Autumn Borne Cruising

21 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
10 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
04 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
01 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
25 March 2017 | Green Turtle cay - Black Sound
24 March 2017 | Black Sound Green Turtle Cay
19 March 2017 | Man-O-WAR cay - Abacos
14 March 2017 | On the schooner HM Aubrey
10 March 2017 | Lynyard Cay (near Little Harbor) - Abacos
07 March 2017 | Hopetown Abacos
07 March 2017 | MOW to Hopetown Abacos
03 March 2017 | treasure cay to MOW cay - motor sail
01 March 2017 | treasure Cay on great Abaco Island
27 February 2017 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay - Abacos

Wonderful Time spent with FELLOW CRuisers at their HOME

21 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
Dean - Sunny and WARM
Wednesday afternoon, evening, and Thursday AM we spent with Michelle, and Steve Papile (s/v John Ray - IP38), at their home near Vero Beach....
Wonderful home... spacious, warm, welcoming... with Pool, firepit, and most of all, THEM (Michelle, and STEVE).

Steve is retired. Michelle is counting the days now until she retires from the Boston MA school system...

We played a lot of music, by the pool in the afternoon, and then near the firepit in the evening. Steve has three guitars (always out and ready)... OVATION; MARTIN, and a TAYLOR.
Steve was very gracious... he let me play the Martin all evening...
I did change the tuning on the Taylor to open D, for some slide work late in the evening, and morning. Steve is just starting with the slide...

Thursday afternoon, was the 4 PM Happy HOUR under the Tiki HUT.
Lot's of new boats came into VERO yesterday from the Bahamas.
This is our last week here (hopefully) in VERO Beach.

Yesterday was OIL change day for the on-board Generator. Today might be OIL Change day for the main Engine (have to replace the 2 gallons of 40 wgt oil that will be used).

SO... today will be a bus ride into town for groceries, and OIL...
More later.

I have not been sending normal emails while in the Bahamas and on the BTC phone system... but now that we're back on Verizon... things will change a bit.
If you've been logging onto FB, OR better yet, our web-BLOG ( you've seen the many posts from the islands...
If not we'll have to catch up via some other communications mode.

See YA.

EASY Weekend - at VERO

10 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
Dean - Sunny warm -- mild wind
This has been a relaxing weekend at VERO.

Troika, SEEKER, and Nightengale left VERO Beach Saturday mornning... (insert sad face here).

SO... we used some of the day to do boat hauling some diesel in jerry cans to top off the fuel tanks; getting ready to head north soon ourselves!

Friday night Michlin fixed dinner onboard Troika for SEEKER, and AB crews... Wonderful... We all toasted, with beverage to a great season on the water... (SEEKER and AB in the islands), and Troika here (wandering around FL seeing "STING" etc. )

Pierre tried out his recently fixed hand (surgery) on my guitar... IT WORKS!!! Yeah... music was a treat.

Nearly the same scenario played out the very next evening too... with dinner being made by TIM and KIM on the "Alethia" (next door mooring)... with dinner followed by guitar music, (I got a chance to play a Martin guitar with all synthetic body - the only wood being the neck)... then KIM brought out here flute, and played a couple pieces from Mozart. NEAT !!!

SO.......... today I finish making boat cards for AB, and TULLA, and continue with minor boat chores.

Thursday. -- Rain DAY -- Boat WASH

06 April 2017
Today might be a "rain day"... VERY unusual, In that except for the one storm in the islands (where we filled our water tanks in less than 15 minutes) I don't think the AB has been rained upon more than a few times...
We've had WIND Storms...30 and 40 knots (gusts higher)... But very little RAIN.

WELL.. .we're getting a "boat wash" now... Big drops with Thunder in the distance... (It's OK IF the noise, and light show stay "over There"... REALLY!!)

OK...LIGHTNING GETTING CLOSER... Maybe I'll continue this letter, somewhere below decks...
Good idea!!

(Slight pause). Insert here!!!
Earl and Kathy are away from SEEKER... Hope they're not out walking.

I needed fuel filters for the Northern Lights Generator the other day... RACOR 2000 units... Guess where I found them? WALMART ONLINE!!! Who would have thought that?
SO... I ordered, and they shipped in two days... Cool!!!

Now I'm looking at ordering the 3'd Explorer chart (Eleuthera, and FAR Bahamas... We have the Near Bahamas, and the Exumas... I guess we never thought we'd like to go to Eleuthera... But I was wrong... It was just a day sail from where we were at Little Harbor Abacos. And everyone we talked to loves Spanish WELLS.... SO.......... Let's get the charts.

