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07/15/2009 Overview of the Journey
07/14/2009 The Journey has Ended, and the Boat is Sold
06/15/2009 Goodbye, Farewell, and Thanks for the Memories
06/14/2009 A Day as Tourists in Annapolis
06/13/2009 Solomons Island to Annapolis
06/12/2009 Deltaville to Solomons Island
06/11/2009 Norfolk to Deltaville
06/10/2009 New Friends, Old Friends, and We Are Ready to Start One Final Voyage
06/04/2009 BIG News Items for the Crew of Prudence!!
05/31/2009 A Few Updates to the FOR SALE Website
05/29/2009 Further Adjustments to a Land-Based Lifestyle
05/26/2009 Time to Sell
05/25/2009 Memorial Day Weekend Brings the Special Treats Associated with Life Tied to Land
05/13/2009 Passage from Bermuda to Norfolk: Part 1
05/13/2009 Passage from Bermuda to Norfolk: Part 2
05/12/2009 It’s Time To Go
05/11/2009 In Search of Pink Sand Beaches
05/07/2009 A Trip to the Big City: Hamilton, Bermuda
05/04/2009 Initial Explorations in Bermuda
04/21/2009 Passage from Antigua to Bermuda
04/20/2009 A Final Weather Analysis, and We’re Off …
04/17/2009 Paperback Book Exchanges
04/13/2009 More Chores Are Checked Off the List
04/10/2009 Waiting Patiently, Not So Much for a Weather Window but a Seasonal Shift
04/04/2009 First Item Sold, and We Wave Goodbye to Our Kayaks
04/03/2009 A Day of Boat Chores, Time on the Disabled List, and Making Friends via the Blog
03/30/2009 The Days, Weeks, and Months All Blend Together
03/23/2009 Excellent Kayaking Right Around the Corner
03/20/2009 The End of Our Rainbow is in Sight, But it’s Not Over Just Yet
03/17/2009 Why Are We Headed Back to the Continental United States?
03/15/2009 Another Week Parades By in Jolly Harbour
03/11/2009 Kayak to Hawksbill Rock
03/10/2009 A Quiet Week in Jolly Harbour
03/05/2009 Guadeloupe Gets In Our Way: The Passage from Dominica to Antigua
03/03/2009 A Hike Through the Valley of Desolation to the Boiling Lake
02/28/2009 The Good and the Bad of Dominica
02/25/2009 Wind and Waves Amount to a Wet Ride: The Passage to Dominica
02/24/2009 Escape from Rolly Conditions
02/23/2009 A Walk Around the Island of Terre-de-Haut
02/22/2009 Kayaking to Other Anchorages in The Saints
02/19/2009 From One Extreme to the Other, Brings Us to The Saints
02/18/2009 Got to Make Deshaies While the Sun Shines
02/17/2009 Staged for Departure from Antigua
02/15/2009 Plans for this Week
02/12/2009 Opening and Closing Hatches
02/07/2009 Views from our Anchorage
02/04/2009 Fresh Bottom Paint and Shiny Topsides
02/02/2009 On the Hard In Jolly Harbour
01/29/2009 Land Explorations, Antiguan-style
01/27/2009 In Search of a Jogging Route
01/25/2009 A Leaky Dinghy
01/24/2009 Pizza Therapy and Internet Utopia
01/23/2009 No Anguillan Souvenirs for Us, Thanks: The Passage to Antigua
01/19/2009 Is It More Like Hunting or Foraging?
01/18/2009 Back to Marigot Bay
01/15/2009 The Daily Rhythms of Îlet Pinel
01/11/2009 A Full Day in Search of Internet
01/10/2009 Boarded by the French Coast Guard
01/09/2009 Across the Bay to a New Anchorage
01/08/2009 Successful Land Expedition
01/07/2009 Snorkeling at Green Cay
01/06/2009 Around the Corner to Orient Bay
01/05/2009 Laundry Day Has Arrived
01/04/2009 A Charge to Anchor
01/01/2009 A Walk Along the Beach
12/31/2008 Visiting the French Fishies
12/30/2008 Land-based Scouting Mission
12/29/2008 The Gastronomic Epicenter of St. Martin
12/28/2008 From Marigot to Grand Case
12/27/2008 A Break from a Bouncing Boat
12/26/2008 Christmas Winds Bring a Whitecap X-mas
12/22/2008 Initial Impressions of St. Martin
12/18/2008 Onward to Marigot Bay
12/17/2008 Passage from Culebra to St. Martin
12/16/2008 Maybe Tomorrow
12/12/2008 We Begin the Wait for a Weather Window
12/11/2008 My Last Day of Algebra at Abbie's School
12/10/2008 Sheryl takes a turn
12/09/2008 His and Hers Dinghy Engine Keys
12/07/2008 Finally, We Get Our Own Turk’s Head Knot
12/06/2008 Time to Re-Commission Patience
12/05/2008 Food for Thought
12/04/2008 Why Did You Name Your Boat Prudence?
