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Continuing Voyage of Artemesia

31 May 2005 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Doug Mayle
Upon returning home, we received the following e-mail from our cruising friends...

"Hi Doug and Sheryl,
Well, we spent a couple of days around Cucumber beach marina getting the ACand fridge fixed. We then set off to head for Twin Cays, but with unfavorable wind conditions (meaning almost none) we diverted after 20 miles to Colson Cay (the one right after blue field range). We stayed anchored there for 2 nights. When we went snorkeling on the second day guess what we saw???????????

We saw 2 manatees. We and the manatees both hung in suspension in the water kind of gazing at each other for about 2 minutes. They were so cute and gentle. We then tried following them, but in the murky water we lost them. I think they move faster then people think. So that was our highlight.

The next day we ended up motoring part of the way and then sailing the rest to Tobacco Range. It was really quite nice, but then we ran aground again and because it was so late in the afternoon thought it would be appropriate if we just dropped the anchor there for the night. Okay at the time, but we ended up rocking on the keel all night making it not a bit comfortable then having to wait for high tide the next day around 3pm because we had rocked our keel into a nice muddy hole by this time. We dug around our keel, put the boom and dingy on one side, but she just wasn't moving.

We ended up accepting the stuck factor until hide tide and made the most of it. We took the dink around the lagoon and Tabacco Cay itself. Did a little snorkeling and had a few beers on a tropical island. Not bad for being stuck.

We then spent 2 nights anchored off South Water Cay which was very nice. Then on to Placencia for about 3 nights, areally cool town. We all did the whale shark snorkeling/dive trip one day, but didn't see any sharks, but got to swim with the dolphins. Then we sailed from Placencia to Monkey Cay then on to Cabo Trace Puntas and crossed the bar with no problems last Thursday around 10 am.

The 15 mile motor ride down the Rio Dulce was just to beautiful to describe. Holler monkeys, all kinds of birds, luscious fauna and floral. You can see the rain forest richness in the density of the jungle here.
We have been getting the boat ready to fly out sometime late this week or early next week. Sorry for the long winded email but I thought you guys might appreciate it . We look forward to catching up with you both when we get back.

Lots of hugs,
Steph "

Needless to say, we are envious.
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