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Bye to the jet lag
Cam "H"
04/15/2014, Licata Sicily

Four days now and the jet lag has vanished, we finally have our heads inside the different time zone. It is only an eight hour difference but that is enough to through ones sleep patterns out, the first night on board Annecam I awoke at midnight and was ready for the day but no one would keep me company at that hour.
Today we took a stroll with a New Zealand and English couple to purchase some provisions from the Lidl Supermarket over on the east side of town, it was a lovely morning for the eight kilometre round trip.
The last blog entry I spoke about Mount Etna and the ash, between the Sahara Desert and the volcanic ash everything topside was covered and after the second wash down we are still finding the dirty horrible stuff everywhere.
We now have our mobile phone up and running again, it was great to catch up with a few family members back home.
The photo gives a good size comparison, the boats in the foreground are all around six metres almost the same size as our plate alloy Barcrusher 6.40c we used to own and Annecam at just over 14.5 metres is sitting in the background.
Life is just a little bit Sicilian on Annecam.

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Life in the Marina di Cala del Sole
Cam "H"
04/13/2014, Licata Sicily

We have only been back on Annecam for two nights and we are slowly getting into the rhythm of life in the marina. It has been great catching up with most of the cruisers that were hear before we left at the end of last season and we are sorry that we have missed some who have already sailed off. If you are reading this Martha and Bob, you missed out on the 'Tim Tams'.
It is hard to believe that we do not have many boat jobs to complete before we sail to Malta at the end of the month, everything on board seems to be ship shape ready for departure.
It is Sunday over here and almost every Sunday is a BBQ get together over on the west side, we all bring a salad to share and cook our meat on a couple of BBQ's, it is a great way to keep in touch.
The photo is of Mount Etna, the volcanic ash almost looks like snow.
Life is almost back to normal on Annecam.

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We are back
Cam "H"
04/11/2014, Licata Sicily

I'm writing this blog from the navigation station on Annecam and she was just how we had left her. It is always good to get back and find there have been no rain leaks or worse still sea water leaks, it didn't even smell musty inside and apart from a bit of red dust from the Sahara desert on the decks and a lot of growth on the hull she is fine. We left Melbourne at what Annie calls at stupid O'clock 0240 on Thursday morning. Twelve hours and twenty minutes later we landed in Kuala Lumpur. We had what seemed a nice quick one hour and twenty five minute layover before taking off for Dubai, this was another six hours and forty minutes in the air and just as well we had secured the firefighters seats with all of the leg room one could wish for. Dubai to Rome took another six hours and ten minutes and what seemed the fastest one hour to get through security for the fifth time and from one end of this huge terminal to the other just to catch the connecting flight to Catania, we just made it on board. Total time with the layovers was twenty nine hours and thirty minutes.
We arrived in Catania too late at night to catch a bus to Licata so we had arranged with a lovely Italian lady Santuzza to stay in a B&B at a lovely old castle not very far from the airport called the Castello D'Urso Somma B&B. We finally got into bed at close to 0100 and we managed to catch a nice six hours of well-earned sleep. We awoke to a magnificent breakfast and then we met the owner Signor D'Urso Somma who gave us a guided tour of the castle, all we could say was wow. A lovely Italian gentleman by the name of Salvo picked us up from the airport and delivered us back to the bus.
The photo is inside the castle
Life is great to be back on Annecam.

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04/12/2014 | Annette
Thank you very much Santuzza and your wonderful father for a lovely stay at the Castello and thank you to Salvo for taking such good care of us. We have already recommended your B&B to other people in the Marina Di Cala Del Sole, many of whom stay in Catania on their way to Europe. Grazie Mille
04/12/2014 | Ding
Hi Annie and Cam, bet it feels good to be back aboard. Are you going to haul her out to clean the hull or don the scuba and clean her in situ?
That B&B puts any local ones to shame.
See ya,
04/12/2014 | Beryl Hair
Glad to hear you are back on Annecam safe and sound. Glad to hear Annecam is all in one piece. Happy sailing and may the sea always be calm, love from Mum and Dad XXXX
Some more Italian art
Cam "H"
04/10/2014, Catania Sicily

More art in the Castello

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Italian art
Cam "H"
04/10/2014, Catania Sicily

This is just some of the magnificent art inside the Castello

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Inside the Castello
Cam "H"
04/10/2014, Catania Sicily

Annie on the beautiful stairway

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