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Atlantic crossing - Day 19
Annie 'H'
01/29/2015, Caribbean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,731 miles completed and with a short tack to starboard it's just over 200 miles to our final destination of St Maartin.
Yes we are just off the coast of Guadeloupe. You may ask why would we approach our destination from so far south. As most sailors would understand, sailing in the prevailing trade winds without down wind sails like a spinnaker or something similar, we are very limited to the safe angles we can run
so to keep Annecam moving in the general direction and to do it with a bit of speed is always a bonus.
Even though we are in the Caribbean after 19 days from Tenerife, we still have at least one more night and a bit of the next day left to finally get our feet back on the ground.
We can't wait to have our first rum punch and to get some sand between our toes.
life is just a little bit exciting on Annecam.

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01/29/2015 | Jax
Very exciting indeed!! Not long now :-)
01/29/2015 | Jane
we are so pleased that we are going to have a rum punch in anticipation!! Well, I am! Andy's tee-total at the moment!! Enjoy the arrival! No idea where Matilda is but I expect quite near you!
01/29/2015 | Peter.
Good on you Cam and crew. What a mighty trip to undertake. Not there yet, but so close you can smell it.
Well done all,
Peter & Steph.
Atlantic crossing - Day 18
Annie 'H'
01/28/2015, Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,554 miles complete with 380 to go
After a long night of squalls the new dawn was welcomed in by a beautiful pod of dolphin, it had been 16 days without a single sighting and we were greeted by this magnificent sight just as the sun was climbing into the morning sky.
Last night we seemed to be on the receiving end of one squall after another, some just dropped a heap of rain and others tried to blow the rig off Annecam. Just before dawn one very intense one had us surfing down the swell at well over 10 knots and in the dark it feels like the boat is flying.
We are now down to 2 keeping watch, it is a long story and given time I will reveal the reason.
Life is always full of surprises on Annecam.

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01/28/2015 | Margaret Dwyer
Hi there little brother, I am glad that you are getting closer to your destination. Looking forward to pics of the dolphin. You will need to have a holiday when you reach the island you are heading for - just to catch up on sleep by the sounds of it.
01/28/2015 | Linda
Not long now Campbell. It's always tricky having crew living in a confined space for weeks on end. Dolphins are a good luck sign and so lovely to watch . Hope you don't have too many squalls. We were in 12 hours of electrical storms last week coming back from Sydney. The worst we've experienced in the world but hey were all still around to tell the tales. Cheers guys
01/29/2015 | Beryl Hair
So glad you are close to your destination. You must be exhausted. The dolphins must be awsome. All is well here. Very quiet. Brad & Alana came last night and fixed a loose sheet on the roof of fernery. Please take care love from Mum xxxx
01/29/2015 | Alison & Chuckb
OHHHHHHHHHH the anticipation.... i am suddenly transported back 10 years when we were only a short distance from the Azores. the THRILL! The excitement about spotting the first piece of land! So happy for you!!!! pantpantpant.
Atlantic crossing - Day 17
Annie 'H'
01/27/2015, Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,401 miles complete with 516 to go,
We are slowly ticking the miles off as the trade winds fill back in.
Whales! Yes we have whales around us now, with 4 sightings of these magnificent animals jumping clear of the ocean as they broach. We love watching them as long as they keep their distance, we love our keel and rudder just where they are.
It's the little things that seem to test us the most, I will elaborate more on this subject when we have our own internet.
Life can be very interesting on Annecam.

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01/27/2015 | Alison & Chuck
HOOOOORAY!!! by now you're under 500. a hop, skip and a jump. sucks about the genny, but at least you had a spare! we will all be looking forward to hearing about those annoying "little things," when you land and get access to the internet. not much longer now!!!! we LOVE following you!!!
Atlantic crossing - Day 16
Annie 'H'
01/27/2015, Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,276 miles complete with 623 to go. You may ask how come if we add the miles completed with the miles to go the total distance is increasing every day? Simple answer is we never sail directly on our rum line. We sail as close as possible to the conditions that change every day.
Today we had our first major breakage with our Genoa delaminating under the UV strip, we are now flying our spare Genoa which is not as large, we have lost about 1 knot of boat speed.
With just over 600 miles to go and with the light winds we have it will still take several days to get there.
Life is always full of surprises on Annecam.

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01/27/2015 | Brendan Brown
Hi Cam, I hope that you aren't into the 'RUM' just yet? (rum line) Best wishes for the rest of your trip. It has been fantastic to track your trip.
01/27/2015 | Peter Bell
Bugger, just what you needed when you really need all the square meters you can get. You have done a bit of zig zagging lately but you have to sail to the wind
Stay safe my friend,
01/27/2015 | Ron & Sonja
Hello Annecam,thanks for the update not sure what a Genoa is (is it a sail?)I will google it later.It is great to keep track of you. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.
A big thank for letting Sarah put a message up on the blog.Keep safe
Atlantic crossing - Day 15
Annie 'H'
01/25/2015, Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,156 miles complete with 716 to go
We have sailed right into the middle of a high pressure system with zero wind, we have spent the last 30 odd hours trying to motor our way across the hole and so far we have not found any wind to help us on our way.
After several days with nothing to report on except the few flying fish landing on the deck, that all changed today with a nice Mahi Mahi of well over a metre in length took one of the surface lures. After a chase using Annecam as a game boat and a gaff that required some straightening after we managed to haul it into the cockpit.
Life is very peaceful out on the Atlantic Ocean on Annecam.

