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Video 7 Deshaies Bay Guadeloupe Island
Cam "H"
05/21/2015, Terre de Haut on the Iles de Saintes, Guadeloupe

After only one night at anchor in Pointe Malendure Bay on the west coast of Guadeloupe we set off for the Iles de Saintes, a small group of Islands to the south of the large Island of Guadeloupe.
This will be our hop off place to sail to Dominica where the Australian Cricket team will be playing the West Indies starting on the 3rd of June. We plan on being there for this test match so pack your bags 'Pivo' that is only roughly two weeks away, for your information 'Pivo' is our close friend Fiona who has spent time with us on Annecam every year so far, she is a 'Whovian' and a cricket nut as well.
This youtube video No. 7 is just a small glimpse into what we are up to. This is very typical of our daily routine when we are anchored in the bays in this part of the world, except we do not eat expensive French food every day, not when we can catch our own very fresh fish.
Life is pretty amazing for us on Annecam.

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Further south on Annecam
Cam "H"
05/19/2015, Malendure Bay, Gaudeloupe Island

We sailed away from the best fishing spot we have found so far here in the Caribbean, in a very short space in time we managed two very nice Spanish mackerel a couple of trevally and some very pretty but small reef fish. If the trend continues the further south we sail then fish might just become our staple diet.
We are in the process of planning our passage from Guadeloupe to Dominica, we are not really stopping to smell the roses this time but we are finding some very nice anchorages that we will be using on our way back up next season.
We couldn't believe the wind direction we had for the short passage today, we are meant to be in the middle of the trade wind belt where the wind is always from the east, not today, we had light winds from the west for most of the trip. At least we had nice flat seas, Annie was very happy.
Life is very easy on Annecam.

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Antigua to Guadeloupe, video # 6
Cam "H"
05/18/2015, Deshaies Bay, Guadeloupe

We could not believe that we could find another Australian boat over here in the same bay with us but there are another four Aussie flags flying on the sterns of Dragon from Brisbane, Gone Walkabout and Kool Kat 1 with Malcolm and Sue, whom we met in St Maarten. We are not sure which Australian ports the last two boats are registered to but the big surprise for us is Blue Lagoon with Ilona and Peter registered to Portland Victoria. For those reading this that do not know Portland used to be one of the places that Annie and I spent a lot of time chasing tuna and snapper on the south west coast of Victoria, Australia.
Uploading this youtube video had been one big drama after another, after several attempts at various wifi cafes, we gave in and purchased a 24 hour access through one of the wifi hotspots here in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.
The further south we have sailed the better the fishing is getting but the downside is there are more fish with very sharp teeth, resulting in our supply of soft plastic stick baits and jig heads are disappearing at an alarming rate, to the point I might have to see if our next visitor from Australia could bring some more.
Life is very sweet on Annecam.

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Sailing south
Cam "H"
05/17/2015, Deshaies, Guadeloupe

The last couple of days have been fantastic for us on Annecam, we managed to hike up to Shirley Heights on Antigua to take in the sunset from up there, we met a lovely English lady by the name of Jennifer, who invited us up to the beautiful house that she is managing the renovations on for sundowners.
We said farewell to Antigua and hoisted the sails and set our course for Guadeloupe, one of the many French Islands over here in the Caribbean. The sail itself was what we would call champagne sailing, we only had to set the sails the once and never had to alter our course at all, we were on a very nice beam reach, slipping along at a nice 7 knots average over the whole passage.
Annie enjoyed this sail a whole lot more than our attempted passage from St Maarten to Antigua, the one where we changed our course to St Kitts because of the horrible conditions at the time.
We have cleared in across the border here in Guadeloupe. We have a nice fresh trevally for our lunch.
Our next job is to find a wifi café so that we can post this blog.
Life couldn't be better on Annecam.

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Wow and thank you
Cam "H"
05/15/2015, English Harbour, Antigua

We are overwhelmed and totally humbled by all of you, the amount of interest that has been shown on this blog worldwide is nothing short of amazing. We have been tracking the number of views on our blog and in the space of twelve months, yes exactly one year to the day we have had 35,100 people stop to have a look at what we are doing. Thank you all.
We use this blog to keep our respective families and friends informed of where we are and what we are up to, so to have so much interest from so many is nothing short of amazing.
Yesterday evening we took the hike up to Shirley Heights to watch the sunset, sorry Jane there was no steel band. We got some great footage for the next video but we do have very stiff legs today.
Tomorrow morning we pull our Mantus anchor 'Greg' and set our course for Guadeloupe with the help from PredictWind Offshore for the safest route. Once again we will be looking for a wifi café to upload another blog, in the meantime you can still see where we are just by scrolling to the bottom of this page and have a look at our YBTracker imbedded there, it gives an update every 12 hours.
Life is very humbling on Annecam, thank you again.

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05/16/2015 | Jane Jarratt
sorry you missed the band! Next time. We saw the famous Green flash from up there too! A glorious place. X
Awesome Antigua
Cam "H"
05/14/2015, English Harbour, Antigua

Annecam should be back to her best now we have our original genoa back up, we have been making do with a couple of small second hand jibs up to now. The repairs were done in the original Admiral Nelson's sail loft that is still in operation today here in Nelsons Dock Yard.
We did some exploring yesterday but didn't get up to Shirley Heights as we were given the wrong directions by a local and when we came back to the security post that he was manning he said that we should have gone the other way. We did meet a lovely English lady who invited us up to her place for sundowners this evening. We also met another Australian yacht that is sailing the same way as us.
The youtube video on this blog it our sail from St Maarten to Antigua, we did have a change of plans due to the conditions on the first night, we diverted to the beautiful Islands of St Kitts and Nevis before we sailed to where we are now.
Life is always good on Annecam.

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