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Cam "H"
11/18/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

We never believe something is real until we have either witnessed it for ourselves or we have the hard evidence in our possession. This is what is happening with our new bottom coat of antifoul paint for Annecam, we do have the paint put aside at one of the chandlers here in Grenada but at the moment we do not have any primer. We have been told that the primer is at another chandler on the other side of the Island but as usual we will believe it when we have it in our possession.
It is still business as usual for us as we are sanding Annecam back to the barrier coat, removing ten years of ablative antifoul paint to make sure that we have a nice clean surface for the new paint and primer when it arrives.
We have quickly discovered that we are not as young and fit as we were once, add the heat and the humidity, we are having more rest days to recover from all of the sanding, washing and more sanding that seem to go on forever.
It is a rest day today so we are enjoying the magnificent views from the apartment we are staying in, just up the road from the boatyard where Annecam is located. As you can see in the photo everything is very lush and green.
Life will be better on Annecam when there is less work and more play.

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Still sanding
Cam "H"
11/11/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

Sore arms are the order of the day, as we sand and wash all of the old antifoul paint off Annecam, we are not used to all of the physical activity and we are using muscles that have not been used for some time but we are getting there. You could say that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The apartment we are in is allowing us to get a good night's sleep away from the boatyard and the mosquitoes. Tomorrow we will have a day off as Annie and Wendy will go to one of the local orphanages, plus we should be catching up with Riley and Elayna from La Vagabonde to share a meal together.
Life is still pretty awesome on boardAnnecam.

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Friendly locals
Annie "H"
11/08/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

We have finally given into the heat and the mosquitoes and taken the offer of an air-conditioned apartment that happens to be about a ten minute walk from where Annecam is in the boatyard, it has access to a laundry and the owner has a small market with eggs, bread and milk a short stroll up the road.
Grenada is a great place with really friendly people, so when I needed a lift to the bus stop, Arlene from the Clarkes Court Boatyard office found someone going my way, bless her because it was very hot and a really long walk. I jumped into the car with a complete stranger (something I'd probably never consider anywhere else) and off we went. The first thing he asked me was if I was American and when I said no I'm Australian he got extremely excited and shook my hand very enthusiastically. It turns out this man was a complete cricket nut and has followed the Australian Cricket Team like a religious zealot for about 40 years, he was even happier when I said I understood the game and also loved it, perhaps he thought because I'm female I wouldn't be interested. This is the best thing of this travel caper, meeting lovely people from all over the world.
Life is an adventure on Annecam.

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11/10/2015 | Pivo
Did you mention that you were splashed over the telly when we were watching at St Lucia? Lol I think he would have loved that.
We love Grenada
Cam "H"
11/05/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

So far this year on Annecam, we have sailed away from the Mediterranean, leaving Gibraltar on New Year's Day, sailing down the African coast to Tenerife in the Canary Islands and after three nights there we set off to cross the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in Antigua on the 29th of January. With the help of First Mate Sarah we sailed up to the British Virgin Islands via Monserrat, Redondo, St Kitts and Nevis plus St Martin, to meet Annie on the 1st of March. Since then we have sailed our way down through the Island chain to Grenada for the hurricane season.
From the little we have seen Grenada is a beautiful Island with a lot of offer. Both we cruisers and the visiting tourists have so much to see and do on this Island paradise. The youtube video Pure Culture by Go Pure Grenada is a view of life in Grenada, the hidden gem of the Caribbean. It is renowned for the very friendly, kind locals who smile on the inside and out, it enjoys a vibrant culture surrounded by beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rainforest, spectacular gardens, ancient forts and plantations, plus more. This is one of the best short documentaries that I have had the pleasure of watching.
Life is always good living in paradise on board Annecam.

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Life in the boatyard
Cam "H"
11/03/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

Annie did a post on facebook that went something like this. Warning, Warning Annecam is in quarantine and should be approached with extreme caution, both crew are suffering from what looks and feels like a good dose of the Boeing 'bug', we have picked up something nasty while flying back to Grenada from Australia. Symptoms are a rough and annoying cough, runny nose, aching body and completely no energy to get up and have a go at anything. We are hoping that neither of us finishes up with a secondary infection that might require antibiotics.
Apart from all of the above we have started the preparation of Annecam's hull, getting her ready for a fresh coat of antifoul. The down side is that it requires physical effort, so we do short bursts sanding and scraping all of the tough barnacles, trying to make her bottom a smooth as possible that would be Annecam's bottom.
We have contracted a rigger to replace all of our stays, our insurance company requested that this be done at least every 10 years.
We love it here in Grenada, the Island of spice, the photo shows our track and where we are now.
Apart from the aches and the pain, life is still good on Annecam.

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A warm Grenada welcome
Cam "H"
10/31/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

We arrived here in Grenada at 2010 (8:10pm) and cleared through Customs by 2145 (9:45pm) with a few items we called boat parts that included and new light for our cockpit, a new hand held radio, some fishing lures and an inflatable kayak. The officials wanted us to leave the items at the airport and return with a signed document from the customs office where Annecam is located, plus they wanted us to use a Customs broker but they come at a cost, plus the extra taxi fares would have made the few items very expensive. We chose to pay the top rate of 27% to import our items and that meant only one taxi fare and no brokers fees. That worked out the cheapest option for us. All of the research that I've done I could not find any way of bonding the items from the airport directly to our yacht in transit duty free. Most countries we have been to have a way to do this.
We found Annecam as we had left her, well almost the way that we had left her, the boatyard staff had shifted her to a new location. The air temperature was 26c at 2200 (10pm) and as we entered Annecam the inside temperature was at least another 10c hotter, we opened all of the hatches to cool he down and the welcoming committee of squillions of mosquitos arrived and attacked us like we were the last supper, so our first night on board was a warm one with lots of swatting along with a very broken sleep.
Today we caught up with some of the cruisers that were here when we left as we watched the final of the rugby world cup, congratulations goes to New Zealand. At least we can say that the two best teams in the world played in the final.
Thanks goes to Ian and Wendy for the ride back to Annecam from Secret Harbour.
Life is nice and warm once again on board Annecam.

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