21 May 2017 | Pelican Bay, Queensland, Australia
19 May 2017 | Tangalooma, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia.
18 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
17 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
15 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
15 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
12 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
09 May 2017 | Bums Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
05 May 2017 | Coomera River, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
30 April 2017 | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
24 April 2017 | Clarence River, Harwood, NSW
23 April 2017 | Clarence River, Maclean, NSW
22 April 2017 | Clarence River, Maclean, NSW
20 April 2017 | Clarence River, Maclean, NSW
17 April 2017 | Iluka Bay, NSW.
14 April 2017 | Port Macquarie, NSW
09 April 2017 | Port Macquarie, NSW
07 April 2017 | Port Macquarie, NSW
06 April 2017 | Cape Hawke Harbour, NSW
04 April 2017 | Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, NSW

Heading North for the warmth.

21 May 2017 | Pelican Bay, Queensland, Australia
Annie and Cam "H"
After a good night’s sleep anchored in front of the Wild Dolphin Resort at Tangalooma on Moreton Island we weighed anchor and started our journey north once again. The breeze was light so it was a day of motor sailing up past Mooloolaba, on to Noosa Head where we anchored for the night in Laguna Bay. We almost had the pleasure of being the catch of the day as we entered the bay we had to alter course to dodge the shark nets that run along the eastern end of the bay. We found a way to get in behind the nets to drop anchor, these nets only have small orange buoys and lack a top mark or light to warn vessels of their location. It was after dark when we spotted another yacht heading straight for our location and we had to call them via the VHF to warn them and direct them around the hazard.
The very next morning we set our course north once again and we sailed to Double Island Point where we anchored under the beautifully coloured cliffs in Wide Bay to have lunch. We still had to negotiate our way across the notorious Wide Bay Bar on the south end of Fraser Island and the best time to do this is in the last two hours of the run-in tide. We hit the new leads just before 1600 as the top of the tide was at 1700 this would assure us the smoothest water over the bar, our crossing was all going well until I noticed a lot of breaking water in front of us as we turned on the second lead line. As discretion is always the better part of valour we turned back to a safe location on the first lead and called the Tin Can Bay Coast Guard to verify the correct marks and I had made the mistake of not double checking the marks I had put in the chart plotter, with the correction in and an escort by another yacht we had a good run for the rest of the crossing.
Here we are anchored in Pelican Bay, just around the corner from Inskip Channel that separates Fraser Island from mainland Australia. It is good to be anchored in a nice quiet spot out of the ocean swell, we are both looking forward to a good night’s sleep. We do notice the temperature slowly rising, you could say we are heading north for the warmth.
The picture is the beautiful coloured sand cliffs above Rainbow Beach that protect the southern side of Wide Bay, this was a good spot to stop for lunch.
We all attract people by the qualities we display. We keep them as friends by the qualities we possess.

See ya later Brissy.

19 May 2017 | Tangalooma, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia.
Annie and Cam "H"
Today we untied our mooring lines and said see you later to the city of Brisbane. It was a dirty day to be starting a passage, we had rain and plenty of it as we seemed to sail for quite some time under the same heavy rain squall as we crossed Moreton Bay. Our visibility was down to less than one nautical mile at times.
We had a very nice call via our VHF radio from the pilot on a container ship as we crossed Moreton Bay , he thanked us for having our AIS transmitting our course, location and speed, he said that us having an AIS transponder made his job a lot safer for all and it is good to be seen and to be able to see what other vessels are up to.
We are now anchored in front of the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort on the inside of Moreton Island, tomorrow we plan to sail further north, let’s hope that the weather clears by the morning.
The photo just goes to show that Annecam is very popular with the birds as we had several swallows perched on our boom almost every morning in the heart of Brisbane City.
In life we can’t go back and start again but we all can start today to make a new ending.

