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29 September 2016 | Manteo, Roanoke Island, NC
28 September 2016 | Roanoke Island, NC
27 September 2016 | Little Alligator River, NC
23 September 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
22 September 2016 | Old Point Comfort, VA
21 September 2016 | Deltaville, VA
19 September 2016 | Deltaville, VA
18 September 2016 | Dymer Creek, VA
17 September 2016 | Reedville, VA
16 September 2016 | Solomons Island, MD
10 September 2016 | Baltimore, MD USA
13 May 2012 | Home port, Middle River, MD
08 May 2012 | Dymer Creek, VA
05 May 2012 | South Mills, NC
29 April 2012 | Carolina Beach, NC
27 April 2012 | South of Myrtle Beach, SC
24 April 2012 | North of Isle of Palms
21 April 2012 | Thunderbolt, GA
18 April 2012 | St. Simons Island, GA
14 April 2012 | San Diego, CA

Manteo again

29 September 2016 | Manteo, Roanoke Island, NC
arrow waits at the dock, while we explore on foot


28 September 2016 | Roanoke Island, NC
No gators in evidence, but at anchor in the middle of nowhere, it was clear by 8 pm that midges were steadily arriving and using the cabin lights to find their way in around the screen on the companionway. With about 35 or so on the cabin ceiling, we doused all lights, retired to the aft cabin, and closed the door. Fortunately it was not too hot, and we both fell asleep promptly.

Arising in the morning, the Captain executed 15 or 20 in the main cabin, but then happened to look outside. Apparently a thousand or two midges had gathered all over the deck and cockpit for a wild party, and they were now sleeping it off. The Chief Swabbie, aka the Captain, then spent a good hour with a mop trying to wash off the mess. Joy of boating.

It was a lovely day with a light easterly breeze, and we motored dirty arrow about 4 hours into Manteo where the boat got a proper bath, and the crew got showers and dinner.

Some south'ing made

27 September 2016 | Little Alligator River, NC
Yesterday we gave up on the Dismal Swamp, and got on the Virginia Cut route of the ICW. Apparently the swamp is draining slowly, and there may be damage to the lock gate mechanisms. Anyway, we got to Coinjock, NC, about 37 nm from where we had anchored near the Dismal Lock. At Coinjock there is a 1200 ft dock along the waterway to tie up to and a restaurant that serves huge fried seafood dishes. Just what we needed. But the place is basically unpleasant because of the mammoth powerboats that stop there on their return to FL, presumably from Newport, or the Hamptons. I hope that after dinner they all discovered that they forgot their Tums. We have ours aboard.

The Little Alligator River is at the mouth of the Alligator River, on the south shore of Albemarle Sound. It is not a very snug anchorage, but it should be a quiet night. Well... the Admiral is concerned about rumors of alligators climbing aboard anchored boats. Not to worry, however, as the Captain has loaded the flare pistol and is ready to light up any visitors.

Tomorrow we will head over to Roanoke Island and take a slip at the town of Manteo. This is not far, and we have wanted to visit the place for some time. We plan to stay for two nights, and should be able to provide a post or two with pictures, especially if we find a colony.

Tied up

23 September 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
Traffic dodging, military and commercial.

After a quiet night at anchor, with just a few light sprinkles of rain, we arose to a clearing sky that later became bright sunshine. Heading for the Tidewater Marina at Portsmouth, we dodged heavy (in the displacement sense) traffic for two hours, running the diesel. The only thing we got close to was a very large crane/barge being moved by two tugs. They did an abrupt course change with no radio contact or other signal, obviously depending on us to get the hell out of their way.

We are going to stay here two nights, hoping the Dismal Swamp opens tomorrow and that the snowbird traffic backlog gets out of our way. Obviously they are draining off a lot of swamp water as the Elizabeth River has become very brown with tannin.

Our cruising buddies from HI have come in to the same marina, so there is a group forming for dinner at a German restaurant nearby. Party on.

PS We have been seeing some dolphins: groups of small ones playing up near Reedville, a couple heading for the boat as we entered Hampton Roads, and this morning a couple of groups playing in traffic. Great fun to watch.

On the wing, then stop

22 September 2016 | Old Point Comfort, VA
Rode a blustery NE breeze for over 40 nm down the Bay under jib alone to Old Point
Comfort. (People cruising a fast trimaran out of HI took a video of us in the waves that we cannot post here, and in any case is a very large file.) A nice ride, but rather tiring with all the bobbing and rolling.

We anchored between Old Point Comfort and the I-64 bridge-tunnel, which is an unusual anchorage location, but it worked out well for us (and 3 other boats).

The big news today is that the ICW is closed - both the Virginia Cut and the Dismal Swamp routes - due to high water flooding the swing bridge electrics in the first case, and lock overflow in the second. Thanks again Julia. We want to take the Dismal, so we will hang around Norfolk/Portsmouth for a while...

Third night is a charm

21 September 2016 | Deltaville, VA
Storm-ending (we hope) sunset over the Rappahannock River

This is our third night at Regatta Point Marina waiting out the remnants of Julia. A nice place, with nice people, but the boat does get a little smaller each day it doesn't move.

Tomorrow we plan to get an early start and ride the NE wind down to Hampton Roads with only an occasional sprinkle.
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