Autumn Borne Cruising

23 May 2017 | Hospital point - Mile Zero of the AICW - (Norfok VA)
17 May 2017 | Wrightsville Beach NC
13 May 2017 | Charleson SC
06 May 2017 | St. Augustine FL
24 April 2017 | VERO BEACH
21 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
10 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
04 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
25 March 2017 | Green Turtle cay - Black Sound
24 March 2017 | Black Sound Green Turtle Cay
19 March 2017 | Man-O-WAR cay - Abacos
14 March 2017 | On the schooner HM Aubrey

Anchored at Mile Zero - Hospital Point - Portsmouth VA

23 May 2017 | Hospital point - Mile Zero of the AICW - (Norfok VA)
Dean - Rainy Drizzle
23 May 2017 Tuesday. notes:
Last night we anchored at 2100 hours at Mile Zero (Hospital Point), after coming all the way across Albemerle Sound, and up the north Landing River, sailing through a T-Storm, waiting for the North Landing Bridge to open... Then getting stuck at the Centerville Bridge for over an hour (due to bridge restrictions for motor vehicle traffic)... then wait again at the Great Bridge bridge, and then the LOCK (quickest of all of these).

OH yes.. And the train bridge was also closed at Gillmorton Bridge complex, so again a wait.
We ran the lower Elizabeth River at night... (I can tell you that was one of our more 'stupid' moves...). It all worked out. We slowed down... Susan was outside some of the time (with superior night vision), and directed me a some points.. Away from objects in the water.

20/20 hindsight says "we should have stopped yesterday at the South Buck Island anchorage... And called it a day!!!
Mike and Bev anchored along the ICW during the T-storm; We tried but couldn't find a place where we were, without shallows, or snags. So, we kept traveling.

I should say a word or two about Belhaven NC, and the hospitality of the folks there. We (Mike, Bev, Susan and I) went to shore thinking we'd call an UBER ride for the grocery store(s). NOT !!! A contractor working on one of the downtown buildings said "UBER ??? Here ????"... that should have been a hint. But then he said.. ."Why don't you just take my JEEP Wrangler, there... She's a "beater", but she'll get you there. Just do me a favor, and put some gas in her...(then gave us the $20 he wanted in the tank).
So we did... I drove it... (Nice to drive a stick shift again)

the Jeep Wrangler was a little small for the four of us... And with groceries it would have been very FULL. BUT the store manager of the FOOD LION, ex-marine John Cooper, volunteered to drive us back to the dinghy dock.
I had to take Wrangler back (anyway), but that gave Susan and I the enter back seat for our groceries. (Bev and mike riding with John Cooper).
We also bought the contractor a little gift and left it under the pedals of the JEEP.

This morning I'm stowing away the charts for the ICW, and the Norfolk VA to Miami FL chart book. getting out the Chesapeake, and Delaware Bay Charts, and generally cleaning the boat... (Raining and yucky outside, and a poor day for travel. Mike and Bev are staying at Great Bridge VA, and we're here in Portsmouth.
More Later.

North Carolina - Wrightsville Beach

17 May 2017 | Wrightsville Beach NC
Dean - sunny HOT 87F
We made it to Wrightsville Beach, and had hopes of going off shore here at Masonboro Inlet (toward Beaufort - thus skipping the US Navy gunnery exercises, and bridges).
BUT... weather may not cooperate.

This morning I changed out the water lift muffler for the Perkins... The old one was OOZing salt water... I had never seen that before... But it said to me..."paper thin walls could fail at any time... filling the engine room with exhaust, and salty cooling water"... NOT GOOD!!

So.. we had the new unit UPS delivered to Bill, and Janet Brown's home in Southport, NC.
We had a wonderful visit with them on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Today was a short day from Southport, up to Wrightsville Beach.

The Generator run tonight gave me another "start" (excitement). I looked at the temp gauge once when I passed by... "normal"... the next time I passed by.. the unit is still running normal, but the temp gauge is PEGGED !!! HOT.
But...the unit is still running normally.. hummm
Touch the unit ... OK.
smell the unit while running.. OK..
Touch the raw water cooling pump.. COOL (meaning pumping cool water to exchanger)..
SO... diagnosis... SENSOR problem...
trigger unit just a few minutes ago... temp normal... Has to be a sensor connection problem.

Trip NORTH - 2017 - Interim Summary

13 May 2017 | Charleson SC
WELL.... it's been a series of outside (ocean), and inside hops this time...
Weather has been nice... (HOT and WINDY).
BUT...the HOT portion has been nearly ridiculous. Yesterday it was 87F from 9AM... Unreal...

Wind has helped the motoring, even on the inside.
The tides have not been our friend, with respect to afternoon travel. We've (both Tulla, and Autumn Borne) both slid through mud piles (depth less than 5 feet)... In fact, we did the entire Jekkl Island passage at dead low tide... with shown depths of 4.9 (Mike said he saw 4.4 feet)...
So we were both "farming"...(aka pushing mud out of the way of the keel).
BUT....the good thing... the boats did NOT come to a full stop. YOU could hear the engine start to labor... and a change in propeller sounds...but they never stopped.

We've been having problems with a sticky starter solenoid, but have found a 'work-around'.
Mike turned the key this morning, on TULLA, and got "nothing"...not even a "click".

