Autumn Borne Cruising

22 June 2017 | Catskill Creek
07 June 2017 | HUDSON River NY
05 June 2017 | Catskill NY
23 May 2017 | Hospital point - Mile Zero of the AICW - (Norfok VA)
17 May 2017 | Wrightsville Beach NC
13 May 2017 | Charleson SC
06 May 2017 | St. Augustine FL
24 April 2017 | VERO BEACH
21 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
10 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
04 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field

Cottage on South Shore (Lake Erie)

18 July 2017
Day two:
Last night we lost the Microwave; and the kitchen light (again)[sparking/ arcing/ tripped breaker];

this morning we lost the TOASTER... arcing, wouldn't release the English muffin without involving fork; etc.

the cable TV comes and goes... mostly "goes"...
(on for a short bit...although there's no MOVIE channels anyway).... messages on TV.. are
"Partial Signal LOSS", and "TOTAL Signal LOSS"...
WE can watch some local channels, via a small antenna on the back of the Satellite Receiver.

I guess the owner is coming tomorrow to Cut grass, and oversee the CABLE "guy"...
I just texted him, and asked him to bring a replacement "toaster" as well...
HIS words were " YOU'VE got to be kidding me".

and this is just DAY three.

AT cottage (house) on south shore of Lake Erie

16 July 2017 | Angola NY
Dean - Sunny - cool by Lake
what a strange first day at cottage.
the tenants that we followed, did NOT leave on time. In fact they were still here when Kevin and the "cleaners" got here.
Kevin (Owner) was not a happy camper...
the place was a mess... and they still had some 20 people here.
(well over the max).
We showed up at the stipulated 1400 hours... to find the cleaners, and Kevin (Owner) working furiously.

So we toured the house... lots of lights were missing luminaires (bulbs); controllers for TV and satellite didn't have batteries; AC controller was missing 9 volt battery; switches didn't work for kitchen lights; etc.
(terrible cooking in the dark). I moved a table lamp into the kitchen to cook dinner. .

BED upstairs (hard as a rock)... I had to go down and sleep on couch for half the night (last night)...
We'll have to see how tonight goes... or this could be some LONG weeks.

WELL... coffee is done...
and it's nearly 0900..
more later.

We had some great breakfasts with our host family, the Pomerhn's, before taking over cottage.

Anchor Chain Marking day (Thursday)

22 June 2017 | Catskill Creek
Dean - Sunny hot
WELL.. .the weather was so nice we decided that today would be outside projects, instead of inside. At the top of the list was ANCHOR CHAIN RE-MARKING!!!
The fluorescent red paint held up fairly well last year, with wire ties (color coded & varying numbers of them) at 25 foot lengths of chain.
Considering the percentage of time we spend at anchor, vs. dock or mooring... that was IMPRESSIVE.
This year we're going with "John Deere YELLOW" for the paint marking in-between the wire ties.

WE'LL see how that goes.

Vessel documentation - renewal

07 June 2017 | HUDSON River NY
Dean - warming up
This morning, we were reviewing all the mail that had amassed at our mail drop, while we were in the islands...

One of the letters was from one of those PRIVATE COMPANIES that provide assistance in renewals for your vessel's USCG documentation FOR A FEE.

The form looks very OFFICIAL in every way.... accept that it's not part of the USCG or Homeland Security...

I called the phone number, that is on the back of the official Vessel document form.... and obtained the correct web page for the official site.

anyway... it's $26 for the year... Not the $75 that the private company wants.

Foot zero - Nail 1 - ouch

05 June 2017 | Catskill NY
Dean -- RAINY
WELL...the score is foot zero; Nail 1
This morning while doing some chores on land, I stepped backwards, inside a dark shed, and stepped on a nail...which punctured my left foot... Bottom.
SO... The rest of the day, was spent trying to do the right thing... i.e treatment.

I first washed it with Hybaclens, and Peroxide... then we drove up to "Urgent Care".
No luck there!! Couldn't believe it... Wouldn't take our Insurance"... (the NY state sponsored insurance for the retired county workers).
So we left, and drove across the river to Columbia Hospital ER.
Nice folks...
My last Tetanus shot was at the end of it's "useful life", so I got a booster, and a prescription for an anti-biotic... and some epsome salts to soak the foot in tonight.

SO...Susan and I then celebrated with a late lunch at LaBella's Pizzeria (celebrated getting out of the ER).

I haven't really updated the BLOG since we left or were AT Hospital Point (Portsmouth).
(a couple on the s/v "Mar-a-Lago" called my attention to this fact, just as we were leaving for the hospital).. so I'll try to do that tonight (while soaking my foot)).

Raining like crazy outside now.... after nice morning.
Good Night for a movie (on board).

I also mentioned to GAR, in a FB page, that I'd get out the Gibson, which hasn't seen the light of day since we started north.... could be time for that too.

OK... on with the evening....--

Anchored at Mile Zero - Hospital Point - Portsmouth VA

23 May 2017 | Hospital point - Mile Zero of the AICW - (Norfok VA)
Dean - Rainy Drizzle
23 May 2017 Tuesday. notes:
Last night we anchored at 2100 hours at Mile Zero (Hospital Point), after coming all the way across Albemerle Sound, and up the north Landing River, sailing through a T-Storm, waiting for the North Landing Bridge to open... Then getting stuck at the Centerville Bridge for over an hour (due to bridge restrictions for motor vehicle traffic)... then wait again at the Great Bridge bridge, and then the LOCK (quickest of all of these).

OH yes.. And the train bridge was also closed at Gillmorton Bridge complex, so again a wait.
We ran the lower Elizabeth River at night... (I can tell you that was one of our more 'stupid' moves...). It all worked out. We slowed down... Susan was outside some of the time (with superior night vision), and directed me a some points.. Away from objects in the water.

20/20 hindsight says "we should have stopped yesterday at the South Buck Island anchorage... And called it a day!!!
Mike and Bev anchored along the ICW during the T-storm; We tried but couldn't find a place where we were, without shallows, or snags. So, we kept traveling.

I should say a word or two about Belhaven NC, and the hospitality of the folks there. We (Mike, Bev, Susan and I) went to shore thinking we'd call an UBER ride for the grocery store(s). NOT !!! A contractor working on one of the downtown buildings said "UBER ??? Here ????"... that should have been a hint. But then he said.. ."Why don't you just take my JEEP Wrangler, there... She's a "beater", but she'll get you there. Just do me a favor, and put some gas in her...(then gave us the $20 he wanted in the tank).
So we did... I drove it... (Nice to drive a stick shift again)

the Jeep Wrangler was a little small for the four of us... And with groceries it would have been very FULL. BUT the store manager of the FOOD LION, ex-marine John Cooper, volunteered to drive us back to the dinghy dock.
I had to take Wrangler back (anyway), but that gave Susan and I the enter back seat for our groceries. (Bev and mike riding with John Cooper).
We also bought the contractor a little gift and left it under the pedals of the JEEP.

This morning I'm stowing away the charts for the ICW, and the Norfolk VA to Miami FL chart book. getting out the Chesapeake, and Delaware Bay Charts, and generally cleaning the boat... (Raining and yucky outside, and a poor day for travel. Mike and Bev are staying at Great Bridge VA, and we're here in Portsmouth.
More Later.
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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