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Arctic Tern
Sounds that remind you of a Place
11/01/2011, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

The bold call "Kiss kiss Kiskadee" given by the Great Kiskadee will always remind me of Trinidad. These flycatchers have a lemon yellow breast and a black head that is divided by a conspicuous white stripe above their eye. We have checked into customs in Trinidad about a dozen times and more often than not, these have been the first to welcome us back to Trinidad. At these times the call I hear is "chris, chris, christophene". Kiskadees are not fussy diners; they eat all manner of insects as well as palm fruits, and small rodents. You can see Great Kiskadees around the marinas and boat yards in Chaguaramas perched on lifelines and bowsprits.

11/01/2011 | peter & Theresa Clarke
So where are headed from trindad. I am deading winter but looking forword to resurecting Dream Ketcher back to like new. It will make winter pass quickly for me. There is a small Island Packet parked next to us on the hard. Are boat looks like the mother ship and it the baby ship. Are boat as you know was designed by the guy who started Island packet. His name escapes me at the moment
Mixed not shaken
10/22/2011, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

This is the less than glorious part of boat owner ship. Hunter is mixing the bottom paint with a paint stirrer attached to a drill. Mix for 15 minutes and apply.

Bottom Time
10/21/2011, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

I am painting the keel of the boat. I guess it would not surprise you if I got a bit of paint on my face and glasses.

Green Queen
10/02/2011, Berkshire Botanical Garden

I have spent quite a bit of time in the last month planning for the last two days. The Berkshire Botanical Garden held its annual Harvest Festival and my job was to develop a composting program for the food vendors. We had a large compost dumpster from a local composter who can compost all foods and most paper products. Most vendors brought compostable plates, cups and silverware. I had a team of hard workers who were not faint of heart about digging into the trash to find the compostables. We did have trouble sorting the cups for hot drinks and in this photo I am posing with a variety of hot cups and lids.

Harvest Festival
09/28/2011, Berkshire Botanical Garden

My fetish with sorting trash has come home to roost. I have volunteered to help at the Harvest Festival at the Berkshire Botanical Garden on October 1st and 2nd.. About 5,000 people will attend this 2 day event that has about 115 vendors that provide food, hay rides, crafts, fresh produce, a haunted house and much more.
My job is to lead the "Green Team". That is a nice title for trash management and our goal is to have no trash for the landfill. On site trash should be compostable or recyclable. The food vendors will be bringing compostable plates and silverware. I now know a lot more about composting, recycling and managing large events.

The Apple Squeeze
09/24/2011, Lenox, MA

There are many outdoor events in the Berkshire Mountains and since this is apple season this week's event is the Apple Squeeze. There were stands with apple cider and baked goods with apples, apples for sale, face painting, pony rides and the usual food and crafts. Margaret in this photo is selling ceramic graters for hard foods such as carrots, parmesan cheese, nutmeg or garlic. She definitely has a flair for sales

Lenox Tub Parade
09/14/2011, Lenox, MA

Last Saturday was warm and sunny and we watched the Tub Parade in Lenox. The Tub Parade commemorates the Gilded Age, when tycoons as Westinghouse, Carnegie and Proctor made Lenox their summer retreat. Each September, these families closed their mansions and marked the end of the season with a parade down Main Street showcasing their prized horses, carriages (also known as "tubs"). The carriages were decorated with flowers and the riders were in period costume. The horses ranged from miniature ponies to Belgian draft horses with feet as big as frying pans

Sights, Smells and Sounds
09/04/2011, Lenox, MA

I know this is supposed to be a sailing blog, but you will have to bear with me as we explore of new home in Massachusetts. We have been enjoying riding our bikes through the small towns and country roads. There are wonderful sights, sounds and smells.
Sights: fields bursting with ripe corn, large farms with very old barns, and gardens with wonderful scarecrows.
Sounds: leaves crunching beneath bike tires, lawn mowers and blue jays
Smells: slightly fermented apples on the ground, cows, wildflowers

Hurricane Irene
08/31/2011, Lenox, MA

Hurricane Irene has passed, but there are still 2.5 million people without power. Many rivers are out of their banks and have flooded out roads and bridges. There are several communities in Vermont that are isolated from the major road systems and the National Guard has been dropping supplies by helicopter.

This is a grib file captured at the time that Irene was pounding the Maryland, NYC, NJ area.

Music under the stars
08/22/2011, Tanglewood, MA

Last night we went to Tanglewood and listened to John Williams conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra. John wrote film scores for many popular motion pictures, including the Star Wars saga, Jaws, Superman, the Indiana Jones films, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Hook, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Home Alone and the first three Harry Potter films. We sat under the stars on the lawn enchanted by the music and film clips.