So we examined the situation (very TIGHT engine compartment !!!! ) ... found loose spade connection to starter system (ignition wire).
Once connected... engine fired right up... NICE.
BUT..................and here's a big "but"... salt was found all over the rear of the engine...
(Cracked exhaust tube).... So Mike was going to fiberglass the tube... but water prevented that approach... So now he's wrapping the crack with hypalon rubber, and securing the patch with hose clamps.

We were going to just layover today... but maybe we can make some miles toward Wynyah Bay..

Northbound from VERO - now ST. AUGUSTINE

06 May 2017 | St. Augustine FL
Dean - Sunny but COOL
We left VERO... (that in itself is an accomplishment).
We moved up to Titusville to see Brian and Sheila Strutt (s/v Moonshadow).
We had a great visit with them... and even had "road trip" to Orlando for shopping, and food.
While in Titusville, though we changed the main engine's lift (fuel) pump, AND the primary fuel filter. This procedure, although it sounds simple enough, did lead to some degree of frustration.
The fuel filter is a three part filter (top-filter canister-and bottom)... meaning that you cannot fill the filter with fuel to minimize air in the fuel system. (for those of you that are NOT diesel mechanics... AIR and Diesels DO NOT MIX when the air is in the fuel system).

Anyway, Mike and Susan assisted me in bleeding all the air from the system, and finally we got the Perkins restarted. Results: seems to run fine now...without hesitation at higher RPM's... there was 6500 hours on the old fuel pump... SO...... it didn't really "owe" us anything.

BTW... while in Orlando we met a shoe store clerk that came through the public school system WHILE they were NOT teaching cursive writing (or reading)... HE can NOT read cursive writing, or legibly sign his name.... We stood there, and could hardly believe his story. Now he's off to college...

The other strange thing about this trip the WATER DEPTH.. Susan and I were commenting that even though the ORLando area had not received even the slightest April, ALL the bridges (65 feet normal clearance) were in the 63.5 to 64 feet. (i.e. Good thing "s/v Dalmatian" was not following us).
(Dalmatian is up in Beaufort NC waiting for a rebuilt transmission) (insert sad face here).

We transited from Daytona Beach to St. Augustine yesterday in 25 knot winds (Gusts over 30). WILD weather day. (rain early -sun and wind later).
We're now on a mooring at St. Augustine for two nights.
Susan did a great job of picking up the mooring line in 24 knots of wind, and ebb current. Boat hooks are not made to "pick-up" mooring line eyelets OUT of the mooring ball "bowls" on top. But she did it.

It was nice to be on a mooring yesterday afternoon... as the wind was so strong, it was healing AB over at 5 to 10 degrees (while on the mooring - bare poles).
We had to shut down the wind Generator -- too much current generated... it was going into "free-wheeling" (self protection mode)....

We had a celebratory dinner last night at O.C. Whites.... (enjoyed some music on the patio), but we were both tired, and so retired to the AB fairly early in the evening.

We're at N 29 53.250 W 081 18.384 (mooring M-28) at St. Augustine Municipal Marina...

Shay and Elizabeth stopped over last evening too.... (p/v "Escape").
Ken is also here on "Rocking B" (catamaran)... Rocking B is over in the Sebastian River....(it's up for sale!!!).

Tulla is not with us now... (They dropped off at Palm Coast to meet up with a buddy of Mikes).
We may meet them here or farther up the coast.
We'd like to "pop" off-shore early next week... and skip GA.
We'll see if weather cooperates... Right now - looks good for motoring trip to Charleston, from St. Mary's (Cumberland Is.).

OK....It's cool here this AM... 51F but quickly rising toward 77F today.
Sun is shining... and wind is up in teens again...
time for Cruiseheimers NET check in - SSB - 8152 kHz.
more later.

Nearly ready to start NORTH...

25 April 2017
Dean - Sunny warm -- mild wind
AB nearly ready to start north...
Diesel tanks are nearly full.
Provisioning is done... Mostly.

What makes it hard to leave is that NOW a lot of our friends from the keys, and the islands are showing at VERO

Times at VERO Beach with fellow cruisers

24 April 2017 | VERO BEACH
DEAN. - Sunny, with slight chance of rain about 1800 hours
This has been an interesting week or two, since returning from the Bahamas.
The anchorage here at VERO is now filling up with the cruisers from the Bahamas, many of which were either traveling with, or partying with us, on AB.
A few nights ago we had dinner with Shay and Elizabeth of the P/V "Escape"...
And two nights ago we had dinner with Joe, and Shari of the s/v "Narcilion".
Also here in VERO is Tom and Chris of s/v "Persistance"...
(Here as well is "cookie Monster"; Nightengale; OUR DREAM, and the list goes on).

I tried to add $ to our BTC accounts this AM. It seemed to work, then when I logged in a second time... It said payment did not go through due to technical difficulties... HUMMM. ? This could be a problem doing it remotely. WE'LL see.

I've been playing the point where my fingers are very sore. Mike and Bev took us to a pawn shop where I did get a chance to play a nickel plated brass Dobro... NICE, but I already have one Dobro on board... Two would seem to be too MUCH!!!
SO........ I put it back on the hooks.

The Gibson guitar continues to dry out... But I'm trying to keep it playing nice.... (It's beginning to look like "willie's" guitar... With tinted epoxy holding the top on the body... Etc.
BUT.. .it plays so beautifully... I can't let it go.

We're coming very close to our departure date... Although we got a call from Nelson, and Ondra this AM...(Monday)... They're between Rodriguez key, and Miami and coming to VERO....HUMMM ???
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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