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4 Weeks and counting.
Cam "H"
03/02/2013, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

The pressure is building, we have so much to do and so little time to do it.
Our home is on the market, our trailer boat is also listed for sale and we are about to list our cars as well. We are still sorting through the items that we are putting into storage and the things that we don't need any more. There also seems to be an increasing number of farewell dinners and functions that friends are arrainging for us, so each day we are doing a little bit more so there won't be a last minute rush to have everything squared away before we leave Australia.
The difference in the temperature from high 20's & low 30's here in Australia to Croatia's 11's to 15's will be a bit of a shock to the system, but it will be on the rise in the Med and it will be fall in Oz.
This trip over to the Med will make it 4 summers in a row for us without one single winter.
We are counting the days until we catch up with all of the wonderful friends that we made last year in Croatia and Italy.
See you all soon

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03/06/2013 | Heike Höhne
hey there! your life is really more than exciting! how are you in this facinated times? well, i´m making something total unspectacular: i´ll be for a few days at Mallorca, a little island offshore of spain in the mediterranean. for this year it was enough cold and snow and so i thought, it was a good idea. i would be very happy if we could meet again this summer. i wish you good nevers! lots of hugs, heike
03/07/2013 | Cam "H"
Große hören fro Sie beautful Dame, ich habe Ihnen eine E-Mail, lassen Sie mich kow, wenn kippe öffnen.
Viele Umarmungen.

Aus den beiden von uns XXX
It's only six weeks to go.
Cam "H"
02/16/2013, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

We have had a busy time here on the job, lots of fires, lots of storms lighting them, not much rain so the fires keep burning. The whole State is looking for a spell. The attached video shows a few of the lightning strikes on Valentines day, one of the lightning trackers said that we had over 16,000 strikes in 24 hours.
We are counting the days till we get back on board Annecam, we are still sorting the items that we will be taking over with us, there is so much to do and the time to do it is running out fast.

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Seven weeks to go and we will be back on Annecam.
Cam "H"
02/08/2013, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

Our list of items that we will be taking with us from Australia is growing each week, we are trying to keep the weight down to a minimum and the cost of the transport down to the minimum.
Once we are back on board we have several items that we will have to install, to have Annecam ready for the ocean crossings, life raft, additional furler and sails, AIS transponder, new anchor and gas and smoke detectors, just to name a few jobs that are on our list.
The flight back over from Melbourne to Zadar is going to take 31.5 hours, that's a long time sitting in a plane, but it's a very quick crossing compared to sailing, when you weigh up the advantages and the disadvantages of each, sailing wins hands down every time. Sure the flying gets you there quickly but cruising on a yacht gives you the opportunity to stop and savor what each country has to offer, the people, the cultures, the cuisine and the spectacular scenery are just to name a few.
The cruising comunity we have met so far have been fantastic to say the least, just on our pier in the Marina Dalmatia we almost have the league of nations, there are people from Holland, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, France, England and Wonthaggi. All of them are friendly and helpful and a great bunch to get along with and always quick with the advise.
So we will see you local Sukosanians in a few weeks.

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First sail on Annecam
Cam "H"
12/28/2012, Croatia

This was the hand over sail with the old owners of Annecam, they ran us through all of the systems from the navigation systems to anchoring. We had a great time out on the water with Michael and Ernst, the weather was beautiful and there were a lot of other yachts out there with us.
To anybody thinking about getting into sailing, I recommend this part of the world and I do recommend the Blue Nautic yacht Brokerage, they really looked after us

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12/31/2012 | Jane
Enjoyed your posts. We're about to pick up a cat in Athens and will be in Croatia this summer. It looks beautiful. Will keep an eye out for you!
01/03/2013 | Cam "H"
Hi Jane, I sent you an email
01/06/2013 | Ding
Hi you guys,
We have just returned from a short trip in our land yacht.
What a beautiful video, you are good doco makers.
We will catch up soon,
See ya,
Peter & Steph.
01/07/2013 | Cam "H"
Hi Peter & Steph,
I bet your land yacht goes better to the wind than our Bav, it's always good to hear from you.
We will catch up soon.
Cheers Cam "H"
Crossing the Adriatic
Cam "H"
12/26/2012, Croatia & Italy

We crossed the Adriatic from Croatia to Italy, clearing out from the port of Sali on Dugi Otok, we pulled the anchor at 0430 and arrived in the port of Ancona at 1600.
It was an easy passage, by 1200 the brease dropped out so we had to use our cast iron top sail for the rest of the passage
We were tied up in the Marina Dorica before the sunset.
We cleared in through passport comtrol first thing the next morning, this is a nice safe marina to be in.

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Annecam in the Marina Dalmatia
Cam "H"
12/25/2012, Sukosan Croatia

This is the marina where Annecam is, it is a very secure place to leave our yacht over winter.
The summer evenings are warm and each sunset is something you have to see for yourself.
We have just over 90 days and we will be back on Annecam

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