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Up the mast
Cam "H"
07/29/2014, Fornells Minorca Balearic Islands Spain

We have almost caught up with all of the boat jobs including a trip up the mast to repair a torn baton pocket on our main sail and with a fully vertical battened main the only way to get to the repair was to go up. Annie did a great job winching me up, the photo is taken about half way to the top and take note of the little bit of the Sahara desert we have on our bimini.
The weather has been absolutely fantastic up until dawn today, we were hit by a forecast mistral wind that really tested all of the anchors on the boats in the bay, there were six that dragged and most of them spent a lot of the morning trying to re-anchor without much success. Our Mantus never looked like budging, even with a 180 degree shift at almost 40 knots, we love our Mantus. We have a scope of 6 to 1 plus a snubber.
Life is secure on Annecam.

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Fiesta Sant Antoni Abat (St Anthony the Abbot)
Cam "H"
07/27/2014, Fornells Minorca Balearic Islands Spain

Like the rest of the towns, villages and people of the Mediterranean, Fornells has its own festival or festivals and we just happen to be here right in the middle of this one celebrating the life and times of Sant Antoni Abat and also marking the anniversary of freedom from Islamic rule.
This festival takes place all over Menorca or Minorca (both names are accepted) and celebrates one of the few times that Islamists had surrendered and were granted free passage by ship to north Africa but ironically the ship was lost in a storm with no survivors.
Part of this festival is the blessing of the animals and to witness the Spanish horse men and women along with their magnificent horses is a sight to behold. There are live bands, street stalls and the whole village is going off. No we did not plan to be here at this time this is just pure luck to be in the right place at the right time.
Life is full of nice surprises on Annecam

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07/28/2014 | Beryl Hair
Your Uncle Max Rogers was here a while ago and was very interested to see the photo of the fish you caught. What a fish. Slightly bigger than th red fin you used to catch in Clear Lake. Am expecting Amanda to call soon to collect a lemon pudding that I made.
Mahon, Minorca
Cam "H"
07/25/2014, Fornells Minorca

We took the bus from Fornells into Mahon to finally get a local sim card for our wifi. All we could say is this whole Island is clean and friendly beyond belief.
The ride on the bus turned out to be a bit of a milk run with our route almost taking every left and right turn to pick up or drop off passengers at the resorts and villages along the way, it is only 27 kilometres by the most direct route but we took one and a half hours with all of the detours, at least we got to see the beautiful interior of this Island. There were farms with sheep, cows and very nice irrigated crops.
Once again the after lunch siesta caught us out with everything being shut but we still managed to purchase everything we set out to.
It was still very warm when we got back to Annecam so a nice refreshing swim was the order of the day followed by another meal of the lovely Albacore we caught on the passage from Sardinia to here. We have made seven good solid meals out of that one fish.
Life is always an adventure on Annecam.

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07/26/2014 | Annette Brown
Great Sail you had from Sardinia! We are envious! We "did" the Balearics 2 seasons ago so can recommend, based on personal experience, the Mahon Gin! bottle and great taste! Enjoy!
A beautiful bay
Cam "H"
07/23/2014, Fornells Minorca

We are slowly catching up with our boat jobs and there are always several after each passage. We have serviced a couple of the winches, changed the fuel filters and just chilled out catching up on the much needed sleep after the passage from Sardinia.
We have been into the village of Fornells twice and we can't get over how clean this place is and how friendly the locals are. The one thing we have to get used to is, that everything shuts just after lunch time for their siesta, we almost got ourselves kicked out of one of the supermarkets purchasing a few provisions for our stay.
There is one thing that jumps out at us is the sheer amount of young ones sailing in their dinghy's, I gave them a very quick head count and stopped at 64 all under sail, there were coaches in their ribs chasing and shouting instructions, there were the obvious ones who are here on a holiday and sailing their wind surfers or their laser's around dodging each other, it is one very busy place at this time of the year.
Life is always interesting on Annecam.

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The sail of dreams
Cam "H"
07/22/2014, Fornells Minorca

Yes the weather window for the next two days was the best we had witnessed for the last month for a good, safe passage from Sardinia to Minorca. Our passage plan was for a 44 hour journey but what was to unfold was just a little quicker than what we planned for.
The first 3 hours we trundled along at 5 to 6 knots and as forecast the wind picked up along with our boat speed we were doing over 9 knots for just over 5 hours and just to be different we were running with the wind and had a nice following sea. As the evening approached and well into the night the wind eased and our speed fell below 8 knots, at 2200 as forecast the wind picked up to around 30 knots, with a couple of gusts at well over 40, even with reduced sails we were running at around 11 knots with a new top speed of 14.2. The conditions eased after about 4 hours of very fast sailing but we still managed just over 103 nautical miles in the first 12 hours. We still did not manage to break the 200 nautical mile barrier in 24 hours.
All up we sailed the entire distance apart from the short motor out of the anchorage in Sardinia and the very short motor into what turned out to be a very exposed bay in Minorca.
With only one fishing line out we still managed to lose two more tuna and land one very nice albacore.
We are now anchored in the beautiful Fornells on Minorca.
Life is still on the move on Annecam

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07/22/2014 | Jane
Brilliant. Hope ours is as good! (Without the 14 + knots bit!)
South coast of Sardinia
Cam "H"
07/18/2014, Porto Zafferano Bay

We anchored in Mar di Pula Bay last night after a great sail in very light breeze, we had 6.8 to 7 knots of true wind and our speed over the ground was still 6.2 knots, we think that is pretty good for a cruising yacht.
Tonight we are anchored in Porto Zafferano Bay after motoring and motor sailing for 25 nautical miles to get here from last night's anchorage.
You have to see the water clarity here to believe just how clear it is, the photo is Annie having a swim of the back of Annecam just might give you an idea.
The weather window has arrived a little sooner than we expected, so tomorrow morning we set our course for Menorca. It will be a 225 nautical mile passage straight from point to point but I'm sure with a few tacks we can make it a little further.
Life is on the move again on Annecam.

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07/21/2014 | Kara
Great to finally hear from you and you made it to your next destination safely :) That water does look amazing!

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