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Cam "H"
02/08/2016, Gustavia, St Barthelemy

Our friends Craig and Christa took us for a drive around to see the sights of St Barthelemy and it was absolutely stunning, the views up towards St Marten and down on to the beaches below from the lookouts was breathtaking to say the least. We had a look at the airport, it is one of the most dangerous in the world and seeing is believing as the planes drop in like dive bombers over the ridge to get down to the runway.
This is one of the many playgrounds of the rich and famous with the number of mega yachts in the harbour and the palatial homes around the Island testament to this. The downside to the harbour being taken up by these huge multi-million dollar yachts is we are anchored on the outside, very exposed to the swell and prevailing seas, we have to hang on as Annecam is tossed about like a cork in a bathtub. It is not the worst anchorage we have ever been in but definitely not the best.
Today we plan to sail up to St Marten to go through the bridge opening into the still waters of Simpson Bay Lagoon.
Life is very "Rock-n-Roll" on Annecam.

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Shock and horror
Cam "H"
02/06/2016, Gustavia, St Barthelemy

As we planned, along with our buddy boat Izzy R, with Izzy and Jeff, we sailed away from Barbuda at 0300 (3am) yesterday and we arrived in the port of Gustavia on St Barts just after 1300 (1pm) to take a mooring ball alongside Craig and Christa on their yacht called Sinmunye, we first met Craig and Christa at the Iles des Saintes just south of Guadeloupe and then again at Dominica where they came to the first test between the West Indies and Australia.
Yesterday was a better day for the fishing on Annecam with 4 small tuna and one mahi mahi, we let three of the tuna go. There was a bit of excitement when a nice marlin had a couple of goes at the big lure right at the back of Annecam, it took line but did not hook up. We also saw three whale spouts close enough for us to turn the motor on to keep them away as we do not want to hit one of these beautiful creatures.
Annie loves catching and eating fish but she hates handling them, as you can see the look of horror on her face when the tuna had a little kick on the end of the line.
Life as always is fantastic on board Annecam.

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Beautiful Barbuda
Cam "H"
02/04/2016, Palmetto Point, Barbuda

This will be our last day here in this beautiful part of the Caribbean. we plan to up anchor early tomorrow morning and sail to St Barthelemy (St Barts) then from there we plan to have a look around the Island for a couple of days before we sail to St Martin.
The beach in this photo is the landing place for the slaves that were bought over from Africa, there are ruins just behind this beach where the slaves were kept, it was a single room not much bigger than our saloon on Annecam. It would have been absolutely horrific for them to be snatched from their homes, bundled into ships to be used and abused in a far off land. There is a happy ending to this part of history as this Island was the first to grant the slaves their freedom.
Life is good discovering new lands on Annecam.

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Land tour on Barbuda
Cam "H"
02/02/2016, Coco Bay. Barbuda

Today we did a land tour along with the crews on three other yachts around the Island of Barbuda. There was Melisa and Dan off Slow Dancing, Janice and Dave off Livin' Life and Izzy and Jeff off Izzy R.
The day started with the landing of the dinghy on the beach and with a nasty little shore break just to make life a little interesting, we did manage to do so without dumping any of the crew in the water.
We met our tour guide George and our driver Cliff at the gateway to the Coco Bay Resort. Cliff drove us through Codrington the only town on the Island of Barbuda to the ruins of the Codrington estate, up on the highlands.
We had a look at what was left of the ruins and as George pointed out it was a location where they could see any ships traveling past. The Codrington's ran a very good salvage (piracy) operation over two hundred years ago, where they would capture any ship that was sailing past to relieve it of its cargo. From there we hiked through the scrub to a beautiful sink hole (pictured) where, after a very tricky climb down we were in a very different world, I called it Jurasic Park This was almost the same as the as the sink holes we have in and around Mount Gambier in South Australia.
After we hiked back to the cars we had a look at the location of where the slaves were bought ashore, it would have been their first landfall after crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. We then hiked up through the caves to the top of the highlands.
Our land tour finished with a beautiful lobster lunch complete with all of the trimmings.
Some days life can be amazing on Annecam.

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Stingray City
Cam "H"
01/31/2016, Coco Bay, Barbuda

Two days ago we jumped on board with Izzy and Jeff for a road trip across Antigua, our first stop was Stingray City. Stingray City is on the North East side of the island and it is the place where one can get close and very personal with Stingrays. We had dozens of them climbing all over us for a piece of squid, some of these ray's would sit in our arms and they did not seem to mind the contact.
The interior of the Island was very different to the topography that we see while sailing, it was almost flat compared to the coast we have been sailing past. Just for my cricketing mates we did drive past the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground.
Our second stop was at the beautiful Nonsuch Bar Resort for lunch and wow what a lunch it was, we had a buffet bbq with all the bells and whistles. After a very relaxed and extended lunch it was time to drive back across the Island to where our boats were anchored.
The photo is from left to right me, Annie, Izzy and Jeff, holding one of the stingrays.
Life is always an adventure on Annecam.

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02/02/2016 | Maree
Holy Mackerel
Cam "H"
01/31/2016, Coco Bay, Barbuda

We along with our buddy boat Izzy R slipped away from Jolly Harbour Antigua this morning and we are anchored in Coco Bay Barbuda, Annecam is still slipping along quite well with our new sails and antifoul bottom paint we managed a top speed of just over 9 knots on a close reach, for the non sailors a close reach is sailing into the wind.
As you can see in the photo we did manage to catch a nice Mackerel for our dinner.
We will explore the Island tomorrow.
Cheers to you all from us sailing on Annecam.

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