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Weather Window Fizzles Before It Arrives
13-Dec-2007, Lynyard Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

CURRENT LOCATION: Anchored on west side of Lynyard Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
26 22.254' N, 076 59.013' W (CLICK HERE for Google Maps)

What we had hoped would be a weather window at the end of this week appears to be closing on us. Tropical Depression OLGA passed well to our south, but a strong cold front appears to be headed our way. Ahead of the front, we may finally see the strong easterlies abate somewhat; however, the wind will then shift south. And, wouldn't you know it, south is the direction we want to go. Accompanying this wind shift will also be a lot of squall activity, something we here aboard Prudence prefer to avoid. As the cold front passes, the winds will shift to the north/northeast, a good direction for us; however, they will be a bit too strong (25 knots or better). We could handle these winds from this strength and direction out on the open ocean (Atlantic and Northeast Providence Channel) part of the journey, but once we get up on the Great Bahama Bank, we will need more settled conditions to read the water and avoid the scattered coral heads which stand between us and the Exuma chain.

With what may be a delay of up to another week, we resigned ourselves to continue enjoying what the Abacos has to offer. Yesterday's activities were driven by my desire to visit Little Harbor. Today, Sheryl was charged with the responsibility for setting our agenda. Surprise, surprise, she suggested that we explore here close to the boat.

Initially, Sheryl took her kayak with our supplies (shoes, water, etc.) while I chose fins and snorkel as my mode of transportation. After trading fins for shoes, we hiked the short path to the other side of Lynyard Cay. Conditions on the Atlantic had not improved, and waves were still heaped upon waves. The incredible force of the water crashing on the east-facing shores of the island is captured in several of Sheryl's photos (see the 'Abacos, Bahamas' link under RECENT PHOTOS on the left).

Sheryl traded her kayak for snorkel gear and I led her and her camera to a small patch of coral I had discovered about halfway between Prudence and the shoreline. There she found many more photo ops, including several lionfish which seemed to be swimming around just posing for the camera, showing off those myriad beautiful fins. Who would imagine that such beauty could pose such danger. Regardless, in addition to making the lead photo, this incredible specimen is the subject of our first underwater video, proof positive of the risks we are willing to take to bring you a just a little flavor of all of our incredible experiences, dear Reader. Enjoy...

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