryan for their stainless steel work and Colin and Tina for the fantastic work they did on our sails, all up this place has been great and as per usual we find it hard to move on but we do have our flights booked from Gibraltar early next month so move we must.
We have had a great time catching up with some of the cruisers we were with in the Marina de Cala del Sole in Licata Sicily last winter and we have met some new cruisers who we are sure to stay in touch with and maybe share an anchorage with next year over in the Caribbean.
Last night we played in a local pool competition and Annie was the queen of the pool hustlers until she challenged Ian the score is two all, the challenge will continue in the Caribbean next year. Tonight we will be competing in a quiz night that is run every Wednesday evening, we Australians are at a distinct disadvantage as the questions have a heavy English theme.
Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd we will be heading towards an anchorage just a little bit closer to Gibraltar.
Life is nice and easy on Annecam.

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10/24/2014 | Beryl Hair
Glad to hear you are both O K as we are here. Happy sailing as you are getting closer to home. Love to you both. from Mum & Dad XXXX
Fine food
Cam "H"
10/20/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

Just to add to the last blog, catching up with old friends is always great and to share a meal or two is even better when the food is almost some of the best we have had. As a matter of fact the Spanish do put on a great spread, even if you just want to have a few tapas right up to a full sit down meal. For the ones who have not come across the Spanish tapas they are a small plate made up of a multitude of choices from chillie chicken to sea food and almost everything in between, they are usually served with a drink for free. The sweets menu is something else as you can see in the photo with Ian and Steve.
Just to give you an idea of where we are and how big this marina is, here is a link to a youtube clip that I found, it's a shame that the person who took the video did not clean their windscreen first. Your text to link...
Our departure day looks like it should be Thursday now, I did say that we might be leaving yesterday but the wind exceeded the original forecast by quite a bit and that would have made for a bumpy ride and Annie does not do bumps very well.
Life is good on Annecam.

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Cam "H"
10/18/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

From time to time we get to meet up with the same cruisers on their yachts in our travels. Some of them we get to meet in person and others we just recognize them from a distant bay, anchorage or marina but to catch up with cruisers that we spent some time with where we wintered Annecam last year is always a hoot. Here in Almerimar we have four yachts and a fifth one has only just sailed on last week from our winter marina last year, the Marina de Cala del sole in Sicily.
The more we get to see here in Spain the more we like this place, the people are always nice and friendly and the prices we are paying for provisions is more than reasonable, the weather is fantastic and nice and warm. There is snow up on the mountains but it is still nice down here on the coast.
The photo is Stephanie and Lynne going through some of the Koala and Kangaroo key rings we purchased in Australia to give away as gifts to the special people we get to meet in our travels.
Life is very friendly on Annecam.

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Cam "H"
10/16/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

We have had a very productive time over the last few days on Annecam and today should see the last of the boat jobs complete, so it is almost time to give the decks and cockpit a good wash to get rid of the accumulated grime.
I mentioned in one of our early blogs about all of the wonderful people we get to meet while cruising and this part of the world has been no exception. There seems to be a very strong and common thread between cruisers. We have people from all walks of life around us and they all have their stories of how they came to get here, some are seasonal cruisers and have a home to go back to at the end of each season and some are full time live-a-board cruisers.
The down side to what we are doing is there are always the goodbyes, we get to spend some good quality time with them enjoying listening to their stories of how they met and of all of the places they have been to but in the end we have to say goodbye and move on. We do follow each other on our respective blogs or on good old facebook, our email address book is constantly growing.
The youtube link is of one lovely young Australian couple who came over to Europe to purchase their own yacht to sail back to Australia in less than eighteen months, so goodbye and good luck to Helen and Simon on their yacht called Interlude1. We will be watching you with interest as you will be sailing ahead of us on almost the same course as we will be going. Your text to link...
Life is almost back to normal on Annecam.

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10/17/2014 | Jane
The very best bit of cruising, Annie and Cam!! Safe journey to Gib. Panormitis is there. You might meet them at last! We're not jealous at all!

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