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Going South for Winter
A Day on the Hudson
Rain & t-storms
08/05/2012, Kingston NY

After a very relaxing down day in Waterford we were on the move again very early this morning. We passed thru the small Federal lock at Troy with a fleet of tug boats & then were on our way south on the Hudson. We had the tide with us & even going directly into a South wind which at times reached 30 Knots we managed to maintain good speed and were docked in Kingston by 2:00pm, just in time (well not quite) to avoid the huge downpour & thunder that came in from the west. After we all dried out ( the Captain managed to stay dry) we headed out for lunch & tonight we are all just vegging out, catching up on correspondence.
The forecast for this evening is for severe t-storms & torrential rains but at this point the radar looks as if it might have missed this area.
Tomorrow we will continue our journey down the Hudson & if all goes well will be in New York City tomorrow evening.
As we found on the trip North in 2010 the Hudson River scenery is spectacular & the mind is boggled by the size of some of the real estate along the river.
All in all another great day, abeit a bit breezy & wet at the end. More adventures tomorrow.

08/05/2012 | Mike & Alison
Hey guys. Just got to your blog and hope that you'll keep the postings coming. For some of us that still gotta work, we'll live vicariously through your adventures. So keep it safe. Now, what about pics? Can we toss a few on the site as well?

Travel safe!

Sent from the nav station of CadenzaII in the 1000 Islands. Everyone here says hi.
We are thru the locks
08/03/2012, Waterford NY

Well, after five days of going full out we are in Waterford NY, arriving about 1:15 today. We left Amsterdam early & passed thru the remaining locks with no wait time. In less than 90 minutes we were thru the Flight Locks, six locks in a mile & a half , dropping us down approx 157 feet in that short distance. Amazing as when you enter the first one you can look out at the mountains. Hard to imagine that these locks were built so many years ago yet the technology is amazing. We quickly realized that going down is much easier than going up & we dropped so fast in some of them it was like being in an elevator, with water instead of a floor.
We were so fortunate to arrive on the dock here when we did as we took the 2nd last spot, right under the bridge which afforded us shade all afternoon. There is a big festival going on here this week-end & supposedly a beer barge is arriving tomorrow & very conveniently will be docked close to us :)
We have decided to take advantage of the hospitality here & stay another day as all services are close by & the grocery store even lets you bring a cart back to the dock. So, Saturday is a day of rest & Sunday we will be off th dock early on our way down the Hudson towards New York City. Exciting times ahead.

Hot, Hot, Hot !!
08/02/2012, Amsterdam, NY

Well, here we are in Amsterdam, NY, just east of Lock # 11 which means we are on the countdown now.
Today we did 63 miles & 9 locks, the majority of it in 90+ temperatures. The morning greeted us ( 6:30 am departure) with dense mist/fog but we plodded along & soon the big orange ball did it's magic.
We are having glorious weather, although a few degrees cooler would be preferred. We are amazed at the lack of traffic on the canal & only once have shared the lock with another boat, that one being a Canal Boat.
The effects of last year's Hurricane Irene were very evident in todays locks & much more work needs to be done as the shorelines are lined with broken trees & deadheads are abundant, requiring constant vigilence.
Tomorrow we plan to arrive in Waterford & will probably give ourselves a break for a day before starting the trek down the Hudson.
Our crew have been performing admirably & I think they are beginning to feel very comfortable on our little ship.
Todays excitement was the sighting of a young deer swimming across the river just ahead of us. That was a "first" for all of us. Ducks are in abundance & always provide us with a chuckle when they swim up into our wake just like little kids playing.

Easy Day
08/01/2012, Utica NY

Well here we are in Utica, having passed thru Lock #20, our first one going down instead of up, which means we are on our way to the Hudson River.
We got a late start today but it was worth it as now our stern thruster is working. We had a repair person this morning who sorted it out & now we are happy campers (boaters).
Gorgeous weather again today, plenty of sunshine with just enough breeze to keep us cool.
Lake Oneida was a breeze, the highest wave being a mere ripple..again the weather gods were looking after us.
Tomorrow will be a long day, but after todays relaxed pace we are in good shape.
The cooks turned lazy tonight & we dined at the restaurant whose wall we are tied on. Leftovers are on the lunch menu tomorrow :)
A minor disaster was averted today when the eagle eyed captain noticed we were missing a fender ( which the first mate had secured. ..... NOT) but a quick u-turn had it recovered & this time firmly secured. Lesson learned... Don' t trust the easy adjustors without a line as well. It had snapped right off I guess withe pressure from the lock wall.
Our crew are catching on to the game very quickly & also learning that hard work earns rewards (extra beer/wine rations)
Tomorrow we hope to make ten locks which will then give us a very easy day on Friday & perhaps even a day of rest on Saturday.

Long Day
07/31/2012, Brewerton NY

Well here we are in Brewerton NY, relaxing after a very long day & racing the rain & tstorms which arrived with a vengeance less than five minutes after we tied the last line. The weather gods were truly with us! !
We traveled 80 miles & passes thru eight locks and the crew now have the process down pat. Someone did tell them there were extra beer rations at the end of the day so they were very eager :)
All in all a great day.
Not sure what the weather gods will serve up tomorrow but it will be a later start as the fuel tank is thirsty& at 3.39 per gallon we will enure we are filled to the top before leaving.

Across the lake
07/30/2012, Rochester

Sunrise on Lake Ontario

90 miles done..... 810 more to go. :)
Well we are safely tied on the wall at Shumway Marina, just up the river from Rochester Yacht Club. That is what happens when you don't make a reservation and the Yacht Club is full. Oh well, the showers are clean & the little bar has cold beer so the important things are taken care of. Tomorrows weather looks a bit iffy so not sure what time we will head out.
Our plan was another early departure ( not as early as today) but Mother Nature will decide for us. Hopefully we can get off the lake before noon and make a few locks.
The sunrise at 6:00am this morning was spectacular & a great send off for us.
It was a great day & hopefully just the first of many.

07/30/2012 | jo 'n di gilks
Poem by Joe Gilks - dedicated to the Skipper and Crew of Apres Sail....

We're off the dock at 4 o'clock on the good ship Apres Sail

We crossed the deep without a peep heading for New York State

Where there's food and ale and a damn good tale before we go to sleep

After bedding down, from a night on the town, we know which way to go -

It's out the harbour, hang a right and then on to Oswego

Down the ditch, we'll push this witch to where crabs and lobster roam

And when they're boiled and hot, in the pot, then you'll know we're home!

P.S.: Typist is grateful your destination is not Nantucket!!!!!!!!

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