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Winch Maintenance
30-Nov-2008, Culebra, Puerto Rico

CURRENT LOCATION: On a mooring ball near the reef in Ensenada Dakity
18 17.609' N, 065 16.813' W

It was a four-day weekend and we have four winches. Coincidence? I think not. Well, today I finished the chore of routine winch maintenance, which I started on Thanksgiving Day. This involved taking apart all our winches, cleaning the components, then lubricating and reassembling them back together into a functional unit.

It has been two years since I last had them apart (probably a bit overdue), but all looked good within. And, we can now check another box on our list of preparations for our rapidly approaching departure from Culebra.

The holiday weekend has been a wonderful mixture of productivity, relaxation, and social interaction. As I look out the galley portlight across Ensenada Dakity on this Sunday evening, the number of sailboats once again outnumbers the few remaining powerboats. We are ready to start our last few weeks of what has become our Culebrean routine. Soon we will exchange our titles as teacher, librarian, or pool cleaning dude for that which we sought so desperately to achieve this time last year...Cruisers.

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