12/03/2008 Passing Time
12/01/2008 End of Hurricane Season
11/30/2008 Winch Maintenance
11/29/2008 Holiday Weekend at Dakity and Snorkeling at Melones
11/27/2008 Thanksgiving Afloat
11/23/2008 20-Plus Knot Winds Return
11/20/2008 Back to Dakity
11/18/2008 Cold and Flu Season & Red Dwarf Reruns
11/14/2008 Weather Checks
11/11/2008 Back on the Boat
11/07/2008 Dogs on the Beach
11/05/2008 A Break From the Boat; Land-Based for a Few Days
10/31/2008 Reviewing Resources: Guides, Charts and Fellow Sailors
10/29/2008 Glad I Didn’t See It
10/25/2008 In Search of Colorful Fish and Colorful Sea Glass
10/24/2008 A Busy Week Going To and Fro from Dakity
10/21/2008 One More Chore, Then It’s Time for a Vacation
10/20/2008 Relaxation Eludes Us, but Oxidation is Ever-Present
10/18/2008 The Hurricane De-Preparation Phase
10/16/2008 A Beautiful Morning Finds OMAR Heading Out to Sea
10/15/2008 11:45 PM - OMAR Slides East
10/15/2008 8:15 PM - Waiting for OMAR
10/15/2008 3:45 PM - Seeking Shelter
10/15/2008 5:30 AM - OMAR at Dawn
10/15/2008 2:45 AM - Hurricane OMAR
10/14/2008 Meet Tropical Storm OMAR
10/13/2008 Tropical Depression FIFTEEN is Declared
10/12/2008 A Powerful New Way to Dinghy Around the Harbor
10/09/2008 The Kitty Takes a Beating
10/07/2008 All the Options have an Upside and a Downside
10/04/2008 Finally, Some Time for the Fishes
10/01/2008 Mango Flies to New York City
09/30/2008 To Hand & Foot Players Everywhere
09/26/2008 My State of Mind…Constant Worry
09/25/2008 Our Outboard Gives the Final Death Rattle
09/23/2008 Water is a Terrible Thing to Waste
09/21/2008 Getting Seasick at Anchor
09/20/2008 Will Invest 93L Steamroll Over Us?
09/17/2008 The Mosquito Conundrum
09/16/2008 Working for a Living? Not Quite, but We Are Keeping Busy
09/14/2008 Exercising our Engine and Boogie Boarding at Flamenco Beach
09/12/2008 Past the Peak of Hurricane Season
09/12/2008 Past the Peak of Hurricane Season
09/08/2008 After IKE, We are Sleeping with Our Genoa
09/06/2008 7:00 AM: IKE is Moving Away
09/05/2008 2:00 PM: Hurricane Preparations
09/05/2008 7:00 AM: IKE is a Compact Little Ball of Energy
09/04/2008 11:00 AM: IKE Jumps from a Tropical Storm to a Category 4 Hurricane!!
09/03/2008 Will IKE Dance Around Us?
