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A beautiful bay
Cam "H"
07/23/2014, Fornells Minorca

We are slowly catching up with our boat jobs and there are always several after each passage. We have serviced a couple of the winches, changed the fuel filters and just chilled out catching up on the much needed sleep after the passage from Sardinia.
We have been into the village of Fornells twice and we can't get over how clean this place is and how friendly the locals are. The one thing we have to get used to is, that everything shuts just after lunch time for their siesta, we almost got ourselves kicked out of one of the supermarkets purchasing a few provisions for our stay.
There is one thing that jumps out at us is the sheer amount of young ones sailing in their dinghy's, I gave them a very quick head count and stopped at 64 all under sail, there were coaches in their ribs chasing and shouting instructions, there were the obvious ones who are here on a holiday and sailing their wind surfers or their laser's around dodging each other, it is one very busy place at this time of the year.
Life is always interesting on Annecam.

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The sail of dreams
Cam "H"
07/22/2014, Fornells Minorca

Yes the weather window for the next two days was the best we had witnessed for the last month for a good, safe passage from Sardinia to Minorca. Our passage plan was for a 44 hour journey but what was to unfold was just a little quicker than what we planned for.
The first 3 hours we trundled along at 5 to 6 knots and as forecast the wind picked up along with our boat speed we were doing over 9 knots for just over 5 hours and just to be different we were running with the wind and had a nice following sea. As the evening approached and well into the night the wind eased and our speed fell below 8 knots, at 2200 as forecast the wind picked up to around 30 knots, with a couple of gusts at well over 40, even with reduced sails we were running at around 11 knots with a new top speed of 14.2. The conditions eased after about 4 hours of very fast sailing but we still managed just over 103 nautical miles in the first 12 hours. We still did not manage to break the 200 nautical mile barrier in 24 hours.
All up we sailed the entire distance apart from the short motor out of the anchorage in Sardinia and the very short motor into what turned out to be a very exposed bay in Minorca.
With only one fishing line out we still managed to lose two more tuna and land one very nice albacore.
We are now anchored in the beautiful Fornells on Minorca.
Life is still on the move on Annecam

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07/22/2014 | Jane
Brilliant. Hope ours is as good! (Without the 14 + knots bit!)
South coast of Sardinia
Cam "H"
07/18/2014, Porto Zafferano Bay

We anchored in Mar di Pula Bay last night after a great sail in very light breeze, we had 6.8 to 7 knots of true wind and our speed over the ground was still 6.2 knots, we think that is pretty good for a cruising yacht.
Tonight we are anchored in Porto Zafferano Bay after motoring and motor sailing for 25 nautical miles to get here from last night's anchorage.
You have to see the water clarity here to believe just how clear it is, the photo is Annie having a swim of the back of Annecam just might give you an idea.
The weather window has arrived a little sooner than we expected, so tomorrow morning we set our course for Menorca. It will be a 225 nautical mile passage straight from point to point but I'm sure with a few tacks we can make it a little further.
Life is on the move again on Annecam.

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07/21/2014 | Kara
Great to finally hear from you and you made it to your next destination safely :) That water does look amazing!
Last day in the Marina Villasimius
Cam "H"
07/17/2014, Marina Villasimius, Sardinia.

Marina Villasimius, Sardinia
This will be our last blog for a few days as we will be sailing outside internet coverage for the next few days, so if you want to see our current position you will have to keep checking the bottom of this page to look at our yellowbrick tracker as the position will automatically be up dated.
This has been a great marina to shelter from the ever persistent Mistral Winds but most good things do come to an end and this is just another memory we have of this fantastic part of the world.
We will be sailing the south west corner and the west coast of Sardinia to wait for a nice weather window to cross over to the Balearic's and Menorca will be out first Island.
So thank you to all of the wonderful marina staff here in Villasimius.
Life is on the move on Annecam.

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This is the weather we signed up for.
Cam "H"
07/15/2014, Marina Villasimius, Sardinia.

Finally the mistral wind that we have had for almost the last week has left us, today was almost post card picture perfect with almost zero wind and lots of clear blue skies, the top temperature today was 29c and add to that a nice consistent water temperature of 26c, one could not ask for any more. The great thing about having good weather is that we almost have this end of the marina we are in to ourselves. We have a Spanish motor yacht behind us with three Spanish gentlemen on board and about 40 metres to the north we have a nice French couple on their yacht and no one on our inside so things are nice and quiet in the marina again.
With the rather nice weather a little swim on the beach right behind Annecam was the order of the day.
Life is very easy once again on Annecam.

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A day on the beach
Cam "H"
07/13/2014, Marina Villasimius, Sardinia

Today we spent a bit if time on Simius Beach rated as one of the top 15 beaches in the world. We are not sure who does these ratings but we are sure that they have never been south of the equator, to places like Perth or the Whitsunday Islands just to name a couple of the beaches we have down under. Sure it was a nice piece of sand between a lagoon and the open sea, totally covered with deck chairs and the mandatory sun shades draped with beautiful bodies. I will say that the water clarity is second to none here, it seems that you can see for ever it is that clear.
The mistral wind that we have had for the best part of the last week is finally starting to abate and the forecast is for very calm and warm weather over the next week. The big decision we have is our contract berth runs out next Saturday so which way do we go, up the east coast and cross over to the Island of Corsica or up the west coast to a sheltered bay to wait for a suitable weather window to cross over to the Island of Menorca in the Balearics. We will make the final decision the day before we leave.
Life is very easy on Annecam.

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07/15/2014 | maree
Hi Annette. Hi Campbell. Just thought I would pop in and say hello! I love to catch up with your comings and goings. Life certainly is great on Annecam. Stay safe and well, miss your cheeky laughs and gorgeous smiles. xx
07/15/2014 | Dee Keavy
Know what you mean about the southern hemisphere. I can think of 15 in NSW that are better than that! What about Veli Rat ? Its pebbles!! Not a beach IMHO.
Take care and fair winds.

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