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Wall of tears
Annecam admin Pip & Tom
05/01/2016, Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela.

Yesterday we went into town early to try to purchase a few last minute items from the local fresh produce market that we were told happens every Saturday morning the selection was very limited except for bananas so we don't buy anything from there. ¤We were about to catch a taxi to one of the farms when another Australian cruiser by the name of Russell told us about another store that stocked fresh produce, so it was there we managed to find most of what we required. ¤After lunch we walked to the wall of tears, it was a very large stone wall built by convicts about 60 years ago in the middle of nowhere, along the way we saw lava tubes, giant tortoise in the wild and loads of native finches. We have very stiff leg muscles from the 3.5 hour round trip. ¤Thanks to Annie we now have an awesome under water light that attracts fish and in turn the fish attracts seal and shark, we spend hours watching nature's show on the back of Annecam. ¤Life is pretty awesome on Annecam.

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Surfing and swimming
Annecam admins Pip & Tom
04/28/2016, Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela

We have spent the last few days hanging around Puerto Villamil, cleaning Annecam from top to bottom. We did take yesterday off to swim in one of the lagoons with lots of fish, marine iguanas and I was lucky enough to see a sea horse, after lunch we went to the local surf beach where Jarryd showed off his wave riding skills on a hired surfboard, the water was not the cleanest with what looked very much like sewage bubbling up all around where we were. ¤Today I will start the last minute provisioning and try to get to Silvio Trota's farm where I can select fresh from the ground vegetables at very reasonable prices. ¤Life is always good on Annecam

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Heading west
Annecam admin Pip & Tom
04/28/2016, Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabel

Today we said our goodbyes to Santa Cruz and after motor sailing for seven hours due to the lack of wind we dropped our anchor in Isla Isabella. We then dropped our dinghy in the water for the first time since Panama and went ashore to complete the clear in process for this Island.¤Tomorrow we start exploring and what we have seen so far, this Island is the real Galapagos. The streets and roads are mostly sand, the town lacks the touristy feel, it is what I imagined Galapagos to be like. As we arrived at the dock it was covered in seals and the remaining space was almost completely covered by the iguanas, one had to be careful not to step on them. ¤Life is pretty awesome on Annecam.

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Santa Cruz
Annecam admin Pip & Tom
04/26/2016, ¤Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands.

We all walked to the Las Grietas, a large crevice in the rocks filled with crystal clear water. We had a swim in the beautiful warm water. ¤Emma, Jarryd and I then caught a taxi that took us to El Garrapatero Beach the drive was mostly through farm land broken up with some remnant rain forest and dry scrub, the beach was made up of a fine clean sand dotted with ancient lava flows, we had a couple of swims and while there we walked to an estuary to have a look at the one and only very pink flamingo that was there. ¤Today we will leave Santa Cruz and sail to Isla Isabella, we are told that Isabella is the Galapagos of old, almost untouched and the way it was. This will be the last of the three ports that we are allowed to stop at before I set sail for the Maquesas Islands about 3,000 nautical miles to the west. Isabella will be the Island where Emma and Jarryd hop off Annecam to continue their journey to the Amazon. Some days it seems that life can't get any better on Annecam.

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Lava tubes & Giant Tortoise
Annecam admin Pip & Tom
04/23/2016, Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands

Today Emma, Jarryd and I took a local taxi ride up the west side of Santa Cruz. We were dropped off at the end of one of the lava tubes and picked up by the same taxi at the other end. The lava tube was formed during one of the last volcanic eruptions on the Island. ¤We then went to a giant Tortoise sanctuary and to see these magnificent creatures in their natural environment was amazing, the last place we were taken to was two very large sink holes. ¤All up it was a fantastic day and a great time was had by all. ¤Tomorrow we might go for a swim with the iguanas, who knows. ¤Life is always good on Annecam.

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04/23/2016 | Dana Greyson aka GalleyWenchTales
Campbell & Annette - Enjoy Galapagos! We loved it, though our time & budget allowed for only r a week or so on one Island, Ilsa Isabella. One of our posts for when we were there.

If you go there, the tour to the volcano and the trip out to the penguins are definitely worth it. Also, rent a bicycle and do the loop for an afternoon. Good fun!
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz
Annecam admin Pip & Tom
04/19/2016, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands.

We left San Cristabal at stupid o'clock (0630) with a total crew of 7, we had the crew off My Dream join us for the journey to Santa Cruz as they only had a one Island, one Port Autpgrafo, we gave them a way to see a little more of the Galapagos Islands. ¤We are now anchored in front of the same Swedish boat that we did the Panama Canal transit with. It's amazing how many times we can meet up with the same boats. ¤We are now waiting for the agent to clear us in to the Island. ¤Life is always good on Annecam.

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