09/02/2008 Introducing Tropical Storm IKE
09/01/2008 A Driving Tour of Culebra
08/29/2008 Stuck in the Middle, the Calm Between the Storms
08/27/2008 Southern Cross 35 Reviewed in Cruising World's Classic Plastic
08/24/2008 The Week’s Report from Under the Rainbow
08/21/2008 A Really Big Dinghy
08/20/2008 Boarded by the US Coast Guard
08/19/2008 School Days: Para Aprender Cómo Aprender
08/18/2008 Home Sweet Floating Home
08/17/2008 A Necessary Piece of Equipment Gets an Upgrade
08/15/2008 We Both Made It Through a Long Night, But a Sunny Day is Our Reward
08/14/2008 Divide and Caretake
08/12/2008 Adjusting to a Different Sort of Paradise
08/11/2008 Relocating to a Land-Based Bed
08/10/2008 Our Guest Gets the Royal Culebra Treatment
08/06/2008 The Benefits of a Good Breeze
08/05/2008 Experiment Failed
08/03/2008 Ticking Through a Few Chores and Enjoying our 'Vacation'
07/31/2008 Kayaking and Snorkeling with Friends
07/30/2008 When the Volcano Blows
07/29/2008 Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes
07/28/2008 Destination Dakity
07/26/2008 Another Kind of School
07/25/2008 Looking Forward at the Future
07/24/2008 A Leatherback Boil
07/23/2008 Moving Cruisers, Stationary Cruisers, and Marina Liveaboards
07/22/2008 The Daily Task of Getting to Land
07/21/2008 Busy Weekend in Culebra
07/19/2008 Common Purple Sea Snail
07/18/2008 TV Without a Television
07/17/2008 Algebra Lesson: Helping Culebrense Kids with the Quadratic Equation
07/16/2008 Rain, Rain Go Away
07/15/2008 A BIG Thank You!
07/14/2008 A Way to Make Money?
07/13/2008 A Week in Review
07/11/2008 The Cost of Cruising
07/08/2008 Finally Feeling Safe from BERTHA
07/07/2008 Hurricane BERTHA
07/06/2008 TS BERTHA – Update 03
07/05/2008 TS BERTHA – Update 02
07/04/2008 TS BERTHA – Update 01
07/03/2008 Meet Tropical Storm BERTHA
07/02/2008 Watching the Weather…All the Way to Africa
06/24/2008 Sheryl's Sea Turtle Story
06/21/2008 Lunch on Luis Peña
06/18/2008 A View from Above Sea Level
06/15/2008 A Weekend on the Mainland
06/11/2008 Swimming with a Manta Ray
06/09/2008 A Lead on a New Snorkeling Spot
06/08/2008 Knock, Knock…Who’s There?
06/07/2008 A Visit with Our Friends, the Fishes
06/06/2008 Doug Mayle, Weather Correspondent
06/05/2008 Lost Voltage Ain't Much Fun
06/04/2008 Introducing … The Portable Coral Reef
06/02/2008 Fresh Water Falling from the Sky
05/31/2008 Welcome to Hurricane Season, Meet Tropical Storm ARTHUR
05/29/2008 One Year of Living Afloat
05/26/2008 Memorial Day Weekend
05/23/2008 Friends…In the Tropics They Come and They Go
05/20/2008 Culebrita is The Place to BEE, Until it is Time for a Moonlight Sail
05/19/2008 Our First Overnight Guests Get Introduced to the Joy of Snorkeling
05/18/2008 Sunday Marks Another Week in Paradise
05/16/2008 The Chores Related to Life on a Sailboat
05/15/2008 Flexing the Writing Muscles
05/12/2008 Dear Reader, Where are You?
05/11/2008 Sheryl the Librarian and Why Short Hair is Better
05/07/2008 No Man is an Island, but Some of Us Are Closer Than Others
05/04/2008 Dinghy Envy
05/01/2008 Hiking to the Helipad, Drift Diving, and a Lap Around Luis Peña
04/28/2008 Thoughts About Time in the Cruising Lifestyle
04/26/2008 An Evening of Excitement in the Harbor
04/25/2008 Back Home in Paradise, Ensenada Honda, Culebra
04/24/2008 Activities on a Day of Rest
04/23/2008 All About the Island of Culebrita
04/22/2008 The Day Dawns Over Tortuga Beach on Culebrita
04/21/2008 Reflections on a Perfect Sunday in Paradise
04/20/2008 In Search of New and Improved Snorkeling Grounds
04/19/2008 Two New Beaches are Added to Our Island Map
04/17/2008 The Routine and Pace of Life Here In Culebra
04/13/2008 Settling Into Social Circles in Culebra
04/11/2008 The Crew of Prudence is On the Mend
04/10/2008 Suffering from a Head Cold in Paradise
04/07/2008 Moving the Big Boat Back to Town
04/06/2008 Windy Days on a Mooring Ball
04/03/2008 Patience II Joins the Fleet and Internet Issues Remain Unresolved
03/29/2008 Moving the Big Boat and Cleaning the Bottom
03/28/2008 Circumnavigating Fulladoza Island by Kayak
03/25/2008 2007-2008 Cruising Season
03/23/2008 The BIG Decision: Do We Stay –or- Do We Go?
