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Plumbing on Annecam
Cam "H"
10/05/2015, Clarkes Courte Boatyard

You may wonder what sort of plumbing we have on a yacht; it is almost the same as you would find in most suburban homes. We have a water supply on Annecam that would be our fore and aft fresh water tanks, we have a hot water cylinder and the water can be heated either by running the diesel motor or by shore power via a heating element, much the same as a domestic hot water service found in your home. We have a constant pressure pump that supplies the fresh water from our tanks to not only the hot water service but to all of the outlets both hot and cold. We do have three showers on Annecam, one in the forward portside head (bathroom), the rear portside head and the cockpit shower for the rinse off after a swim. There is a vanity in each of the heads including the forward starboard head. We have two toilets one in the forward starboard head and the other in the rear portside head both toilets (heads) use seawater for flushing and a holding tank for the black water. We have a double sink in the galley. The real challenge with our plumbing is when we find a problem we have to be a contortionist just to get into the confined spaces where everything is hidden out of sight.
So far on Annecam we have had to remove, have it welded and preplace out hot water cylinder twice because of two different leaks, we carry a brand new spare cylinder just in case.
At times I wish that I was a very flexible 4 foot nothing to be able to fit into where our plumbing runs.
Life is still sweet on board Annecam

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Video #52 Hauling Annecam out
Cam "H"
10/01/2015, Clarkes Courte Boatyard

I mentioned in a recent blog about a video of Annecam being lifted out at the Clarkes Court Boatyard in Grenada, well here it is, youtube video #52 Hauling Annecam out . This is the first time that we have ever had the boatyard staff jump in to make sure that the slings were clear of all of the equipment underneath Annecam. Everything went very smoothly. Just to watch them scrape and clean all of the barnacles and growth of our hull, they are very thorough. We did have plenty of crabs living in amongst the growth as well.
Now comes the decision time of what paint to use and there are plenty of choices, stay tuned and all will be revealed in a future blog.
Even though we are not rocking in the water, life is still good on board Annecam.

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Video #51 Moving Annecam
Cam "H"
09/29/2015, Clarkes Courte Boatyard

Youtube video #51 Moving Annecam is a short look into what we do to retrieve our Mantus 65 anchor every time that we move from one anchorage to the next. We had been anchored in the same place for 42 days, the only drama we have is breaking our anchor out of the bottom each time that we retrieve it.
This part of the world is an absolute maze of reefs and to navigate our way through them we need plenty of sun light, the advantage of the reefs is that they break down the Atlantic Ocean swell to make the anchorages nice and calm.
We moved Annecam from Hartman Bay around to Woburn Bay to be closer to the Clarkes Court Boatyard to haul out. It was only a three and a half nautical mile passage so we just motored.
Life is never dull on board Annecam

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Video #50 Having Fun in the Sun
Cam "H"
09/27/2015, Clarkes Courte Boatyard

Yah! Team we finally got back and checked the inside of our Australian friend's catamaran Finally My Darling and all was 'A Okay". The boatyard where FMD is located sent one of their drivers around to pick us up, Brendon alias 'Zack'. We squeezed into the front of a small pickup truck (we Aussies call a Ute) What an entertaining ride we had with him, he sure does have a great sense of humour.
One thing we have found is living on Annecam in the boat yard is a lot warmer than it is in the water; we still have a lot of preparation work to do before we even think about painting the new antifoul on.
Video #50 Having fun in the sun, a short youtube video of the rain forest and some of the traffic we encountered on the way around to check Finally My Darling, we love the people, the rich greenery, the bright colours and the diverse terrain of the Island.
Life is a mix of work and play living on board Annecam.

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Annecam swinging in the air
Cam "H"
09/25/2015, Clarkes Court Boatyard

We were lifted out right on time with the most efficient yard staff we have ever come across; they even had two swimmers in the water diving under our hull making sure that they were clear of the sail drive, keel and all of the other bits and pieces that could be damaged by the slings. The workers here chipped, scraped and pressure washed all of the barnacles and growth from under our bottom.
We are now sitting up in a cradle, with boats all around us, it gave us a bit of a start this morning as we awoke and looked out at the other boats being so close, we then realised where we were.
We now wait for everything to dry out before the real work starts, sanding, more sanding, priming and painting new antifoul that will stand up to the harsh environment that we have here. The last antifoul we used in Malta last year does not work over here.
Keep a watch on this space; we might have a video coming soon of Annecam being lifted out.
Life is all good on board Annecam.

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Clearing the decks
Cam "H"
09/23/2015, Woburn Bay, Grenada

We have almost cleared the decks on Annecam, ready to be hauled out tomorrow morning in Clarkes Courte Boat Yard so we can clean and re-paint her bottom. I just went for a swim with a mask and snorkel and the amount of growth is incredible, it almost looks like we are a floating coral reef, there are crabs and fish living amongst the barnacles. They are way too sharp to touch with ones bare hands, it's much the same as grabbing razor blades.
We did organise a ride around to have a look a Col and Pam's catamaran but the yard staff could not find the key while we were there so after checking their cat from the outside and everything is looking good, we drove back to get Annecam ready to lift out. It was after we got back that the boat yard let us know that they had found the keys, we will try to get back there soon to check the inside for Col and Pam.
The travel lift in Clarkes Court Boat Yard is the largest one I have ever seen, it is a monster and rated for a safe working load of 242 tons, wow, awesome it should be able to lift Annecam barnacles and all.
Life is always exciting on board Annecam.

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