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Video #43 Cruising around Mt Hartman Bay
Cam "H"
08/31/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

%v]All is quiet again here in Grenada after the windy few days we had as a result of tropical storm Erica and we are starting to get a little more rain again with the odd shower early in the mornings. We are catching a nice lot of fresh water for our tanks on Annecam.
This youtube video #43 Cruising around Mt Hartman Bay will give you a brief look at where we are.
Life is nice and quiet again on Annecam.

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08/31/2015 | Ding
Seems cats are pretty popular over there.
Bye for now,
Video #42 Carriacou to Grenada
Cam "H"
08/27/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

Tropical storm Erica is making her presence felt right across the Caribbean, she is sucking the wind in towards her centre even from this far away, we are about 300 nautical miles(550 kilometres) away. Yesterday we almost had no wind at all and this morning we have a solid 16 to 20 knots (36kph) blowing towards this tropical storm and straight into the bay that we are anchored in, we even have the odd wave and swell coming over the reef giving us a bit of the old rock and roll, our Mantus anchor is holding firm.
We are even missing the rain down here and looking at the weather radar up at the Leeward Islands they are getting heaps, the forecast says that they should get up to 200mm (8 inches) out of this storm.
The youtube video #42 Carriacou to Grenada was a capture of our passage over a month ago, it was a wet start and the conditions made for a bumpy wet ride. The undersea volcano Kickem Jenny was active at the time adding to the hazards we encountered on this trip.
Life is a little bit windy on Annecam.

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Video #41 Union Island
Cam "H"
08/25/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

This is a very social part of the world, if you want to, you can spend every day and every evening at one of the organised functions. We have yoga, bingo, chess, Mexican train dominos, poker, music evenings with some very talented musicians from the cruising community and Elliott from our buddy boat working as the 'DJ'. There is a weekly film night here in Secret Harbour, the weekly 'Hash', which for the uninitiated is a cross country run/walk that is a lot of fun and there is a lot more happening every week. This afternoon we have a fellow Australian cruiser, Lloyd giving a presentation of his passage up through pirate alley and the Red Sea.
The youtube video #41 Union Island is a short documentary of how Gary and I managed to clear through Customs and Immigration to leave St Vincent and the Grenadines. Joseph our driver was an off duty police officer, a very nice young man who took us from the only sealed road above Chatham Bay on the west side of Union Island across to the airport to Customs and Immigration and then to the best fresh fruit and vegetable seller that he knew of, and they were good. He then drove us back to our start point where the real fun began with us trying to keep our footing on the narrow steep trail that took us back to the bay where Annecam and Neptune II were anchored.
Life is always busy on Annecam.

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Video #40 Mayreau to Union Island on Annecam
Cam "H"
08/23/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

Great news for us down in Grenada is that Danny has been downgraded to a tropical storm and is slowly weakening as it progresses west towards the Leeward Islands, well above where we are. It is still packing winds of 45 knots and 50 to 100mm of rain.
It is situation normal for us as we slowly tick of the boat jobs and as per usual as we complete one job another seems to pop up. We did go out for a wonderful dinner last night with the crews off Neptune II and English Rose, it was an Indian curry night and a good one at that, we all had a great evening, dining and meeting other cruisers from all over the globe.
The youtube video #40 Mayreau to Union Island was not the most pleasant passage we have had, just as we were approaching Clifton Harbour we were greeted by a savage line of squalls that forced us to lift our anchor and move on to Chatham Bay. We enjoyed our time in Chatham, swimming on the largest starfish we have ever seen and fishing with Annie, she is leading 7 to 3 in our little fishing competition.
Life is nice and warm on Annecam.

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Video #39 The crew off Annecam go to Carnival in Grenada
Annie & Cam "H"
08/21/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

We have been watching Danny for several days, he started off as a tropical storm a few hundred miles south west of the Cape Verde Islands over on the African side of the Atlantic Ocean and started tracking towards us over here in the Caribbean. Yesterday he earned his stripes as a Category 1 hurricane, today he has intensified to a category 2 with sustained winds of 105mph for about 15 miles from the centre and storm force winds out to 75 miles. The good news is that he has stuck to the forecast track and should miss us altogether. We are keeping our guard up and watching for any changes plus there can be the occasional intense storm generated well outside the danger zone that may ruin ones day.
On a lighter note we are all having a great time here in Grenada, we are doing lots of walking and even went to the Bingo over in Prickly Bay with Venessa and Gary off Neptune II. Annie won $25 ecd that she had to dance on stage to win with another person named Frank who is also from Western Australia and I won a pair of size 3x pair of ladies knickers.....they're very comfortable!
The youtube video #39 The crew off Annecam go to Carnival in Grenada was shot on the last day of the Carnival in St George's, Venessa and Marina off our buddy boat Neptune II were participants. A great time was had by all.
Life is very peaceful on Annecam.

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Video #38 The crew off Annecam go to the 27th Dinghy Concert in Grenada
Cam "H"
08/19/2015, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

We had the opportunity to attend the 27th annual dinghy concert here in Grenada and we did, along with quite a number of other cruisers. What a day of fun and entertainment we all had. The youtube video should give you a taste of what we had. I even ended up with a dunking from two of the American cruisers, the water was nice and warm and we all had a good laugh afterwards.
At the moment we are keeping a watch on the Tropical Storm Danny that is moving in our direction and most of the forecast models have it making landfall next Monday or Tuesday just to the north of our position, as a Cat 2 Hurricane. This means that we will not get a direct hit but we should still feel the effects with the rough seas producing a surge and the wind turning 180 degrees on the back of the storm and lots of rain, only time will tell. We are looking at our options to minimise the risk to us and Annecam.
1. Stay where we are and ride it out.
2. Move Annecam to another bay where we can tie up to the Mangroves and run two anchors.
3. Put Annecam on a mooring until the danger has past.
4. Have Annecam hauled out and secured in the new boat yard at Clarkes Courte.
5. Sail down to Trinidad away from the path of the storm.
These are just some of the options we will be considering over the next few days. We will try to keep you all informed on here and our new facebook page; Sailing on Annecam.
Life is about to get very interesting on Annecam.

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