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Going South for Winter
Sunshine in Daytona Beach
Sunny 65F
11/24/2012, Halifax Harbour Marina, Daytona Beach

Finally the dolphins have taken off their hats & mittens & decided to play.!
We arrived in Daytona Beach yesterday (Friday 23rd) afternoon after a wonderful days journey from St Augustine where we spent the night on Nov 22nd.
We arrived in St Augustine early afternoon so that gave us time to walk thru the old city area. St Augustine Harbor Marina is located right in the old city area & is a beautiful facility. It was US Thanksgiving so the majority of the stores/restuarants were closed but we did get to enjoy the wonderful Spanish architecture as we walked around the streets within such close proximity to the marina.
Bright & early the next morning we were off the dock on our way to Daytona Beach. The ICW area here is very protected so even with the north wind blowing it was pleasant & soon we were crossing under the first of four bridges entering Daytona.
We are currently moored a the Halifax Harbour Marina, again right in the old downtown area of Daytona Beach. Quaint little shops, wonderful restuarants & a great environment.
We were sorry to see Dave & Annie leave last evening.!! It was a wonderful two weeks with them & the time went by so quickly.
Good friends of theirs met us here on the boat yesterday afternoon for cocktails & then the six of us went to a wonderful new restuarant just about a mile north of this marina. They then dropped us back at the boat & Dave & Annie went on with them to their rented accommodation to spend the night before their return to Ft Lauderdale today.
Annie, I missed my toast this morning................
You guys were truly wonderful crew/captain/first mate/deck swabber/cook. Whatever hat was required you wore & we were truly blessed to be able to share part of our journey with you.
Today was "boat chores day" & since we are enjoying this facility so much we decided to stay until Monday morning when we will head to the Cape Canaveral area for a one night stop before reaching Melbourne on Tuesday 27th.
The forecast for the coming week ( aside from the record low forecast for tonight of 32F) is for high 60's & sunshine. Cool for this time of year in Florida but we still have our friend the North wind sending us brr from home.
When we arrive in Melbourne it will be a work week, getting the boat ready for a month plus stay there while we come back to Canada to work & celebrate the holidays with the kids/grandkids.

11/27/2012 | Brian and Laurel
Finally, we will weigh in here, but please know that we have followed from the start and are envious of your every step - not necessarily of some of the weather, but it's great to see that you extract and convey only the positive from all of your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing the "real" story when you get back.
Finally, Florida!
Sunshine, temps of 65-70F
11/21/2012, Fernandina Harbor Marina, Amelia Island

We have arrived.!!
About 11:30 am this morning we crossed into Florida & all of a sudden it was warmer :)
Tonight we are on the dock at Fernandina Harbor Marina , a great spot, right on the waterfront of this pretty little city.
It was an interesting passage from Georgia today, crossing the very wide Cumberland Island Sound ( bumpy & windy) & passing across the St Mary's River where the submarine base is located. Unfortunatley no subs were out & about today but the security boats were in evidence as we passed within a mile of the submarine base.
We treated ourselves to dinner out tonight in the same restaurant we ate at on our way north in 2010 (great memories with Brian & Laurel) & then the girls treated the boys to a much deserved gelatto.
Tomorrow we are off to St Augustine, a 60 mile run. It is Thanksgiving Day tomorrow in the US so we will be digging deep in the freezer to find something poultry related & dining on board Apres Sail.
Dave & Annie will be jumping ship in Daytona Beach on Friday, & heading back to Ft Lauderdale to find some warmth, sadly lacking on this leg. But, the temperature tonight is still 58F, so this is a major improvement over the 40+ that we had all thru North & South Carolina.
So, another great day on the water & it is hard to believe we are within 150 miles of our destination of Melbourne Florida. Today is day 20 of our journey & as we found in 2010 what an amazing journey it is.
This is a photo of St Augustine Inlet....... after a North wind has been blowing for days. Glad we were on the ICW, not on the ocean !!!

11/21/2012 | Lynne and Ron Taylor
Eleanor and Frank,

Not sure you remember us from Fifty Point. We had a Mirage sailboat, now have a Beneteau 331. We just came down through Lake Michigan, the river system Chicago to Mobile, Alabama and are now in Tarpon Springs on the Gulf. Plan to be in the Keys for Christmas and then Bahamas for the winter. Maybe we'll run into you there! Lynne and Ron
11/21/2012 | Lynne and Ron Taylor
Should have sent the link to our blog:

Ron and Lynne
Golden Isles Georgia Lives Up To It's Name
Sunshine, Sunshine
11/21/2012, Morningstar Marinas Golden Isles, St Simons Georgia

We arrived in St Simons Georgia yesterday afternoon after an 85 mile run from Savannah. It was a long day but we were blessed with sunshine & light winds as we crossed the open sounds that Georgia is known for.
We passed thru the two shallow areas, Hell Gate & Mud River without incident, having the tides in our favor. It was a beautiful transit as we traveled thru the swamps & marshes of Georgia. We enjoyed it much more this time than we did going north in 2010 as this time we knew what to expect and we did have a functioning depth sounder. Also, we are a bit more experienced now, having put a few miles under the keep since that time.
Todays destination is Fernandina Beach FLORIDA !! Can't believe after all the cold/cool weather that we are finally getting some sunshine and that we will finally be in Florida. We still have a few miles to travel but it is nice to know that the cooler weather of the north is on our back door.

