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Wonderful Friends
Cam "H"
05/01/2013, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan Croatia

Our time in Split was brief but wow this city is definately worth a second visit. As soon as we got off the bus from Sukosan we took a taxi to the solar shop about 5 kilometers from the bus station, payed for the panels and wind generator and with a bit of luck they will be delivered to us in a couple of weeks.
We then caught up with a couple Steve and Angela from New Zealand who contacted us through this blog over 12 months ago, Steve was from Adelaide South Australia and Angela was born in Fiji, they are here looking at yachts for sale. We had lunch with them and then took a quick tour of the Diocletian Palace which was built in around the year 298 after Christ when the Roman Emperor Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus decided to start the construction in the bay of Split on the Dalmatian coast nearby his birth place Salona and wow you have to see this place to believe it, the stone work is amazing to say the least.
Yesterday we were having a nice relaxing day catching up on a few boat jobs and I gave Steve a call to see how the yacht search was going and couldn't believe that they were just across the marina looking at a yacht that our broker Michael has listed for sale, they came over for a visit and stayed the night with us on Annecam. We took Steve and Angela to the Piazzetta and were joined by Jost and Susan our old neighbours from pier 32, we had a wonderful night.

Today was another busy day, Ron, Louise, Caterina, Annie and I were invited to our friend Marijana's house in Zemunik where we had a terrific day. We had a beautiful lunch and the company of Marijana, her Mum and Dad and her lovely girls Lana and Nikolina. Thank you so much to the whole family for making us feel so welcome, it was fantastic!!

We've just come back from having a look at the boat that Steve and Angela are intending to buy and seeing them off on the bus back to Split, they'll be back here in about 10 days. We only met them on Monday but feel as though we've know them for years, they're a great couple and we look forward to spending more time with them.

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Sailors and Tourists
Cam "H"
04/28/2013, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia

We have had a remarkable time over here so far, there seems to us a different kind of acceptance by the locals and they treat us like one of their neighbours. The local people take the time to communicate with us and even though there is a huge language barrier with the older generation, we still manage to communicate with them and sometimes that might involve a lot of pointing and gesturing to get what we want. We haven't had to revert to making animal noises in the butcher shop like one of our fellow cruisers was rumoured to have done in the past, it all seems to work for us. There is an old saying that goes "A tourist will always remain and outsider throughout their visit to a new country; but a sailor and the crew are made part of the local scene from the moment they arrive".
The weather has taken a turn back towards winter with a solid Yugo wind blowing at around 30 knots for quite some time bringing a bit of rain with it and dropping the air temperature down to 17c. At least with a Yugo wind it is a slow build up so there is no surprise when it arrives, if we were out sailing there would be plenty of time to seek shelter in one of the many bays and safe anchorages along the Adriatic coast.
Today is the day that our old neighbours Jost and Susan Knop arrive back in the marina, just in time to celebrate my birthday. Jost is the one that took the arial photos of Annecam from the top of his own mast while he was changing his anchor light.
We are taking the bus down to Split tomorrow to pay for our new solar panels and the wind generator, the trip will take about six hours to get there and back and we will take the camera with us so keep an eye on the attached photo album.
Life is good in the marina on Annecam.

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04/28/2013 | Margaret Dwyer
Happy Birthday little brother. Go easy on the birthday cake!
04/28/2013 | Peter
Happy birthday Cam. Your right, when we were sailing the cat up the east coast of Tassie, we stopped at Triabunna. The harbour master invited us all up to his place for a shower and a meal. Maybe sailors are just good people. See ya.
04/29/2013 | Beryl Hair
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Campbell, Happy Birthday to you! Love and best Wishes from Dad & Mum XXXX
04/29/2013 | Graham
Happy Birthday Campbell
04/29/2013 | Cam "H"
Thank you all for the birthday wishes, we had a big day down in Split Croatia sorting out the solar panels and the wind generator. It is always great to hear from you.
Cheers from Cam "H"
Fun in the sun
Cam "H"
04/26/2013, Marina Dalmatia Sukosan, Croatia

