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Suffering from a Head Cold in Paradise
10-Apr-2008, Dewey, Culebra, Puerto Rico

CURRENT LOCATION: Tied to a mooring ball near Cayo Pirata, in Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico

18 18.400' N, 065 17.842' W

The truly astute reader may notice that our location has changed, ever-so-slightly. This morning we moved the boat, less than 500-feet, from our position at anchor, in order to take advantage of an available mooring ball. Have I mentioned that they are FREE!! This move has three advantages for us. One, our anchor chain is not getting covered with that biological goo that accumulates over time. Two, the chain and anchor is not soaking in salt water (a slow death sentence for any metal object). Three, we now have a place to tie and leave the new dinghy if and when we decide to do some short-term exploring of other spots around Culebra, namely Culebrita and Cayo Luis Peņa.

The move was a simple one, but is complicated by the fact that both Sheryl and I have been suffering from head colds. The symptoms hit me first, and only some good antihistamines kept me from making it apparent during our dinner aboard Snark on Monday night. We had a good time catching up with Dan & Kimber and were introduced to a new couple, Paul and Jan from s/v Irise. Snark departed on Tuesday for the Virgin Islands, but we are hopeful that we may catch up with them if we visit the Virgins sometime before hurricanes start to blow, or on our way south at the end of the season. Paul is off crewing aboard a northbound boat, Brass Cat, for the next week or thereabouts, so we hope to get to know Jan better during that time.

By the time Tuesday morning came, my head weighed close to one ton as I dinghied Sheryl into town by the first rays of dawn's early light. While Sheryl hopped the ferry and did an intense day of shopping in Fajardo with D (from Southern Cross) and Sue (from Doodlemon), I medicated and watched movies, barely stirring from my bunk until it was time to retrieve my beloved from the ferry dock.

Sheryl had had a busy day, not even stopping for lunch. As she regaled me with the day's events, I noted a slight sniffle. "Oh, no!" I said, "I gave my cold to you." So, today we are both on minimal activity duty. After moving the boat, we settled in to simply focus on trying to breathe. Time will soon mend this ailment, and get us back to enjoying life in the sunshine. Until then dear Reader, take care and be well.

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