I think I'll take a little of this "rain day" and inventory the impellers, and fuel filters that are actually ON BOARD AB.
More later.
The PHOTO is of our dinghies waiting for us, one evening while having a picnic, and bocci ball session at Green Turtle cay (Abacos)... (Absolutely nothing to do with today's rain day). :)

WED. Day of boat chores and shopping

05 April 2017
Dean - Sunny and WINDY
Today was a day of boat chores, and men's shopping.
I say that because Pierre drove the men (myself, Earl, and Grant (s/v Nightengale) to LOWE'S; HARBOR FREIGHT; AND WEST MARINE. (Retail shopping therapy for men centers).

AB got three solar lights; a chain wrench; ratchet extension set; a LUCI light (solar), etc.
OH.. And a nice bucket for the dinghy anchor.
A nice day all around.

Tonight we're taking our frozen fish over to SEEKER, for a group dinner...
Today Pierre and Michlin went to the fort pierce air port to check OUT of VERO Beach... I.e. They have to leave here within 48 hours... SO... I guess that 'starts the clock' on their departure from here and the AB.

That may also signal the start of the northern trek for SEEKER... And Endoxi (Bob). WE'LL see...

I guess IT's Time!!!! Although we know one thing... When AB starts we seem to travel at ONE speed... Fast... We have FALL anchorages (when days are short), and we have SPRING anchorages (when days are LONG). We KNOW the "holding" at these anchorages...and their limitations....

Photo from LITTLE HARBOR Abacos - down by Pete's PUB....

Monday SURPRISE !!!! - Euphoria !! (crew)

04 April 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field
dean -- partly cloudy- windy
WELL... IF Sunday's visit from our cruiser friends, Donna and Mike Dailey wasn't enough... Monday morning brought one additional surprise... Carla and Rick Rister called; they were AT the Marina, here in VERO Beach !!!

So...into the dinghies went Susan and I, Earl, and Kathy (Seeker), and headed to SHORE to visit.

Lunch at the Riverside was in order, after some initial catching UP!!
Wonderful morning and Afternoon.

The evening was traditionally dedicated to the Mister Manatee "Burger Monday"... about 16 cruisers attended last night. But the ICW had 2 foot waves coming right at the bow as we crossed it to the side channel... so we were half WET... the left half!!!
I knew that we (that is "GEORGE" the dinghy) was very low on Fuel.... WELL... I truly didn't realize HOW LOW... WE ran OUT completely on the way home.... and I mean even tipping the tank toward the pick-up didn't even work.... WE were DRY !
So EARL, and Kathy towed us "home".... NICE.

Needless to say...George was gassed and ready in the next 10 minutes... ;)

Today, Tuesday was get EARL up the mast for masthead work. Pierre also has to go aloft, but decided to wait for calmer conditions.

So the remaining morning hours today was dedicated to getting Diesel FUEL, and Propane (20# cylinder - starboard side).

NOW the women are OUT shopping while the men work on the boats. ;)

OK... so then let me get busy!!!

Sunday - REST and Friends

03 April 2017
Sunday was, indeed, a day of rest, and Friends.
In the morning, although as I think of this, it doesn't sound like rest... I used the 'heavy dew" that fell on AB, to wash the salt off deck, and sides of the AB.
After crossing the Gulf Stream, the sides of the boat, in the 'blue stripe' were nearly white with salt.

I also found out one more thing... you Cannot let salt water SIT on the foredeck SOLAR panels... in puddles... it eats into the surface of the cells. NOT GOOD !

But the height of the day came when Mike and Donna Dailey came to VERO Beach to show us their new home here. VERY NICE!!! We had lunch at the beach, before the home tour. They haven't moved in yet... they're in the taking measurements for changes phase.
It was so great to see them. They were fellow cruisers, now living on land (s/v MOJO - double ender).

In the evening...after ice cream cones from the OFFICE (yes... can you believe it.. the office of the marina now sells ice cream, soda, and beer),
we gathered at SEEKER for happy hour.
Susan and I met LIBBY (spouse GRANT) from s/v Nightengale. Grant was missing... napping from their crossing from the islands the previous night.
Great night of conversations...

Today, we're supposed to assist Earl, and Pierre in climbing their respective masts... for work aloft.
Hope the rain holds off.
More later.
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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