03/22/2008 Flamenco Beach Dissolves Under the Big North Swell
03/21/2008 The Fleet Goes Out Again for Another Introduction to Culebra
03/20/2008 Big Waves on Brava Beach
03/19/2008 Big North Swell and Dueling Computers
03/17/2008 From the Beach to the Rainforest, Puerto Rico Has It All
03/15/2008 Guests Arrive and Activities for Their Visit ‘Day One’ Abound
03/12/2008 A Morning of Snorkeling Amounts to a Trip to Another Planet
03/11/2008 Back to the Big Island; a Scouting Mission for Provisioning in Fajardo
03/10/2008 When a Boat Becomes a Home, Again
03/09/2008 Two Things You Cannot Put Off Too Long: Teak and Taxes
03/07/2008 Activities du Jour: Kayaking & Snorkeling
03/06/2008 Another Day, Another Beach…Don’t Mind the Goats
03/05/2008 A Day at the Beach and Friends They Come and They Go
03/03/2008 Settling Into Paradise, Puerto Rican Style
03/01/2008 A Lesson in Sailing to Windward
02/29/2008 Four Months of Cruising Finds Us Knocking on the Door to the Caribbean
02/28/2008 Be Careful What You Wish For…You Just Might Get Your Wish
02/27/2008 Nobody Knows Where We Are (until, of course, we post this blog)
02/26/2008 Sheryl Shakes off the Driving Cobwebs
02/24/2008 Social Life in Salinas and More Boat Chores
02/23/2008 Starter Trouble Diagnostics
02/22/2008 Macaroni & Cheese at 8:00 AM and Internet in the Park
02/21/2008 Coffin Island Revives our Spirits
02/20/2008 Reviewing the Numbers: Could It Be That We Are REALLY Over Two-Thirds of the Way to Trinidad?
02/19/2008 A Run-On Day Takes us From Boquerón to Ponce
02/16/2008 A Bit About Boquerón and More Boat Chores
02/14/2008 Solar Powered Tools and the Joy of Boat Projects
02/12/2008 There was no Incident Crossing the Mona Passage
02/09/2008 North Coast East from Luperon, Days 2-3: Breaking Van Sant’s Rules
02/07/2008 North Coast East from Luperon, Day 1: Following Van Sant’s Rules
02/06/2008 The Buzzword for the Day is … Weather Window
02/02/2008 Cruising is Hell on a Sailboat, but Transforming for the Traveler
01/30/2008 Ups and Downs Amidst Ribbons of Cascading Water
01/29/2008 A Restful Time in Luperon
01/27/2008 An Overview of Life in Luperon
01/24/2008 Bahia de Luperon is so Nice, We Decided to Anchor Twice
01/23/2008 The Diurnal Rhythm of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic
01/22/2008 The Lesson of the Day: DO NOT Have Fun Sailing, Go Directly to Port
01/20/2008 The Weatherman Got It Wrong… Very, Very Wrong
01/19/2008 Staging to Cross to the Dominican Republic
01/18/2008 Aborted Plan to Leave Gives Time to Consider Options and Socialize
01/17/2008 Welcome to Provo, Home of a New Fashion Accessory and the Instant Outdoor Office
01/16/2008 Sailing to Another Country
01/15/2008 A Pit Stop in Paradise
01/12/2008 Escape from ‘Chicken Harbor’ and Beating into a Current
01/11/2008 Free at Last, Free at Last…With Propane Onboard, We Are Free at Last
01/09/2008 Held Hostage by Liquid Propane
01/07/2008 Life Without Refrigeration
01/06/2008 The Winds Finally Abate, At Least for Now
01/05/2008 Solar Rationing Required Aboard Prudence
01/03/2008 A Cold Front Tests Our Resolve to Anchor Alone
01/01/2008 A Great Way to Start the New Year
12/31/2007 An Early New Year for Prudence in George Town
12/30/2007 Weather Makes Us Re-Think Our Plans and Southward We Go
12/29/2007 Waiting for a Northerly Wind
12/27/2007 A Quiet Little Place, with Free Water!
