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Video 18 Out on the Town
Cam "H"
07/01/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

All good things come to those who wait
Here we are still sitting in the Rodney Bay Mariner in St Lucia, I have replaced the parts that we were waiting for they finally arrived about a week later than expected but none the less they are here and after a few modifications they are installed and are working just fine.
We now have to wait for the next weather window before we sail south towards Grenada and with the forecast of 35 knots with squalls for the next few days it won't be soon.
Fiona has had to go to plan 'B' and organise a flight from here to catch her flight back to Australia starting from Grenada tomorrow. Annie does not want to let her go.
So in the meantime we caught up with some of the cruisers we met in Gibraltar along with their friends for a night out on the town. The youtube video will give you an insight of how were and when we cruisers get to and from any of the restaurants where ever we are, it usually involves a ride in the dinghy and a lot of walking. A great evening was had by all.
Life is pretty awesome on Annecam.

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Party time
Cam "H"
06/30/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

We the crew on Annecam took the opportunity to watch the last game of the 20-20 cricket being played here in St Lucia this season. Even though we had a wait one and a half hours in the que to purchase our tickets to get into the stadium and we missed about the first six overs of the game. We all had a great time, enjoying the party like atmosphere that the locals create.
The youtube video is just a look at almost everything except the cricket due to the copy right restrictions.
The parts have finally arrived so now we will be sailing to Grenada on the next weather window and that definitely won't be today as the forecast is for 35 knot winds from a tropical wave that is moving through the area.
Life is all too easy on Annecam

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06/30/2015 | Izzy and Jeff
We had a fun time with you crazy Aussies at he cricket match! Thanks for the tutorial on the rules of the game for us Yanks.
Invitation to sail with us.
Cam "H"
06/28/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

We love meeting new people in exotic places. We the crew on Annecam live a very simple and very open life, we try to tell all, we don't hide where we are and where we are going, we try to tell it like it really is.
For the ones who are following our new Facebook page Sailing on Annecam you will notice that we are sending an open invitation to join us as a guest, to enjoy the lifestyle, to go swimming, fishing, ocean sailing, exploring the Islands or just relaxing on board with us. There might even be an opportunity to sail with us on an ocean crossing in the not too distant future.
We love what we are doing and would love to share the adventure with likeminded people.
All you have to do is go to our Facebook page Sailing on Annecam, hit the like and inbox us with dates and we will try our best to make it happen.
Just be aware that for the next five months we will be sheltering down in the southern end of the Caribbean for the Hurricane Season, so not much sailing will be done but come November we should be right to go back up through the chain of Islands to the British Virgin Islands before we cross the Caribbean Sea to the San Blas Islands then going through the Panama Canal.
Life is always exiting on Annecam.

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Under full sail.
Cam "H"
06/26/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Almost every yacht has a favourite point of sail. That point where everything seems to be working as good as it can. We have found that Annecam like most yachts and Catamarans love it when they are on a good beam reach, that point where the wind and the waves are almost square to the intended direction we wish to sail. Not long back we had a short passage from Les Saintes, Guadeloupe to Portsmouth, Dominica and with a nice 14 knot wind from the east, we turned that into a close reach as we were sitting on 9.5 knots making that same wind into about 20 knots apparent and turning it onto our forward quarter, this is Annecams happy place.
We were told by the previous owner that Annecam gets a bit nervous over 8 knots but we have had no trouble at all with the speeds achieved in the Mediterranean of 14.5 on passage from Sardinia to the Balearics and a recorded 11.5 knots while surfing down the waves on day two out from the Canary Islands, while on the Atlantic crossing and hitting the unbelievable 16.5 knots not recorded since then.
The photo was taken by our friends Sue and Malcolm from their yacht Kool Kat.
Life is very sweet on Annecam.

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06/26/2015 | Sue & Mal
It was a great sail that day except for those darn fish pots!
T20 Cricket
Cam "H"
06/25/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Hi to all, the crew of Annecam went to the 20-20 cricket again yesterday afternoon and this time it did not get washed out.
A great evening was had by all with the local team the St Lucia Zouks winning by 7 wickets. Boy these local people sure know how to have a great time and they love their cricket, so enjoy this short youtube video of the festivities that we were part of.
We are enjoying life on Annecam.

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Video 14 Martinique to St Lucia
Cam "H"
06/23/2015, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

This video was shot at the same time we had Susie, Isaac and Fiona staying with us. Great company, fine food and beautiful wine were the order of the day. Have a look and you will see what we are up to on Annecam.
The weather is nice and warm with an average daytime temperature of 33c and a water temperature of 27c, swimming is almost mandatory. There a few but not many mosquitoes that tend to attack our guest and they leave us alone.
The only real issue is finding a wifi café or hot spot that has the capacity to enable me to up-load the videos.
Life is sweet on Annecam.

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