Georgia On My Mind
Snshine & High of 60F
11/17/2012, Isle of Hope Marina, Savannah

Well, last evening was spent in undoubtly the prettiest spot we have visited on our miles both north & southbound on the ICW.
We docked in Harbour Town Basin, Hilton Head Island & what a treat. Harbour Town is easily recognized by the pretty red & white stripe lighthouse at the mouth of the harbour but the inside basin is just as impressive. Quaint little shops & restuarants line the harbor & as an added bonus, yesterday afternoon/evening they were busy decorating the trees & buildings with Christmas Lights, adding a very festive touch.
I think we were all a bit sad to leave this morning as it is a truly beautiful little island ( 12miles long x 5 miles wide) & certainly a little piece of paradise.

It was a big "Hurrah" when we crossed from South Carolina to Georgia & Tonight we are about ten miles south of south of Savannah in a pretty little marina called Isle of Hope. Todays run was very short & non eventful, compared to yesterdays undocking in Beaufort when the tide decided to show us who is boss.
We took a walk this afternoon, just outside the marina gates, down a street lined with huge old cypres trees draped in spanish moss, bordered with huge homes overlooking the ICW waterway. Money does not buy happiness but it can certainly provide homes that boggle the imagination with a view thrown in just as an added bonus.
We utilized the marina courtesy car tonight to introduce Dave & Annie to our very favourite restuarant, one that we frequented in our stays in Savannah in spring 2010. It was a bit of a hike on narrow dark roads but with the capable assistance of our trusty GPS we made it there & back safely. Again, our memory did not let us down & Tubby Tanks delivered an excellent seafood meal in a very easygoing relaxing admostphere, just what the Dr ordered.
Tomorrow we will catch a cab into downtown Savannah & brouse around the riverfront area. So, this means a "sleep in" day. I could get used to this easy lifestyle.!!
Our friend the sun finally made an appearance today & we actually saw the temp go to 62F. What a record & hopefully just the beginning of the warm weather. After all, we are only 126 miles from the Florida border so it is about time!! But, I am not packing away my parka just yet..............

Are We Having Fun Yet??
Cold & Rainy
11/15/2012, Beaufort , South Carolina

We arrived in Charleston on Nov 13th & spent two days on the Mega Dock at Charleston City Marina. The Mega Dock itself is amazing, each boat is assigned a post number & we were at # 1430. The dock is so long that the marina sends a golf cart to get you if you want to leave your boat. I celebrated my birthday at one of my favourite restaurants, 82 Queen, right in the old area of downtown Charleston, about four blocks from the Old Market Square featured in the movie Gone With The Wind. The city of Charleston again did not disappoint.
However, all good things must end & we need to keep moving so we were off the dock this morning at 8:00AM & tied up securely in Beaufort SC by 2:30 PM. We were fortunate as we left the dock this morning on slack tide ( 8 foot tide range) and tied up this afternoon at slack tide again, with the tide here being 9.5'today
The trip today was probably one of our coldest days as the temp never went above 50F & we had rain off & on all morning. But, we all survived & tomorrow promises to be a bit warmer when we arrive in Hilton Head, a short 30 mile run from here.
So, tomorrow will be a "sleep in" day & we will have a leisurely breakfast before we leave the dock.
All in all a great day, despite the cold weather. Hard to believe we are in the south section of South Carolina & only 10F warmer than Toronto. What have we done to displease the weather gods??

11/16/2012 | Sandra and Phil
My gosh, the picture looks like it was taken in Alaska, not the warm, sunny south. At least you have the Hepburns to keep you warm! Glad to hear the trip is going well and you are almost in Florida. I will be in Kissimmee for a week starting Nov. 25. Are you anywhere near central Florida, i.e., Daytona or Cocoa Beach during that time? If you are, perhaps I can pop over to say 'hi'.
On the Move Again
Sunny & warm
11/12/2012, Harbourwalk Marina, Georgetown SC MM403

We waved goodbye to Myrtle Beach this morning at 8:00am.The sun was shining & it was a beautiful day to be on the water.
It was a wonderful break, staying in Mytle Beach for the three days but it was time to move on today so here we are tonight in Georgetown,SC MM 403 & just 312 miles from the Florida border. Hard to believe !!
Charleston is tomorrows destination, 66 miles from here so we will be off the dock early.
I am posting a photo from the wonderful Brunch we enjoyed yesterday at the House of Blues. It was called a "Gospel Brunch", a very unique experience quite unlike anything we had experienced previously. Along with excellent food we were treated to some very special gospel music from a group called "Glory".
Tonight we dined at a small restaurant on the waterfront here in Georgetown & we all agreed it was one of our finest dining experiences.
All this food is not good for the waistline so I will have to do a few more trips up & down the ladder tomorrow to pay for my sins of the past two days.
All in all a great few days & more to come

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