Today found us back in Zadar again, I am still chasing the final quotes on a couple of solar systems, there is one from here in Croatia that is looking really good at the moment, we will see what the last couple come in like before we make a firm descission.
We love shopping in Zadar, the customer service is great and I can recommend the Marine Pool shop in the Galleria shopping complex to all who are in the market for new sailing clothes.
Shopping for provisions is getting easier each time we go to the markets, compared to the first time that we tried to work out what was what, we seem to know where everything is now, some of the labels elude us a bit but we are much better at it now.
Anzac day was yesterday for all of us Aussies and New Zealenders, it is the day we call remberence day for all of the service men and woman who have gone before us. We would have loved to be over in Anzac Cove in Turkey for the dawn service. We had a little get together of our own with our Australian neighbours Ron, Louise and Caterina from Wonthaggi.

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04/26/2013 | Kara
We're so glad to hear all is well over there. I hope your solar panels come in soon hassle free. Oh! & a big congrats to Cat on such a wonderful achievement with her French exam! Well done :) I'd love to see the clothes you've bought Mum. Say hi to everyone from Pete & I...we feel like we know them already :P xx
Catching up
Cam "H"
04/24/2013, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia

We had another great day here in Croatia. We caught the bus into Zadar this morning and purchased some more equipment for Annecam, even the taxi ride back to the marina was a good one with the driver giving us a run down on the history of the area. After lunch we payed Anna and her husband Petar at Camp Seca a visit. Anna is the Australian woman we met last week here in Sukosan and we spent a lovely couple of hours with them drinking coffee and sampling a freshly backed cake that Anna had just made and talking about the similarities and differences between Croatia and Australia, then we caught up with and spent some time with Gertraud and Marijana our good friends at the Piazzetta Restaurant.
The weather was surperb today, clear, warm and with just a light breeze from the south west. The attached photo is Marajana at the Piazzetta Restaurant.
Life is good in Sukosan.

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3 weeks to go
Cam "H"
04/22/2013, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia

We have another three weeks to go here in the Marina Dalmatia and it will be a sad day when we leave, the marina staff have all been very helpful and are always there to catch your mooring lines. Even though we are over on the other side where there is a lot of work going on, cleaning and maintaining the many boats that are being constantly hauled out, we hardly hear any noise once we are below tucked up in our cabin.
The quote for our solar panel and wind generator frame came today, it was good to see it come in way below what we budgeted on. The down side is it will most likely be ready to install after we leave this marina but the stainless steel fabricator said "Nema Problema" (no problem) he can install it anywhere.
The beautiful warm calm weather has left us today, we have a constant "Bora" wind, blowing down from the Alps keeping the temperature down to a top of 17c today, but the rest of the week should see an improvement in the conditions.
The attached video is another view of Annecam in the Marina Dalmatia.

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04/22/2013 | Beryl Hair
Glad to hear alls going well over there. Laurie had a good night and is getting ready to go to oncology. Package from Deals Direct arrived yesterday for Beryl Morrison Hair. Will wait for further instructions from you. Sun shining this morning after I measured another 30 pts rain Love to you both. from Mum & Dad XX
The list is getting shorter
Annie "H"
04/20/2013, Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia

Yesterday we had the Volvo Penta service mechanic on board and he went through our motor from one end to the other, we have new filters, oil, diesel, air and water, new pump impellars, new belt and everything checked out ok. While all this was happening, I spent most of the day in Zadar picking up a few neccesary bits and pieces for when we leave the marina (especially the cute dress and three t shirts) and head off.
Our new Mantus anchor arrived after a lengthy delay in Zagreb, we will tell you more about this great looking piece of ground tackle when we pull out of this marina.
Today we spent most of the day cleaning and polishing Annecam, she looks nice and shiney and fresh. I took this photo of Cam the other day outside Camp Seka which turned out to be the holiday camp that Anna a lady we met later that day owned, who was originally from Melbourne.

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04/21/2013 | Mandarine
Great pic of you Dad , must be the photographer !
04/21/2013 | Jane
Thanks for message. What are your plans for the season? Are you staying in Croatia? We will be there in July for a month catching up with friends.

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