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arrow heads south
On the hook in Reedville
10/20/2011, Reedville, VA

Monument to cooking fish

On 10/18 we had a lovely motor into a south breeze 40 miles down to Reedville, VA. This is the home of the Menhaden fleet - not nearly as funky as it was 40 years ago as a lot of the sunken fishing boats and rotted piers have been removed. We anchored near the town to be near the seafood deli where we picked up crab cakes and scallops.

The weather 10/19 was a constantly changing mix of rain, fog, and mist. Then last night and today the winds have been very strong out of the south, but our anchor has held.

In part because of no internet service where we were, this afternoon we moved about 5 miles south to a lovely little creek which has a bit more protection from the wind as well as internet connectivity... hence this post.

Tomorrow should be good for going south, and we hope to be in Hampton Roads the day after tomorrow. Then we start guessing about hurricanes in conjunction with our insurance company.

Familiar places
10/17/2011, Solomons Island, MD

Sunday, 10/16, we motor'd two hours south to the Rhode River, and anchored in the lovely half-moon bay near the entrance. This is where our sailing career began, decades ago, and we even poked up into Cadle Creek where the first arrow (an ancient, $300 wonder filled with rotten wood and cotten stuffed in the seams) was kept. Like much of the Bay, there have been many changes here in 40+ years... now the creek is lined with McMansions and fancy boats.

Captain Jack had developed his first head cold in years on Saturday, sneezing his brains out, at least the nonlinear system theory part (some of the linear theory remains up there) so we took an easy day. The cold seems to be rapidly disappearing.

Today, Monday, we made the trip down to Solomons Island in lovely weather, and even had a couple hours of nice sailing - our first of the trip. We will be getting together with Uncle Skip and Little Kathy this evening.

Under way
10/15/2011, Annapolis, MD

Admiral Terry prepares to cast off

Up before sunrise, we had breakfast and removed our permanent
dock lines for storage in the Happy Van over the winter. Headed
out at 7:30am hoping for some west wind. We powered into a
brisk southwest breeze. As we neared the Bay Bridge, the wind
increased to 20-25 knots with gusts of 25-30 knots. After a
very bouncy ride we anchored in Lake Ogleton, near Annapolis,
at 1pm.

Looks like a small chance that there will be a northern
component to the wind over the next couple of days, so we will
be doing relatively short hops.

Failure to proceed
10/14/2011, Baltmore, MD

Late morning we arrived at the marina in our loaded, trusty/rusty Happy Van, and were greeted by a strong downpour with high wind. Between waves of black sky and rain we managed to get the boat loaded and organized. By mid-afternoon the rain was finished, and the winds had turned from South to more West. Since we want to head South, we could have departed, but decided on a nap and dinner out. Tomorrow we plan to get an early start and hope to ride still strong West winds toward Solomons Island.

Clean bottom
10/10/2011, Baltimore, MD

On the hard, lift keel up.

Monday afternoon, 10/10, we did a maintenance haulout, including pressure washing the bottom, touching up the bottom paint, replacing zincs (including that pesky lift-keel zinc), greasing the feathering prop, and so on. The boat splashes back in tomorrow morning, and is ready for final loading.

Friday is looking pretty good for departure, weatherwise.

Getting ready
10/01/2011, Baltimore, MD

In about two weeks we will be heading down the Intercoastal Waterway. Our plan is to get to Florida in early December, leave the boat near Cape Canaveral and return home for the holidays, then return to the boat in early February to cruise the Keys and Bahamas. Finally we will return north via the Waterway in April/May of 2012.

Lots to do... boat to prepare and load (we can still see the waterline, so much more stuff will be added), communications to establish (including this blog), house to prepare (currently working on a stuck sewer cleanout cap), Alfa's to service, and end-of-season hurricanes to outguess (not to mention upcoming holiday events...).

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