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End of Hurricane Season
01-Dec-2008, Culebra, Puerto Rico

CURRENT LOCATION: On a mooring ball near the reef in Ensenada Dakity
18 17.609' N, 065 16.813' W

Today is cause for celebration...hurricane season 2008 has officially ended!!! From Bertha through Omar, there were far too many named cyclones in our immediate vicinity (over the past six months) for my liking. However, we made it through unscathed. Whheeww!!

Please note, though, that although the official date is past and I am happy about the calendar finally showing December across the top of the page, I am not prematurely counting chickens. It is a fact that an occasional December hurricane can and does occur. The historical records show several relatively recent examples...

IMAGE NOT FOUND we'll continue to keep a close eye on the weather. If all remains quiet, and the weather looks good for sailing, who knows where we might be in as little as two weeks from today. Stay tuned.

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