12/26/2007 A New Depth Measuring Device, Perfect for Those Really Shallow Anchorages
12/25/2007 My Christmas Present is the Thunderball Grotto
12/24/2007 Nearly Attacked by Barracuda, I Think
12/23/2007 Return to Boo Boo Hill and Multinational Night Aboard Prudence
12/22/2007 Circumnavigating Warderick Wells Cay and Other Explorations
12/20/2007 Perfect Sailing in the Exumas
12/19/2007 We Finally Go to Lower Lattitudes
12/16/2007 All Anchors Out, a Strong Cold Front is Coming
12/14/2007 Dinner is Served, Immediately After it is Caught
12/13/2007 Weather Window Fizzles Before It Arrives
12/12/2007 Risky Exploration During a Small Craft Advisory
12/11/2007 We Finally Make our Escape from ‘Civilization’
12/09/2007 Waiting on a Weather Window
12/07/2007 A Day at the Beach
12/06/2007 Passing the Whale
12/05/2007 Boat Chores, Bahamian Style
12/04/2007 Early Morning Wind Shift Brings Anchor Dragging Excitement
12/03/2007 Here, but Not Yet ‘Officially’ in the Bahamas
12/02/2007 Not Every Day Can Be a Nearly Perfect Cruising Day
12/01/2007 A Perfect (or Almost Perfect) Cruising Day
11/30/2007 A Marathon Motoring Session Where Current Rules the Day
11/28/2007 Preparations for Crossing the Gulf Stream
11/25/2007 These Shoes were made for Walking
11/22/2007 Thanksgiving with Canadians
11/21/2007 The Perfect Place for a Good Rest
11/19/2007 Offshore Experience: Take Two (The Tale of a Four-Day Passage)
11/15/2007 Two Days on the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway (ICW)
11/13/2007 Running Errands Was Never Such a Challenge Back Home
11/11/2007 A Cruiser’s Perspective on Time
11/08/2007 The Crew of Prudence Gets Some Real Offshore Experience
11/06/2007 Second Publication, Perhaps I Could Be a Professional Writer
11/05/2007 Finally Leaving the Solitude of South River
11/04/2007 Others Have Come and Gone, but We Remain in South River
11/03/2007 The Calm After the Storm
11/02/2007 Riding the Storm Out
11/01/2007 We Are Cruisers At Last!!
10/31/2007 Out of One Slip and Into Another
10/30/2007 Engines Are Back Online, Capt'n!!
10/29/2007 Somedays Nothing Seems to Go Right
10/28/2007 Last Minute Issues
10/26/2007 The Business of Cruising
10/24/2007 Life on the Hard Turns into Night Sailing
10/23/2007 Still on the Hard, but Making Progress
10/22/2007 Haul-out in Oriental
10/21/2007 Practice in a Crowded Anchorage
10/20/2007 Relatives Aboard
10/19/2007 Head Repair
10/18/2007 3 Years of Preparation and Dinner with Cruisers
10/17/2007 Two-Weeks Notice
10/16/2007 Pre-Cruising Sailing Experiences
10/15/2007 Taking Stock of our Progress
10/14/2007 A Parade of Well-Wishers
10/11/2007 Look Ma, No More Leaky Water Pump
10/10/2007 A Full Social Calendar
10/07/2007 Sails Stay Snug Under the Covers
10/06/2007 The Race that Wasn’t
10/05/2007 Back to Whortonsville
10/03/2007 All in the Same Boat
09/30/2007 Teak Rules the Week
09/23/2007 A Fifty-Fifty Weekend
09/20/2007 Fluid Dynamics
09/16/2007 Fahrenheit 59 and the Art of Boat Maintenance
09/13/2007 Lists, Lists, and More Lists
09/11/2007 Floor Work In Progress
09/09/2007 Goodbye GABRIELLE
09/08/2007 Ready for Tropical Storm Tropical Storm GABRIELLE
09/07/2007 It's Official: Subtropical Storm GABRIELLE is Named
09/03/2007 Hard Aground at the End of Vacation
08/31/2007 Holding Firm on Two Anchors
08/29/2007 A Different State of Mind
08/25/2007 The Vacation Routine
08/23/2007 Patience Takes us to Civilization
08/22/2007 Prudence Gets a Much Needed Rinse
08/20/2007 The Good and the Bad of Cruising
08/18/2007 24 Hours to Cape Lookout
08/16/2007 Taking Our Home With Us On Vacation
08/12/2007 Sabbath on Seawater
08/11/2007 How Many Shipmates Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
08/09/2007 It's Hot, but We Are Doing OK
08/05/2007 The Dog Days of August Have Arrived
08/04/2007 Gauges Give Up on a Secret Mission
07/30/2007 When Anchoring, Bigger is Better, Right?