Video #40 Annecam Sailing Australia

18 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
Annie and Cam "H"
This is the next video in the series, this time we take you back up along the New South Wales coast from Sydney to Port Stephens, we take shelter from Ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie and a very strong frontal system that passed over us at the same time. We stopped in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, the history unfolds as we filmed this video.
We are heading north again and each day is a new adventure to who knows where. We do have a rough plan and that is to keep sailing up and into the tropics again. Somewhere a little warmer, somewhere where the coconuts grow, somewhere along the Great Barrier Reef. It will be to wherever we can find a nice safe anchorage, somewhere not too far from civilisation and somewhere not too close and overcrowded.
The photo is a plaque dedicated to the Z Force commandoes who sailed from Refuge Cove during the second world war on the MV Krate.
In life honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

The next video

17 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
Annie and Cam "H"
Yah! Team, we have finally found a wifi hot spot fast enough to up-load a few videos that have been waiting on our hard drive for a long time.
This youtube video is part of our journey from Europe to Australia, episode 39 is the Pacific Ocean section and we have included all the waypoints along with our track that we took from Panama to Bundaberg Australia.
Keep watching as we will be posting more videos in the coming days
Life is what we make it, always has been and always will be.

Finding internet

15 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
Cam "H"
One of the greatest issues we have and I’m sure that there would be a number of other cruisers who would agree is finding a good reliable source of internet is always a priority for us. Our number one priority is to anchor or moor in a safe location followed by the all-important internet. We require internet to see what the weather has in store for us, also to check the latest information from the relevant authorities on any navigational hazards that might impede our safety as we sail from one location to another. We also like to find reasonable internet to up-load our videos for our youtube channel Sailing on Annecam. Internet is also a way we can stay in touch with our families and friends, we leave each other messages on good old facebook or messenger and on the odd occasion we sometimes catch each other for live chat. The internet we are using right now is provided by the council library, it’s a free public site, it might not be the fastest internet in town but it’s getting the job done.
We are having a good time in the city of Brisbane as we are slowly learning the lay of the land, it’s been almost three days since we have been lost and that was only for a short moment. The people are friendly and the hustle and bustle is a lot quieter that it is in Sydney or Melbourne.
A big happy birthday to my daughter Cindy, pictured with her sister my eldest daughter Amanda and my two grandsons Baxter and Phenix, thank you Amanda for the photo.
If we really want to do something in life, we will find a way, if we don’t, we will always make an excuse.

Catching up with fantastic friends.

15 May 2017 | Brisbane River, Brisbane City, Queensland Australia.
Annie and Cam "H"
Today we caught up with a fantastic couple of friends we have not seen since the Caribbean in 2014. Col and Pam off the beautiful catamaran Finally My Darling better known as “FMD” are the couple that we got to spend a bit of time with today. We first met them in La Linea Spain, just over the border from Gibraltar, it was Colin’s birthday and we were invited to celebrate with them at the time. It was a great evening listening to the music provided by Gary and Venessa off Neptune II, plus several other muso’s, a great night was had by all. The next time we met up was in the British Virgin Islands at the Full Moon Festival held in Trellis Bay on Beef Island, wow now that was a big night, just ask Annie how big it really was. We met in several other locations in the Caribbean including after the first test cricket match between the West Indies and Australia held in Dominica, once again it turned into a big night. Today we met them in the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital just as Col was about to have another chemo session, I will add that both Col and Pam looked extremely well and good luck to you mate as you battle with this insidious disease. We are planning to catch up again not too far down the track.
The photo was a snap of us with Pam and Col that we managed to get a lovely gentleman to take for us using our new phone.
In life, the less we worry about what people think, the less complicated life becomes.
Vessel Name: Annecam
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Crew: Campbell & Annette Hair
About: Cam has had a long love for the ocean, over 40 years on and off various boats. Annie would love smooth seas and to never to see another winter.
Extra: Rig heavy, reef early, and pray often; for God does not promise us an easy passage, but He does promise a safe anchorage.
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