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Saliing on the Dalmation Coast
12/15/2012, Croatia

This short clip demonstrates how well Annecam goes to wind, we were still making good speed at 30 deg

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8,490 Nautical Miles
Cam "H"
10/27/2012, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

We have finally arrived back in Horsham, Victoria, Australia. Only 8,490 nautical miles from the location of our beautiful yacht "Annecam", moored in the marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia. We have had a very busy couple of weeks, with the seven different flights and three different hire cars from Zadar to Melbourne via Zagreb, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Busselton and Port Hedland catching up with family, friends and grandchildren on the way. We got back to Horsham last Saturday and we managed to have the carpets removed and replaced, painted out two of the downstairs bedrooms and we are still in the process of unpacking all of our furniture, goods and chattels which we had in storage while we were away.
We have both said that after only a couple of days back in our home town it feels as if we have never been away, we are still trying to get used to the cooler tempretures, it was down to 3c here this morning and with a top of only 18c this afternoon it feels cold compared to the warm conditions we left behind in Croatia.
We are counting the days to when we catch a flight back to start sailing again, so watch this space and when we have something set in stone (or is that drawn in the sand) regarding the date of our departure we will let you know.
Photo is a Go Pro shot taken by our neighbour Jost from the top of his mast, Annecam is the first yacht above the space and if you look real close you can see Annie and me standing on the jetty.

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10/27/2012 | Margaret Dwyer
Yes I can see you! How are you both? Hope to see you next weekend.
11/12/2012 | Harold
Wow, Cam, I have just this stumbled across your journey, it looks fantastic, congratulations, well done and all the best.
11/15/2012 | Luka Ramić
Hey Anne & Cam. I wanted to say a short hello. Haven't heard you guys for a while. I miss you so much. Lots of love from Croatia to the "land down under" :)
11/21/2012 | Cam
It was a great weekend Marg.
Thanks Harold
Bok Luka, mi vam nedostajati previše, mi ćemo se vratiti na našoj jahti u nekoliko mjeseci, a ja ću vam reći kada znamo točan datum. Mi ćemo nadoknaditi tada.
Mnogo ljubavi iz zemlje dolje ispod.
Kamera "H"
Big ships
Cam "H"
10/18/2012, Port Hedland, Western Australia

This is ourt last day in Port Hedland and posibly our last time with our families in Western Australia for a couple of years, we will have to see how the wind blows and where we end up in the future. The weather here is very warm, averaging around 40c each day and the cyclone season is aproaching so the humidity is starting to climb.
I mentioned in the last blog entry how busy the port of Port Hedland is with the export of iron ore, today there were 11 ships inside the port loading and another 40 sitting at anchor waiting their turn to be filled with ore. The photo is one of the bulk iron ore carriers, the Navios Koyo at 292 metres long by 45 metres wide and with a 9 metre draught, compared to our yacht these things are huge.

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Pirate's of Croatia in Port Hedland
Cam "H"
10/12/2012, Port Hedland, Western Australia

We arrived in Port Hedland a couple of days ago, the temperature difference was quite a bit different, we left behind 7c in Busselton at 0600 and as we stepped off the plane in Port Hedland it was 41c, very dusty and windy here as well.
It's great to catch up with my eldest daughter Amanda, son inlaw Donny and our two grandsons Baxter and Phenix. We picked up our hire car from the Air Port, only 8 kilometres from their brand new five bedroom home that the company rents for them in South Hedland.
We have been for a couple of drives to see some of the sights, the iron ore bulk carriers are huge, as we flew in to the Air Port we could see dozens sitting at anchor waiting to come into the port to load.
The port itself is quite a busy place with trains and road trains forming a continious stream of traffic unloading iron ore to be loaded onto the ships, the roads are red from the constant dust and the water in the harbour is quite muddy from the ships and the dredging. There are plans to expand the port in the not to distant future, so I guess the water quality will only get worse until the works are complete.
The photo is our grandsons Phenix and Baxter with their Pirates of Croatia T-shirts on.

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Having a ball in South West WA
Cam "H"
10/08/2012, Busselton WA

We are still down in Busselton, catching up with family and friends in this part of Australia. The weather is a bit cooler than what we are used to, but it's not as hot as where we are going in a couple of days, we have a top temperature here in Busselton of 21c this afternoon and Port Hedland it's 39c today with a forecast of 40c for tomorow. The picture is my two Grandsons keeping cool in Port Hedland today.

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Busselton WA
Cam "H"
10/04/2012, Busselton

We are now with Annie's family, Bob, Ann and Pete in Busselton, Western Australia. The first day here we picked up Annie's son David from Bunbury and we all enjoyed a lovely dinner together and after being in and around Croatia for so long during the northern hemisphere summer it seems a bit cooler for us, we have a top temperature forcast for today of 19c. We have both recovered from the jet lag after the 26.5 hour flight plus transfers to get back from the Med and as I write this blog update, Annie is at the hair dressers getting pampered, so I have a bit of time to kill before I have to pick her up. The photo is the Busselton Jetty.

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