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First sail
Cam "H"
06/14/2012, Croatia

Yes it was our first sail on the yacht, we went out with the old owners for a short sail for almost 30nm, and we tried several different sail combo's including the 125 sq metre spinnaker for a lively down wind run. She handles like a dream tacks really well and even a couple of accidental jibes with the spinnaker up was no problem. We will be spending most of tomorrow putting new batons into the main, and going over the communication systems with the old owners. A great day was had by all and can't wait for tomorrow to arrive. It is Annie's birthday.

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06/14/2012 | 1S Superstars
Dear Mrs Hair,
We hope you have a very happy day. Happy birthday!
From 1S Superstars.
P.S. Do you like the new yacht?
06/15/2012 | Graham
Happy Birthday Annette.
06/15/2012 | Annette Hair
Thank you very 1S Superstars, I'm having a lovely birthday and we like the yacht very much. xxx
Thanks Graham!
06/15/2012 | Kylie
Happy Birthday Annette. I couldn't think of a better way to have spent it.
Cam "H"
06/13/2012, Sukosan, Croatia

This is the land of beautiful sunsets and every evening we are privileged by something special. It is our second last night in the apartment Fontana, the owner of the yacht and his son are down from Austria for the handover tomorrow, we will be sailing with them to test drive (learn the yachts systems) for the day and we move into the marina on Friday. There will be still a lot of red tape to wade through before we can take her out by ourselves, they tell me that the marina has wifi but it can be hit and miss so the blog updates may be a bit less frequent from now on.

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06/14/2012 | Graham
This place really sounds like paradise, I so wish I was there. What a life eat, drink, and be merry.
06/14/2012 | Campbell Hair
Yes you are right Graham, it is off the beaten track wich makes it a whole lot better.
A day in Zadar
06/12/2012, Croatia

This morning Cam & I jumped on the bus to Zadar to go and buy a bike each to make life easier to get around. We found what we were after at a big shop (like Kmart) called Interspar and then rode the 12 kms back to Sukosan via Bibinje and the marina. Holy smoke!!.....there are some muscles I wasn't aware I had that are now screaming at me in protest for waking them up from their long hibernation. I didn't find the ride too bad at all with only a couple of small hills to deal with but I'm feeling like an old cripple and I can now add a banged up knee to my aches and pains from falling over in the mud when we walked home from the restaurant tonight, nothing to do with the wine.....really!!

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Voyage of discovery
Cam "H"
06/11/2012, Sukosan, Croatia

Yes we are making new discoveries every day, we are now able to make either free or very cheap phone calls to some people back home, if they are signed up on the same web site it is totally free to their home phone and extremely cheap to their mobile phone and to call a mobile phone of someone that is outside of the web site the rates are still about half of what it would cost otherwise. So if you want to know more just leave me a comment on the bottom of this blog and I will send you the details and a link via email, we should have been using this back home.
Well Monday the 11th was a swim day for me anyway, you have to be here just to see how clear the water really is, even of the front beach here in Sukosan the visibility is at least 25 metres and there were fish everywhere. The bottom is quite interesting mostly stone with a bit of sand and what looks like rectangle stones from ancient buildings, dozens and dozens of them, enough to build a fair sized home. The photo is down at the beach.

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Day of rest
Cam "H"
06/10/2012, Sukosan, Croatia

After all it is Sunday, the Sabbath and the majority of the locals do have a whole day with their families and extended families attending church and sitting down to a shared meal or two, I know that I have mentioned it before how every day starts off with the village church bells ringing out at 6am, well Sunday is a crescendo of bells from up and down the coast line and across from the many island villages, you have to be here to appreciate the volume they pump out and the beautiful chorus like sound it produces.
Just for the ones back in Australia that are suffering through the cold windy winter it is a full on summer here in the Mediterranean every day now the temperature is up around 30c and night time temperature is around 15c with nice gentle breezes less than 15kph, so I think we will stay here for a while yet.

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Saying Goodbye
Annie "H"
06/09/2012, Sukosan, Croatia

Today we said goodbye to Gerd and Heike who went back to Germany, they were heaps of fun and hopefully we'll stay in touch. It's been quite warm today and we had a lovely evening at the Piazzetta Restaurant and then a slow walk home along the water front, it's still pretty warm at 11.30pm in short sleeves. Someone had a wedding reception in town tonight and a whole procession of cars drove through Sukosan with horns blaring and all the cars had big fancy bows (we put on presents) on the side mirrors and wave Croatian flags to indicate they're part of the, it was loud but really fun! The first time we saw this type of celebration was when we first got here and we thought Croatia had won a soccer match or something, especially when we read written on the side of the car 'GAME OVER' but no, just for the groom! These people love to have a good time.

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