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Beautiful day
Cam "H"
06/24/2012, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan Croatia

Another beautiful day in Croatia, it was for most of us, it was nice and warm 36c with a nice wind from the North 20 to 30 knots, each day is the same the wind picks up as the day moves through and as the sun sets the wind drops out completely, we are sitting on the fore deck watching the world go by as the sun sets, wondering what everyone is up to in Oz.

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06/25/2012 | Heike Höhne "hh"
hi "H", this is "hh" from germany :-) what a fantastic blog! The time in Croatia comes back, when we read your lines. And how true ... this wonderful sunsets. great that you can enjoy your vacation so intense! I look forward to your next entries. lots of hugs! heike "hh" & Gerd
06/25/2012 | Campbell Hair
Thanks "HH" it is good to see your comment on our blog, some days we think that no one is reading it, hope you and Gerd are well and I'm sure that we will meet again somewhere, stay in touch and lots of hugs from Annie & Cam “H”
Back in the water
Cam "H"
06/24/2012, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan Croatia

We are back in our marina berth, it not quite as warm back in the water as it was in the work yard and now we are a lot closer to the beach again. We are still waiting to receive a certificate of de-registration from Austria before we can register our yacht as an Australian ship, it all takes time and we are not allowed to take her out until all of the T's are crossed. Photo is our yacht in the travel lift heading back into the water.

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Another “day”
Cam "H"
06/22/2012, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan Croatia

Yes that's right the travel lifts were too busy to lift our yacht back into the water today so it will be tomorrow, so long as the wind drops a bit, it's blowing 20 - 30 knots at the moment and that would make the yacht a bit hard to handle at the docks. So today we went through some of the stowage on board, we still have a long way to go. The contractor replaced all of the zinc anodes and one of the sea cocks on the port aft head (a tap the gets rid of the waste from one of the toilets), just another item that the old owner organised.
After we tie up to our berth tomorrow we will be nice and close to the beach again, the water temperature is around 26c almost like a bath, clear and lots of fish, the only down side to swimming is you have to wear rubber swim shoes to protect your feet against the spinney sea urchins, the only ones that I've seen are in the deeper water.

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Fishermans festival
Annie "H"
06/21/2012, Sukosan, Croatia

Tonight we went and had a meal at Piazzetta Restaurant. The town square had a fabulous band with three guys playing a mixture of Croatian music and a bit of English, they were really good. The festival had something to do with sardines....not too sure how, will have to ask someone what the significance is but lots of villages attended. It's a really warm night and the boat was really hot inside when we got back, think it might be a bit hard to sleep tonight.
The boat's getting craned back into the water tomorrow....yay!! It's been around 34 degrees for the last couple of days and it's really hot propped up on the scaffolding....will be heaps cooler once we're back in the water.

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First day out of the water
Cam "H"
06/20/2012, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia

What a day, it started out as a run of the mill day for us until the contractor turned up to haul the yacht out of the water. He managed to cut his ankle in the process of driving the yacht across the marina to one of the many travel lifts, he was driving the yacht and I was applying first aid to stop the flow of blood while sorting the fenders and lines for the lift, the yacht made it fine and he went to the Zadar hospital to get five stiches in his ankle. The contractor will be here at 8am to start on the anti foul (the special paint to inhibit the growth of barnacles on the bottom of the boat). It seems a lot warmer in the yacht now we are parked on the hard (in the work yard) than it was on the water, we will be here for about three days if all goes to plan, if not it will be about five days and they will splash us again. In the mean time there is plenty to keep us occupied, like swimming, eating and sleeping. We are keeping an eye on you all back in Australia with the rain, cold, snow on the alps and earth quakes we are in no hurry to get back.

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Retail therapy
Cam "H"
06/20/2012, Marina Dalmatia Sukosan, Croatia

Annie, Ron (from Wonthaggi) and I spent most of the day in Zadar at a huge shopping centre called Supernova. Three stories of retail therapy for Annie, you could loose your self in this place for days, the photo does not do the size of this place justice. It was a real challenge carrying everything back to our yacht on the bus, but we managed. It is starting to get a bit warm over here 33c yesterday and a forecast 35c today and today we get hauled out for a clean and new antifoul, so we will be living on the hard for a few days. We still have some red tape to complete before we start sailing so maybe we can get some of it out of the way while on the hard.

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06/20/2012 | Margaret Dwyer
What is an anti foul and what do you mean on the hard?
06/20/2012 | Campbell Hair
Hi Sis, anti foul is a special paint that is aplied to all ocean going vessels to inhibit the grouth of barnicles and on the hard means that the yacht is haulled out of the water and is sitting on a craddle while the work is being done

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