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Anthem Adrift
Filling In and Filling Up
09/17/2010, Enroute to Niuatoputapu

Show at Aggie Grey's

September 16

Got away at 0600 with no wind. Didn't fill in until 8 NM south of Upolu after motoring for six hours, then has been 17 to 20 on the beam. Anthem is romping along at better than 7 knots in 3 meter beam sea. With continued conditions, could arrive in Niuatoputapu much earlier than anticipated tomorrow, before noon. Wind vane is steering the boat like it's on rails, albeit somewhat lumpy ones.

Show and buffet dinner last night were at Aggie Grey's Hotel, an institution in Apia for 60 or 70 years and now run by Aggie's granddaughter. Traditional dancing and music were performed by volunteers from the staff who were excellent as was the food and cheaper than Tisa's on Tutuilla. Beach Boys could have written one of the songs, but would have needed help with Samoan lyrics. Got some video, but sound didn't seem to record. Too bad as it was terrific. Typically, for all-you-can-eat, ate all I could before waddling home late.

Expect to spend only two nights at New Potatoes, maybe one. It's suppose to be beautiful, but otherwise not much there. The 1300, Taters (are the kids tater tots?) are Tongan and live on the north end of the 13 square kilometer island. Between Samoa and Vava'u, the place is somewhat isolated except for now when a deluge of boats seems to be invading. Hope the natives are friendly.


Soggy Flock Flies South
09/16/2010, Apia, Samoa

September 15

Although Apia is at 171 degrees 46 minutes west, the international date line takes a jog east, so it's cheek by jowl with tomorrow. This is of no moment, except that proceeding to Neiafu, Tonga from here makes one 24 hours older (not 23 as one would expect) and, more importantly, causes loss of a travel day for desired arrival next Tuesday. Hadn't previously focused on that, so expect to leave for halfway point, Niuatoputapu, tomorrow, Thursday, which is actually Friday even though at 173 degrees 47 minutes west it should be Thursday, but it's not. Does that clear it up for you? Well then, how about this - time of day is the same as Samoa, so no time zone is crossed. There's a bureaucrat involved here somewhere.

Looks like a mass exodus tomorrow for Tonga as at least five boats decided today to join the parade. Departing crows will have about 171 NM. Waterborne transport may go a touch farther as Niuatoputapu is t'other side of Upolu. Wind is forecast at 12 to 18 with 10 foot, 11 second sea. Looking for a good sail (this assumes one can trust a weatherman a day ahead).

As O dark thirty departure is necessary to assure reasonable ETA in New Potatoes, will relate details of tonight's show and buffet at Aggie Grey's in some future blatherage.

By the way, with additional sampling data, have reconfirmed that rain never stops, ever.


Fun Facts Facetiously Foisted
09/15/2010, Apia, Samoa

September 14

Samoa (formerly 'Western', which commandeered the generic name just as did America) is apparently a very conservative place, highly resistant to change, practicing (outside of Apia) Fa'a Samoa, a pure pre-industrial socialism. Due to absence of individual ownership a local might walk off with your property as a matter of normal practice. Although the people are very peaceful and exceedingly friendly, this can create some conflict with more European sensibilities where working for everyone else (or not, depending upon personal penchant), while expecting them to give you everything you want hasn't quite caught on yet among a dwindling majority. This is, of course, a fun game for some only if everyone is forced to play whether they want to or not. Nobody gets ahead here.

Other tidbits that piqued interest, gleaned from various sources, including Moon Handbook: "Samoa" is Samoan for sacred chicken. This is the center of the South Pacific Bible Belt. The country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. If a visitor is thought to be intruding he might get stoned by village children. This is usually avoided by smiling, so ostensibly, acting friendly is not optional. Cranky visitors take note. "Eco" is promoted heavily, including eco-helicopter rides and eco-prices for gullible eco-tourists. Much of the coral around Apia has been killed by fishing with dynamite. Each village has a high chief who is too grand to speak, so also has a talking chief. Families live in Fale (fah-LAY) that have no walls - a touch less private than Haight/Ashbury in the 60s. With admittedly limited sampling data, have concluded that rain never stops, ever.

