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Catching up with old friends
Cam "H"
03/27/2015, Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI’s

We have spent the last couple of days catching up with Patti and Kevin on their beautiful Lagoon 50, Matt Lau 111. Roast lamb with vegetables on their boat the first evening and lasagne on Annecam the second, it was great catching up as we have not seen them since Croatia in 2012. They are on their way north to the United States and we are on our way south to Trinidad for the hurricane season.
I did say in the last blog that Sarah was successful in finding a yacht for the return passage to the Mediterranean it is an Oyster 18 not an 80, still it is a very beautiful yacht.
We are anchored here in Great Harbour on Peter Island just relaxing and doing a few small boat jobs to keep Annecam in fine working order.
It is always good just to relax and chill out on Annecam.

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03/27/2015 | Ding
Hi guys, that's a very different angle for a photo of Anniecam. I bet you will be sad to see Sarah go. Cold here at the moment and raining. No chance of getting burnoffs done at the moment. See ya,
Dead Man’s Bay
Cam "H"
03/25/2015, Peter Island, BVI’s

We are still floating around the British Virgin Islands checking out some of the villages and locations that we come across and most of them have names that relate to the days of the pirates like Black Beard. It is hard to believe looking at all of the tropical beauty that this was once the place of so much blood shed.
I will take this opportunity to announce that Sarah our first mate has been successful in finding a yacht for the return passage back to the Mediterranean, it is not just a yacht it is a beautiful 'Oyster 80' flying a Swiss flag. We had dinner on board with the Captain Thomas, his wife Esther and daughter Tina along with their German visitors last night. We had the guided tour of the Oyster and I must say that this would have to be the Rolls Royce of the yachting world. Sarah will be jumping off Annecam and onto Satika in eight days.
Our plans for today are to sail back over to Road Town to purchase some more provisions then hop across to Cooper Island where we hope to meet up with Patti and Kevin on their beautiful catamaran Matt Lau 111.
Time flies when you're having fun on Annecam

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Cam "H"
03/21/2015, Little Wickhams Cay, Road Town, Tortola

It has been said many times over that the plans of a cruiser are written in the sand below the high tide mark and that plans can and most likely will change almost every day. We have applied for and have been granted an extension to our visa's to stay here in the British Virgin Islands up to the end of May, not that we intend staying quite that long. We will have one of my sons, Tom and his partner Pip join us for a couple of weeks in April and we can't wait to show them some of the sights we have found. So some time after they leave us we will start sailing south. Our first intended stop will be back in St Maartin to pick up our small outboard motor that is being repaired, then down to St Barthelemy, then either over to Barbuda or St Kitts and Nevis. After that we will head back to Antigua to pick up our genoa that has been repaired in the same sail loft that Admiral Nelson once used, then down to Montserrat (we now call Monster Rat) to show Annie the active volcano. Our plan from there is to stop at as many of the Islands that we can get to on the way down to Trinidad for the Hurricane season.
It is just a coincidence that the Australian cricket team will be there at the same time as we will be, contesting the Frank Worrall Cup.
We are looking at the east coast of the USA right up to New York and into the Great Lakes to then come back down the Mississippi, this trip would be over 7,000 nautical miles with our mast removed for most of it, this part is just a very rough plan for our journey on Annecam.
We will definitely see where the wind blows us to as we intend transiting the Panama canal in either 2016 or 2017 to then sail across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.
So watch this space as life on Annecam is always an adventure.

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Cam "H"
03/19/2015, Little Wickhams Cay, Road Town, Tortola

It wasn't a circumnavigation of the planet but just a circumnavigation of the Island of Tortola with a couple of stops on other Islands like Buck Island, Virgin Gorda and Guana Island here in the British Virgin Islands. We found some fantastic locations to drop anchor in and I'm sure that we will be visiting these places again over the next month or so.
This morning we got under way at 0700 and were anchored back in front of Road Town at 0900. It was close reaching all the way with many tacks, we can't wait to get our old genoa back that's being repaired just to speed Annecam up a little. The spare genoa is way too small and the shape of it won't allow us to go below 40 degrees true. It turned a 5 nautical mile passage into a 12 mile slog this morning and just to keep the boat moving we had to run the motor all the way.
The photo is of one of the many beautiful sunsets we have had over the last ten days.
We are about to go ashore to apply for extension visas to be able to see a lot more of this place.
Life is an adventure on Annecam.

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03/21/2015 | Tony Duck
Hi Campbell and Anne, BVI was one faboulus place when we spent 8 days cruising the islands in September 2013. Marina Key was a great spot and your description of Virgin Gorda and Cane Gardens has brought back heaps of pleasant memories. How long will you stay in BVI? Where ate you off to next and when??


Cam "H"
03/18/2015, Sopers Hole, Tortola BVI’s

We sailed away from Cane Garden Bay this morning to a nice spot right down on the Western end of Tortola called Sopers Hole. We are now swinging away on a mooring right up in the East end of the bay, it is an easy place to get to the dinghy dock to do a little exploring and to stretch the legs once again.
We purchased some provisions a couple of T-Shirts and Annie got hold of a fridge magnet which she manages to do in most of the places we visit. The prices we are paying for the few provisions makes us wish that we were still in the Mediterranean but that will be the subject of an entire blog in the future.
The weather is definitely getting better as we are now right into spring here and it should get better as time goes by.
Life is very easy on Annecam.

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Beautiful anchorage
Cam "H"
03/17/2015, White Bay on Guana Island, BVI's

We made the short move yesterday from Trellis Bay on Beef Island to this magnificent spot away from all of the noisy spring breakers with their loud music and the constant yelling by the one's that have little or no respect for others. This anchorage is an oasis, the water is clean and the schools of bait fish getting smashed by the much larger predator fish is always entertaining, I'm sure that the bait fish don't think so but that is life in the ocean.
The strong winds that we have had for the last few weeks seem to have calmed down and by the forecast we should be in for at least a week of very nice Caribbean weather.
Life is good on Annecam.

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