Anthem Adrift

22 August 2016 | Tawau
10 August 2016 | Pulau Bohaydulang
08 August 2016 | Tungku Bay
06 August 2016 | Dewhurst Bay
04 August 2016 | Kinabatangan River
20 July 2016 | Pulau Mantananai
18 July 2016 | En Route Teluk Kaduka
05 July 2016 | Pulau Tiga
04 July 2016 | En Route Pulau Tiga
28 June 2016 | En Route to Sabah
24 June 2016 | Serasa, Brunei
22 June 2016 | En Route Jerudong
15 June 2016 | En Route Miri
14 June 2016 | En Route Miri
08 June 2016 | Pulau Bawah
07 June 2016 | En Route Bawah
05 June 2016 | En Route Djemadja
30 May 2016 | Terampah
29 May 2016 | En Route Terampah
27 May 2016 | Approaching Anambas

Lie in Wait

11 September 2011 | Suva
Royal Suva Yacht Club

12 September 2011

Suva looks like a boat surrounded by other boats. The $200 weekend clear-in overtime fee may have contributed to that observation. We're twelve days afloat and land beckons. Not all our clothes are salt soaked, some are saturated from condensation in lockers. Ameliorative shoreside efforts are anticipated. Meantime, Quarantine scheduled for 1000 or possibly 1400 (or today?) to extend pratique and direct further official activity has missed initial opportunity.

After windlass ran away Friday night upon arrival (this is a figurative term as it actually remained in accustomed place atop chain locker) enforced incarceration was joyfully spent rebuilding nearly inaccessible solenoid. Process was enlivened by initially incorrect rewiring. Confinement also used to diminish tornadic aspect of cabin to mere untidiness. Lovely semi-dry salt- encrustedness has returned to cockpit and cushions. Further enterprise to replace broken dinghy brace, re-incentivize masthead anchor light and re-energize negligent solar panels are, perforce, being contemplated.

Monday has dawned clear and dry. Crew anxious to see Royal Suva Yacht Club's laundry facilities and partake of restaurant prepared victuals. That second thing for sure. As unable to begin extensive project due potential boat relocation, we wait expectantly, recumbently, somnolently.

Vessel Name: Anthem
Vessel Make/Model: 1997 Hylas 46 - MMSI xxxxxx750
Hailing Port: Weeki Wachee, FL
Crew: Jack Warren, Janice Holmes
Jack: Formerly productive member of the community as a Northwest Airlines Captain who retired to become a drain on, and embarrassment to, polite society. [...]
While I will be delighted if anyone else enjoys these excursions into semi-intelligible foolishness, the primary purpose is personal amusement. This is not travelogue, cruising guide or philosophical exploration of anything in particular, merely random musing of a slightly twisted mind. Despite [...]
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S/V Anthem

Who: Jack Warren, Janice Holmes
Port: Weeki Wachee, FL
See profile for information on why this mess is being foisted upon an innocent world and, despite what is probably your better judgement, how to make contact.
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