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The Beginning June 2006

06 January 2006 | Sussex at home
Mike & Debbie
For the last few years we have been looking at different options to enjoy life to the full in warmer climates without the interference of work.

So we had this dream to sell up and sail away.

We still dont know if this is possible or not, as we have a very limited amount of sailing experience and also a very limited amount of funds. We have given this plenty of thought and with a bit of hard work, lots of luck we believe this could work. Our aim is to spend the rest of our lives enjoying it to the full, this would be in warmer climates where we are not dictated to so much by the weather, spending all our time together and never having to work unless it suited us. (is this reality or fiction)

We are planning a home learning course to gain a qualification in Day Skipper and Yachtmaster, we have booked a weekend sailing course and also booked two sailing holidays in the Ionian on a flotilla with Neilson holidays, this will include a four day training course. If this is not enough we have also purchased plently of reading material on the subject.
We need to purchase a yacht, so we intend to down size our house to release some funds to buy our yacht. It is then our intention to sell up completly and live on the yacht untill we are ready to set sail,
we are hoping to leave British waters in spring 2009.

Vessel Name: Ashby Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria
Hailing Port: Brighton
Crew: Captain Mike Baker & First mate Debbie Baker
About: Both Debbie & myself are currently in full time employment, live in a nice house, have lovely holidays in exotic countries, enjoy life to the full. By spring 2009 we hope to have learnt how to sail, sold up and set sail to live a life upon the high seas.
Extra: Yes your thinking, nothing new, loads of people have fulfilled their dreams. However we are not wealthy and we can only do this on a very tight budget.
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Who: Captain Mike Baker & First mate Debbie Baker
Port: Brighton