07/29/2007 A Temporary Fix in Order to Start from Square One
07/26/2007 Ocean Test for the Kayaks
07/23/2007 Parental Visit and Photo Updates
07/21/2007 Project Update: 1 out of 2 ain't bad
07/15/2007 Half-done Boat Projects
07/13/2007 Communing with Nature
07/07/2007 My First Publication
07/06/2007 Mom Visits and FedEx Gets a Workout
07/01/2007 Testing Out Our Spinnaker and the Affects of Heavy Winds
06/30/2007 Back to Whortonsville: Part II
06/29/2007 Back to Whortonsville: Part I
06/26/2007 Exercising the Credit Card and Fuel Filter Issues
06/24/2007 More Boat Chores and More Dominos
06/23/2007 Tracking the Ever Elusive Electrical Earth Leak
06/22/2007 Patience Gets a Black Bottom AND Weather Links
06/20/2007 The 'Dogs' that Bite
06/17/2007 New Friends and New Heights
06/13/2007 Back to the Boatyard in Bridgeton
06/10/2007 Doug & Sheryl Hit the 1000 Nautical Mile Mark
06/09/2007 A Saturday of Sailing, Storms, and a Poled-out Jib
06/08/2007 No More Friday Driving, Let’s Anchor Out
06/07/2007 First Week of Living Aboard
06/02/2007 Storms and Self-healing Cars
06/01/2007 The Last Drive
05/31/2007 From DINKs to SINKs
05/27/2007 Go-in' Out?
05/20/2007 Initial New Bern Explorations
05/19/2007 The First Full Day at Our New Marina
05/18/2007 Free at Last, Free at Last: Prudence Finally Gets Wet
05/12/2007 Grounded for Another Weekend
05/07/2007 The Big Bottom Job Scare
05/06/2007 Preparing to Live Aboard
04/29/2007 On the Hard
04/23/2007 Haul-out in Bridgeton
04/22/2007 Eighteen Hours at Bridge Pointe Marina
04/21/2007 Farewell, for now, WYTC
04/15/2007 Ensign Harbor: 'Oh, how we will miss it here'
04/08/2007 Alone in a Cold and Windy Marina
04/01/2007 Prudence is Finally Under Sail Again
03/25/2007 Safety at Sea
03/18/2007 Cold Front Exposes Our Thin Skin
03/11/2007 A Brief Trip Out of the Slip
03/04/2007 An Embarrassment of Line
02/25/2007 Patience Passes the Test
02/17/2007 A Tender named Patience
02/11/2007 Boat Chores IV
02/04/2007 A Cold Project
01/29/2007 Carolina Currents and Cruising Conversation
01/21/2007 Winter Routine
01/14/2007 Warm Weather and Clean Winches
01/07/2007 Wonderful Gifts
01/01/2007 A New Year Begins with Prudence
12/25/2006 Christmas on Prudence
12/17/2006 Boat Chores III
12/10/2006 Our Cruising Partner is Named: PRUDENCE
12/03/2006 Boat Chores II
11/26/2006 A Lot to Be Thankful For
11/19/2006 Messing About in Boats
11/12/2006 Weather Does a One-Eighty
11/05/2006 Boat Chores I
10/29/2006 Fixing the Leak on Queste and Selling Ashiya
10/28/2006 Touring the Boat
10/27/2006 Homeward Bound
10/26/2006 Maximum Mileage
10/25/2006 Bridges, Shoals, and a Lock
10/24/2006 Day of Rest
10/23/2006 Surfing and Docking
10/22/2006 Sailing to Windward
10/21/2006 Queste Under Sail
10/20/2006 Provisioning Peculiarities
10/19/2006 Boat Delivery
10/15/2006 It is Official, We Have a New Boat!
