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Sailing At Last
This is the tale of our journey to fulfill a passion of learning to sail and a dream to circumnavigate. Welcome Aboard At Last!

Profile of At Last and the Gorrell's
Who: Mark & Janet Gorrell
Port: Wickford, RI USA
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05 September 2012
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19 October 2011
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At Last's Photos - The canal transit
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This is the first site we see when leaving the marina for the anchorage staging area to pickup our transit adviser.
made it to the staging area and preparing fenders for "nesting" (rafting)
all boats are ready as night falls and we are waiting 3 hours for the advisers to board our boats.
our adviser arrives by pilot boat, a near miss at night
the canal entrance ahead
after we raft, those not working the lines can have a coffee break
The boats are getting in position
the line handlers toss the monkey fist and we tie the retrieval line to the large lines on the boat.
the lock close
As the lock fills, the turbulence is very hard to manage
the line handlers walk the locks to the next one
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