In more personal news, red/green navigation light discontinued operation on sail from Pago Pago. Will attempt cajoling a return to service if rain ever ceases, otherwise will go 'stealth' to Tonga. Anchor and chain have been dropped onto dock from bow locker (vented into V-berth) for eradicating tuna enhanced bouquet and munge acquired in Pago Harbor. Helped Evi on Wonderland replace cracked fuel hose that had caused a diesel sheen over much of the marina. Officials threatened $5000 fine, but when told "no", just said not to do it again. That should also turn the trick for next speeding ticket.

"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff." - Frank Zappa


Fixed, Fed and Fagged
09/14/2010, Apia, Samoa

September 13

A good downwind run over to Apia was culminated with light winds provoking shaking out double reef just before getting blasted with 25. There's probably an immutable law of nature in there somewhere, a corollary to Murphy, perhaps. The puff was hiding in rain that continued all day without additional wind or much cooling.

All yachts are required into shiny new, inexpensive, floating dock marina where officials come to you for all formalities. This is good. Unfortunately, after arriving at 0900, remained under house arrest with breakfast unattainable just across the street until last guy came at 1400. Once freed up, fed and ATMed, headed for hospital to have crown reinstalled a scintilla out of position for only 20 tala, about $8.50.

Circumstance of islands, other boats and such in close proximity allowed only minimal Zs overnight, but invitation to expected, then realized excellent and free home-cooked meal on Jackster prompted dragging semi-somnambulant carcass out of bed where reading had degenerated to napping. No further interruption is expected toward phase four unconsciousness to begin mere moments from now.


Lowerarchy of Needs
09/13/2010, En Route Apia, Samoa

Tuna Boat in Pago Harbor

September 12

Wasn't kidding about atrocious eating habits. Lard intensive Samoan diet was turning blood into sludge. Last few days have felt logy and inert with low grade headache, so took to eating cereal, fruit, nuts and berries. Seems to have worked, as am again frisky as a pup.

Took notice that cannery was not befouling atmosphere in the anchorage today. Although some might suggest that being closed on Sunday is the explanation, am pretty sure its a scurrilous trick to entice the unwary to stay. Have not been fooled. Did not come down with the last rain, you know. Currently rocking and rolling rather slowly toward Apia, Samoa.

As was yesterday implied possible, priorities were set, tools were employed, work was accomplished. In no particular order of importance, cleaned head/shower, greased cranky door latch, replaced blown water system accumulator (based on name, an incorrect assumption could be made for this even-handed device) and mounted new fire extinguisher in V-berth hanging locker. Low expectations were exceeded. Self-actualization was reached.


Crowning Achievements
09/12/2010, Pago Pago, American Samoa


September 11

Unsure what happened with awaited shipment, but all items were available for pickup this morning at 0900. Huh! Pretty soon, Post Office will be able to deliver mail and packages all over the U.S. as well.

Since business in Pago Pago was finished, might have struck toward Samoa this afternoon but for wayward crown dislodged by floss last evening. Sole practitioners in American Samoa are on call at the one hospital. After paying $10 to register as a patient (I have a card), spent all afternoon turning brain into mush watching Disney channel (gaps in laugh track might have provided clues to intelligent snippets had there been any) to eventually be informed that dentists only respond for emergencies. At 1705 caught late, last bus back to harbor's heady aroma with admonishment not to swallow or inhale the piece until arriving (or presumably somewhat thereafter) in Apia, which is reportedly knee deep in dentistry.

Fifteen hour sail to next destination requires weighing anchor late afternoon to arrive daylight Monday, so conscientious duty before then would involve utilizing newly arrived pieces for appropriate mends. Really diligent crew would also perform many previously bagged tasks. Although no such individuals are currently available, a smattering of such activity is not entirely out of the question with such as are.


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