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Anthem Adrift
Cheap AND Lazy
01/24/2009, Chub Cay Marina

January 24

Commercial SSB (single side band (or HF, high frequency) radio) email service utilized on previous trips is available, but am currently abusing HAM email network due ingrained frugality and efficiency (see Title). It's free, Airmail software tunes the proper frequency and there are more available stations. But that's not all friends and neighbors! Just discovered that (this is the best part) it automatically turns the SSB on and off. Is that cool or what!? Best service has been through Montreal.
Hope you Francophobes (Rod & Eveline may skip this part) are properly chastised.

Explorer Chart indicates $1.35/foot Chub Cay dockage, $25 (deductible from overnight cost) just to stop for Customs. Figured $26.30 net to stay, right? New rate is $2.80/foot, 40' minimum. Holy Mother Goose! There goes bar money... nahhhh! Maybe I'll cut back on food. Speaking of which, restaurant has Banana fried cheese cake with vanilla bean ice cream if one wishes to commit coronary suicide to avoid outrageous bill. Ninety six slip marina (beautiful floating piers) nearly empty. Perhaps
jacking fees even higher will attract more business. Pretty sure this concept was part of the MBA.

Shortish hop to West Bay, New Providence (Nassau's island) tomorrow.


The World in Balance
01/23/2009, Chub Cay Anchorage

January 23

Motor sailed until Northwest Channel Lt. then shut down obnoxious bilge thing last 2 1/2 hours to arrive Chub Cay in the dark.

Pleased to report that several minor problems have occurred. Despite your prejudice (don't try to deny it) against these little speed bumps on the path to perfection, this is a good thing. You Calvinists out there (no need to identify yourselves) should understand. If nothing goes wrong, one builds up an error potential. As with lightning, eventually the differential becomes so great that an explosion occurs to restore balance. This is a bad thing. Incidentally, those fuzzy mast-top dissipaters splatter molten metal all over your deck when struck. Non-sailors may ignore that last bit.

Sleep-in tomorrow to prepare for grueling cashectomy (expect future expoundation (not a real word)) at Customs. Early to bed, late to rise, way good, that's wise.


Half a Loaf
01/22/2009, South Riding Rock

January 22

Flogged reluctant carcass out of soft, warm cocoon at 0530 to hear NOAA weather enticement to climb back in. Frigid temps (already had a clue) - 15 kt. North wind - seas 5 to 7, "higher in the Gulf Stream". Forecast Friday for directly on the bow and strengthening again next few days - Dang! Thought to take a look.

Beam reached with double reef in 15 to 22 kts. (weather weasels are always wrong and always in the wrong direction. I don't know why) across the reef and into Florida Straits. Set scull and cross-bones icon on chart plotter at reported west wall of Stream. Got there and... (as Jimmy Buffet said on an unrelated issue).. "That's when I saw the bear. He was a Kodiak lookin' feller about 19 feet tall". OK, not quite. Decent ride with heading adjusted windward to take waves just forward the beam,
little cross-sea. Carried on thusly in 1/2 to 1 1/2 Gs until early afternoon when introduced to Friday forecast. East wind 5 - 8. At least the sea lay down. Motor-sailed to S Riding Rock by dusk.

In spirit of our new "green" administration have decided to eschew the boat holding tank and deal only in organic, free-range effluent. I yearn to be a good citizen.


It's Like Real Sailing
01/21/2009, Rodriguez Key

January 21

Not being in a hurry, so as to avoid a pre-sunrise arrival in Marathon, Bud Karins and I departed Tierra Verde at 1400 Friday. Not wanting to sail under bare poles we arrived Sunday at 0430. Feat accomplished primarily broad-reaching on a scrap of headsail called a yankee (sorry Boston fans, no sail named for you) which replaced a much larger bagged out genoa. It's not nearly the size of the old sail, but way cooler looking (the more overlapping sails one has, the better). Sailing is substantially
an esthetic, even sensual, activity. Like a woman, a beautiful sailboat elicits a combination of adoration, aggravation and fear, hopefully in that order.

Strong fronts, big North winds. Figured to be on this side of the Gulf Stream for awhile, but Chris Parker, weather guru, claims tomorrow, Thursday, will be OK. So... here I am at Rodriguez Key after a good double-reefed day in 15 to 25 from the north, augmented by noisy, smelly thing in bilge for a few hours when wind veered. It's good to break free of Tarpit Harbor. Had been all too willing to sell my soul and buy cable TV and wifi for a buck and a half a foot. Attitude encouraged by lengthy
recovery from arrival celebration.

Tomorrow, South Riding Rock - maybe. Weather people sometimes err.


01/20/2009, Marathon Yacht Club

January 20

Dear Friends,

I'm beginning a cruise of indefinite duration into the Caribbean, will likely write stuff and may send it to you. While I am constantly mesmerized by the erudition of my literary output - like pearls of wisdom that drip as sweat from Buddha's brow - this is not, oddly enough, the universal experience. Therefore, a moment of intellectual and humanitarian clarity has caused a new policy to be born, a kinder and gentler approach, as it were, toward potential victims. Previously, one was required
to opt out. Henceforth, if you are inclined to have your in-box splattered with inane twaddle, reply to this message between now and January 26 for the abuse to continue. Apologies for the week of Purgatory (something like Hell, only shorter) foisted upon the more sane of you.

Boilerplate: Incoming email is warmly solicited, plain text preferred. Do not send pictures or video. Text attachments are OK. Please do not include my message in your reply; I often remember what I wrote and bandwidth is precious.

So let's crack the whip and get this buggy rolling.

[email protected] (HAM)

(also, [email protected] (SSB-commercial) or
[email protected] (internet)).

Depart When?
01/07/2009, Tierra Verde, FL

Departed as promised on 1 November 2008... Oh, wait! Why am I still here? OK, new no sh... er, fooling date is 16 january 2009. Pinky swear.


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