More from crew member Sarah:

Also thanks to my lovely Sister Rachel, you really brightened my day when I could imagine you being blown across the yard with your hay in the gale force winds you had not long ago, bless you, I'm sure the horses didn't mind waiting and weren't laughing inside.

So I've caught a fish, thrown dead flying fish and a dead squid back into the ocean that landed on the boat the night before, then last night while I was on watch, just as Cam had started the generator, I screeched out, I had just been clobbered on the back of the head and part of my cheek, I think I was right in the path of a very stunned flying fish, both me and it. How rude and my goodness I could not stop myself from laughing which also made Cam laugh too as it landed on his toe after hitting me.

You see, to you guys it's just a little thing that happened, but to us, like I said before, any excitement is great and that was pretty exciting. I hope you all are enjoying reading about our little adventure, I love hearing from you guys as it keeps us sane, (well maybe). Anyway I love my family and miss my special best friend Mark, who is the one responsible for putting me on this journey to success, thank you and I'm sure you're doing a great job in looking after Belle the dog, (Yoghurt) and hope you manage to find yourself a fantastic little property.

I love you all loads and will see you all sometime in the near future. Signed, St....r, Scarem and Sarahcol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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01/25/2015 | Peter.
Looks like you are in the doldrums. Brings back images of old square riggers being towed by a crew on the oars. I guess it will pass in time. Stay safe, Peter & Steph.
01/25/2015 | Shirl
I'm enjoying guessing how much longer you have to go, getting it fairly correct most times. Can you eat 'flying' fish? easy catching if you ask me. Wish the red fin would do the same over this way. Stay safe, keep enjoying.
01/25/2015 | Alison & Chuck
as i look at the north atlantic weather map, it appears it's even calmer a little north; a wee bit more wind at 15 degrees and a complete SHITSTORM at 40 degrees north. so, be thankful that your only problem is light winds! hope you still have a bunch more diesel.... the good news: only 700 miles to go...
01/26/2015 | Jost & Susan
Hi Campbell and unknown Crew of Annecam, still follow you since you left Croatia and see you and your Annecam is doing fine, i am just back from Serenity were I did some small Jobs to be prepared for our start in April, wish you all the best for the last few days
Greetings, Jost PS: Annette, i am sure you counting days too ;-)
Atlantic crossing - Day 14
Annie 'H'
01/24/2015, Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic crossing on Annecam
2,033 miles complete with 806 miles to go.
The closer we are getting to the Caribbean the lighter the wind is, we have a developing high pressure system right over the top of us.
We did manage to sail slowly over night but today we are just motor sailing towards our destination.
I have mentioned before that this location should be renamed flying fish alley, last night there was one hell of a noise in the cockpit as Sarah received a direct hit to the back of her head by one of the feisty creatures from the deep. You would have sworn that there was a murder in progress, all she could do for quite a while after was laugh.
There is never a dull moment on Annecam.

From Annecam crew member Sarah:
I never thought this dream would become a reality so soon for me. I have not only landed myself on a great boat, (Annecam) which might I add, always wants to take off with the slightest bit of wind, you can feel the excitement, it's like a race horse trying to get out of the starting gate, but also I have managed to find a fantastic Skipper/Owner too (Cam) who has not only made me feel very welcome on his beautiful yacht as a valued crew member, but also as a guest. Thank you Cam, you are really doing a great job of looking after your crew to get us, yourself and the boat to the Caribbean safely.
I have been invited to stay on the yacht for a while once we arrive to give me the chance to meet Annie, (the missing part of Annecam at the moment) and to sort out my future travel plans, whatever they may be. It can get quite lonely out here on the ocean at times so any excitement at all is good. I get all excited when I've heard my family have posted a message on the blog, thank you to my wonderful parents, Ron and Sonja (Kinses) who I know worry about their little girl out on the ocean.
Sorry to rub it in but it's already getting hotter than our British summertime but I hope you enjoyed the lovely snow in Wales.

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01/24/2015 | Linda
Hi there Campbell and crew on Annecam! I have been following your progress and it looks like you are getting a reasonable run. You are getting closer to where we picked up Lati in St John USVI and our departing island of Tortola, BVI. Enjoy the Caribbean as I'm sure you will especially when Annette gets there! If you go to Grenada you might like Hog Island - a nice community anchorage there. I will raise a glass when you arrive in St Maarten. Cheers Linda :)
01/24/2015 | Annie Hair
Hi Ron, Sonja and Rachel, am including more from Sarah tomorrow....received another 3 emails after I'd already posted today's blog. Cheers Annie
01/24/2015 | Ron & Sonja
Hello Annecam,
How lovely to hear about your adventures. It sounds as though Sarah is enjoying being part of your crew and I am so grateful that she is with lovely people.
It was funny to hear about the fish hitting Sarah on the head, you couldn`t make it up. Keep safe,take care and look after each other.
01/25/2015 | Simon Pickard
Great progress Cam & Co!

We ran into the same low winds as you guys did. Watch out for all the weed floating in the water from here on in and it really clogs the prop, rudder, etc.

If your crew wants some adventure, tie a line to a foot and get them cleaning it all off! ;)

Can't wait to bump into you guys again, we are heading North now towards you so keep an eye out for us!

Not long to go.. Those Rum Punches will taste like nectar!


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