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5 days on
Cam "H"
09/27/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

As I said in our last blog about having a good feeling about this place after just one day, it has been five days and we still feel the same. I know we are here in the quiet season but there is still plenty to see and do, at least there is almost no traffic to dodge but there still seems to be a few people about.
We have found a restaurant that is dominated by the English in amongst the local Spanish with a few Italian and Chinese ones, it's has a great atmosphere.
We had a small repair done on our hot water cylinder and as we were picking it up the owner Stewart invited us to come around to a jam session and listen to the band that he plays in and what's more we knew most of the music that they played and met some really nice people.
The marina is a lot calmer than our last one at Cartagena with almost no commercial traffic and not many fishing boats so there is no rocking or rolling at all.
Life is nice and quiet on Annecam.

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09/27/2014 | Mandarine
Sounds perfect.
09/27/2014 | Alison
and it looks like your temps are bit cooler, too..... as i see Annie wearing a sweatshirt jacket! We have another cloudy, coolish day up here around the corner and more rain in the forecast. glad you're happy there. Miss you!
Answering the questions
Cam "H"
09/23/2014, Almerimar Marina Spain

To Alison, Chuck and Zoey, the anchorage in front of the beach just south of the commercial harbours was nice and calm except at about 0330 to 0400 there was a number of local fishing trawlers heading out to sea that put up quite a collective wake that seemed to catch us right on the beam causing us to roll for a while, it was almost time for us to be moving so we had a cup of coffee and headed out to sea.
To Ding and Steph, yes we are sneaking up on Gibraltar and our plan is to head across the Atlantic just after Christmas. Thanks for keeping an eye on what we are up to.
To Fiona (Pivo) it is always hard to say goodbye to all of the fantastic people we have met and Cartagena was no exception. It will be definitely one of our great memories of our journey.
We have only had the one day here and we do have a great feeling about this place, we have met some very helpful people, discovered a great place for provisions and a stainless steel work shop along with a sail maker. We've even found a very nice golf course, we might have to find out if they have golf clubs for hire. This place has a lot to offer.
The photo is Alison waving goodbye in the Yacht Port Cartagena.
Life is very sweet on Annecam.

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Bumpy ride
Cam "H"
09/22/2014, Almerimar Marina

We waved goodbye to the wonderful people we met in Cartagena, the marina staff and our fellow cruisers who we spent so much time with sharing stories, tips and advice. So after filling Annecam with fuel we set our sails for a marina in Garrucha, we had such a good run going we had a little change of plans and sailed on to Carboneras and spent the night swinging on 'Greg' our Mantus anchor just south of the commercial harbour right in front of a very nice beach.
An early start saw us under way at 0600 with almost no wind at all we motored the first 25 miles to El Cabo a Fondo, as we approached this cape a nice wind started to build from the north giving us a very nice beam reach, we were doing well over 8 knots for the next 2 to 3 hours. Then as usual the wind shifted and strengthened to 25 knots (almost 50kph) right on our nose so for the next 5 hours we tacked our way to the Almerimar Marina where we are now tied up to the dock.
We still had an average of over 7 knots which is still not too shabby here in the Med.
Life is all good now we are tied up to a dock on Annecam.

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09/22/2014 | Alison, Chuck & Zoey
oh GOOD. safe and sound. doesn't sound like fun for the last 5 hours. so, was that anchorage at carboneras kinda rolly? or pretty good? we had thought about going IN to one of those commercial harbors, but never did. miss you!
09/22/2014 | Ding
You seem to be sneaking up on Gibraltar. Not long to go now and you will be in the Atlantic.
Is that the plan?
We watch your blog all the time.
Stay safe you guys.
Peter & Steph.
09/22/2014 | Fiona Beer
I'm glad to hear all went well but saying goodbye to Cartegena must have been hard. It must have been nice to get sailing again though!
The Roman Carthaginian Festival
Cam "H"
09/20/2014, Cartagena Spain

The Roman Carthaginian festival here in Cartagena started last night with a bang and will run for nine days Cartagena is a fascinating city to visit at any time of the year, but it is particularly interesting during the Romanos y Carthagineses Fiesta. This re-enactment of the battles between the Romans and the Carthaginians is well worth seeing. It is a piece of history that the locals here make sure that it will never be forgotten.
Time flies when you keep yourself busy and it has been one month since we sailed into this beautiful natural harbour, so the time has come for us to move on towards our next port of call. By the time that most of you get to read this blog we will be well under way, the weather forecast is looking good to sail in a south westerly direction for the next two days.
We are not sure of how good our wifi connection will be while we are out at sea only time will tell. So stay tuned to find out where we will end up.
Life is almost always full of surprises on Annecam.

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A real Cruisers port
Cam "H"
09/17/2014, Cartagena Spain

When Annie and I sailed into the Spanish port city of Cartagena we had no idea of what was on offer in this place.
We have found that this location like many before is a very friendly, very safe and very clean place to be. We have met some fantastic people here and English or lack of it is no problem at all. We do recommend to all of our fellow cruisers that this is a must see place.
Almost every day we see several large container ships along with the odd bulk carrier but it is the cruise ships that generate the most interest. There was one docked here two days ago called the Independence of the Seas, a beautiful ship that was built in 2008, she is 339 metres long and 39 metres wide, she boasts a gross tonnage of 154,407 tones and with almost 6,000 passengers all trying to go up the main street at the same time, it was a good day not to go into town.
The video clip will give you an idea of what it is like here in this part of Spain.
Life can be a little hectic on Annecam sometimes.

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Cam "H"
09/14/2014, Cartagena Spain

There are a few boats here in this marina with children on board and every chance that Annie and I get we like to meet the young parents of these children just to hear their story of where they come from and where they are going. We have found that the cruising community as a whole are pretty much a friendly open bunch of like-minded people. The German parents of the young child that I was pushing in the stroller (not kidnapping) are definitely no exception, they told us that they were crossing the Atlantic Ocean this year as well, we don't envy them with two young children on board.
The never ending list of boat jobs just seems to keep on going, as we finish one another will almost always pop up.
The more we explore the city of Cartagena the more we like the place, it has a really good feel about it, the locals are very friendly, the marina staff are more than helpful and the prices we are paying for provisions are good. There is a section of the city that is totally car free and the first thing we noticed was how neat and clean it was as we walked through, there is a very rich history here with ancient Roman buildings and a fort or castle on almost every hill and mountain that we can see from our marina.
Life is very easy on Annecam.

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