10/09/2006 Survey and Sea Trial
09/30/2006 Could this be the next Ashiya?
09/25/2006 Selling a Boat Ain't So Easy, After All
09/20/2006 Selling, Shopping, and the Sailblog Community
09/04/2006 Wanna Buy a Boat?
08/17/2006 The 'Flashback Episode'
07/30/2006 Preparations for the Next Phase
07/18/2006 The End of a Fantastic Vacation
07/17/2006 A Fine Sail Back to Our Home Port
07/16/2006 Tying Up at the Town Dock
07/15/2006 A Stormy, Scary Evening
07/14/2006 More Anchoring Challenges
07/13/2006 Another Day at the Beach
07/12/2006 A Day at the Beach
07/11/2006 Eighteen Hours on Mother-Mother Ocean
07/10/2006 One Day at a Marina
07/09/2006 At Anchor in Wrightsville Beach
07/08/2006 A Long Day on the ICW
07/07/2006 Learnings about Anchoring
07/06/2006 Surviving a Storm on the ICW
07/05/2006 Walking to the Lighthouse
07/04/2006 And the Adventure Begins
06/24/2006 Summer Solstice Sailabration
06/17/2006 A Weekend in the Slip
06/11/2006 Anchoring in Oriental
05/29/2006 The Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow
05/09/2006 ...and the Mast Came Down
04/24/2006 A Quiet, Damp Weekend at the Coast
04/01/2006 First Sail of Spring
03/04/2006 Return to the Coast
01/01/2006 Three Days of Sailing
12/10/2005 Oriental Spirit of Christmas
12/03/2005 Testing the Dingy
11/26/2005 Sailing Back to Whortonsville
11/25/2005 Shopping on Ocracoke
11/24/2005 A Walk On the Beach
11/23/2005 Sailing to Ocracoke
11/20/2005 Quiet Weekend at the Marina
11/13/2005 First Overnight Anchorage
11/06/2005 Back to the Real World
11/05/2005 Back to Barefoot
11/04/2005 Return to St. Vincent
11/03/2005 Sail to Canouan
11/02/2005 Sailing to Carriacou
11/01/2005 Sailing to Petite St. Vincent
10/31/2005 Sailing to Tabago Cays
10/30/2005 Sailing to Mustique
10/29/2005 Provisioning in St. Vincent
10/28/2005 Travel to St. Vincent
10/27/2005 Ready for School
10/22/2005 Second Sail on Ashiya
10/16/2005 First Sail on Ashiya
10/15/2005 Cruise to Nowhere
10/08/2005 US Sailboat Show
10/02/2005 Naming Ceremony
09/18/2005 De-naming Ceremony
09/17/2005 Surviving the Hurricane Celebration
09/14/2005 Hurricane Ophelia
09/10/2005 Engine and Wiring
09/03/2005 Cleaning and Checking
08/28/2005 The Next Day
08/27/2005 Voyage from Oriental to Whortonsville
08/11/2005 We are Buying a Boat
08/07/2005 We Found a Boat
07/24/2005 Coastal Explorations
06/05/2005 Dock Walkers
05/31/2005 Continuing Voyage of Artemesia
05/14/2005 Mal de debarquement
05/13/2005 Sail to the Mainland
05/12/2005 Conch have Eyes
05/11/2005 Search for the Manatees
05/10/2005 Sail to BlueField Range
05/09/2005 A Lazy Day
05/08/2005 Turneffe Reef
05/07/2005 Sail to Turneffe Reef
05/06/2005 Snorkeling at Caye Caulker
05/05/2005 Sail to Caye Caulker
05/04/2005 Arrival in Belize
05/01/2005 Going Cruising
04/01/2005 Thinking Outside the Box
03/01/2005 My First Garage Sale
02/01/2005 Losing a Co-worker
01/01/2005 The Idea