08/22/2011 | Janice Waller
sounds wonderful! Now I have to really get busy and update our blog as haven't done it since we got to the US - enjoy the rest of your stay
Trini food in Massachusetts
08/17/2011, Lenox, MA

Jesse and Sharon Rose cooked us an excellent typical Trinidad dinner. It was wonderful

08/17/2011 | Willie
Tell Jesse he's busted. Rumor was he had refused to tell anyone where he was going on vacation. Now we know! :-)
08/22/2011 | Janice & Bob Waller
Looks like you have been having a great time - must have been nice to have a Trini meal in your own home - see you back there - say hi to Jesse from us if he is still with you!
08/17/2011, Lenox, MA

We picked blueberries today with Jesse, Sharon Rose and Julie Rose, our friends from Trinidad. We picked 21 pounds- we might have gotten carried away! Blueberry cobbler tonight!

Enjoying Massachusetts
08/12/2011, Lenox, MA

We have settled in for two months of terrestrial living while taking care of my parent's house in Lenox, MA. One of the joys of this season is the farm fresh fruit and vegetables. When not biking and exploring the Berkshire Mountains we can be found eating sweet corn, peaches, tomatoes and other local fresh produce. Last week we went to an ethnic street fair and folks who have traveled with us know that I am a bit of a street food junkie. In my opinion there are not better tacos than those that are cooked over a grill on the street and served with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

Family time
Devi Sharp
08/02/2011, Florida

We just spent a few days with my parents. I scanned a few photos of my Dad during World War II. In this photo Dad (Sidney Ukrain) is getting ready to fly a mission as a gunner. His B-17 was named Lazy Dazy.

08/03/2011 | Doug Wilder
Wow this is great! More history on your Dad, please. I love this sort of connection to history.
On the Hard
07/19/2011, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

We hauled out yesterday and everything went fine. Peake Yacht Services is very professional about their service. Their priorities are the safety of the boats and the workers and the comfort of their clients. What a difference from our haul out last year at Curacao Marine!

07/20/2011 | steve liggett
Wow. What an incredibly clean bottom after a year. Do you dive or hire a diver to clean it regularly? I'm Jay's brother and am enjoying your blog immensely. Closest I've come is a week last winter in the BVIs - it was wonderful. Safe sailing.
07/21/2011 | Devi Sharp
Hi Steve, Of course I remember you. We clean the bottom as needed. We just snorkel with weights and a brush and scraper and brush the fuzz and scrape the barnacles. We haul out once a year and use an ablative paint so there is not much work. Some anchorages are more nutrient rich than others and we noticed that in one week in Chaguaramas we grew a crop of barnacles.
Getting ready to haul out
07/17/2011, Chaguaramas. Trinidad

One of our chores before hauling out is to get he sails to the sail loft for repairs. The sails are in good shape, but need minor repairs. When the sail is spread out you can see it is huge and why doing on board repairs is difficult.

Roti and iguanas
07/12/2011, Grace's Roti Hut

Even the local iguanas line up for Grace's Roti.

Hello Trinidad
07/11/2011, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

We are on the dock at Peake Yacht Services getting ready to haul out. It is very industrial here, but our stay will be short and busy. Hunter is getting ready to take down the sails to send to the sail loft.

07/12/2011 | Willie Haskins
Welcome to Trinidad, Devi! How long will you be here? Mark & I are at the end of Pier 2 at Coral Cove Marina. Come by and say hi.
Good Bye Grenada
07/10/2011, Hog Island, Grenada

We always enjoy our time in Grenada. We are leaving several friends behind, both yachties and local folks. Hunter has been going out diving for conch with our friends Dwight and Stevie a few times a week and after the dives the guys come over for a lime. A lime is a Caribbean hangout. You hangout with your friends and chat, eat and drink.
To Hog Island anchorage I leave a half dozen clothes pins- the good Italian clothes pins with springs that do not rust, not the cheap ones made in China. I also leave a towel and a promise to return.
This is a photo of Dwight and Hunter in our cockpit.

Woburn Saling Regatta
07/04/2011, Lower Woburn, Grenada

Woburn is a small fishing village in the south end of Grenada and even though most fisherman and divers now use motors to get out the sea, many of the locals enjoy sailing. What could be more perfect: a nice windy Sunday with the Woburn fleet of five sailboats, a crowd of locals, music and rum? There were three races and Top Ranking cleaned up with its new sails and sharp crew. Our Friend Peter joined Top Ranking, while Hunter Martha and I chased the boats to see the buoys.

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