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A Fine Sail Back to Our Home Port
Doug Mayle
17-Jul-2006, Oriental to Whortonsville

July 2006 Vacation Cruising in Coastal North Carolina
Monday, July 17th

Journey: Oriental to Whortonsville (View Map)
Nautical Miles: 12.3
Sailing Hours: 3
Motoring Hours: 1

After breakfast, we decided to toss off the docklines and sail home to Whortonsville. We had a perfect 10-knot wind and were able to sail all the way from Oriental through most of the way up Broad Creek.

Once back in the slip, we spent a few hours cleaning the boat before we turned our attention to our own showers. By early afternoon, we were able to rest and relax. We ducked below to escape the heat and before we knew it, day had turned to night.


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