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17 November 2017 | South Edisto River anchorage near Fenwick CUT
16 November 2017 | Charleston SC ( Harbor)
10 November 2017 | Barefoot Landing - Myrtle Beach SC
31 October 2017 | Norfolk harbor
31 October 2017 | Old Point Comfort -
30 October 2017 | Fishing bay - deltaville VA
29 October 2017 | Deltaville VA -- Fishing Bay
07 October 2017 | NORTH
02 October 2017 | Catskill Creek
16 September 2017 | Catskill Creek
14 August 2017 | Penn Yan NY -- finger lakes
06 August 2017 | Catskill Creek
30 July 2017
30 July 2017 | South shore of Lake ERIE
22 June 2017 | Catskill Creek
07 June 2017 | HUDSON River NY
05 June 2017 | Catskill NY

Charleston SC to South Edisto River anchorage

17 November 2017 | South Edisto River anchorage near Fenwick CUT
Dean -- typical SC weather in FALL - cool AM -nice PM
Friday – 17 NOV 2017 -- Charleston SC to South Edisto River anchorage
Wow…. We only transited some 34 nm today, but they were tough and weird miles.
Tough because of the late start to get through the Wahpoo Bridge (traffic lockout of boat traffic until 0900 hours… making late start for the milage reqired toward Beaufort), and the shallows of the DAHOW river…
The morning started ok… going through the bridge, and transiting the Stono River; Dalmatian leaped out ahead…(fast boat !! ). But as the time passed and the tides caught up with them…we found them anchored just upstream of the Dahow River… SO… we also anchored there, figuring that when the tide passed it’s LOW point, and we pulled anchor, they’d rather have The Autumn Borne out front, calling out depths in the Dahow river. (REALLY shallow)…. Reported depths of 3.5 feet at DEAD LOW near some markers. Considering that the full tide height is 6.3 feet here… IF you start near dead LOW… there’s now where to go BUT UP!!! But if you go aground (loose focus or whatever) on a falling tide… YOU’RE toast… you are going to “lay the boat over on it’s side.
Anyway… we took a nap; watched TV; had a nice lunch while Dalmatian and AB waited for the low tide to pass. When the boats turned with the tide, we knew anchor pull was upon us… but to make any decent anchorage toward Beaufort, we’d have to hustle… (hustle but carefully, as the tide was just an hour past LOW).
So OFF we went…
WE used every bit of daylight there was today, but we made it all the way to our Fenwick cut anchorage on the South Edisto river. The sun had set about 15 minutes before we set the anchor here… Beautiful sky, but we were a little busy to take pictures.
We’re anchored at N32 33.690 W 080 24.316 --- after only 34 nm of tough miles.
WE did talk with Avalon today; they have solved their engine overheating problem…. And will soon be underway Southbound, from Georgetown SC.
We’re still getting TV (CBS) out of Charleston SC… very nice.
More later.

Wynyah Bay to Charleston SC

16 November 2017 | Charleston SC ( Harbor)
Dean -- Cool mornings - decent afternoons
Thursday – 16 NOV 2017 -- Wynyah Bay to Charleston SC
This was a most unusual day… The plan was for Autumn Borne and Avalon to pull anchor at 0640 hours this morning, and head OUT the Winyah Bay inlet… to the Atlantic ocean, for the outside HOP around to Charleston, about 68 miles total. BUT….
About half way OUT of Wynyah Bay… (just before entering the rock jetty system, that guards the entrance) Avalon called on the radio…with a major overheating problem of their main engine. We could hear the audible alarm in the background during the hurried call. I suggested they anchor, and sort the problem out… which they did… anchoring just opposite the Wynyah Bay light house.
Pete did find that the waterpump’s V-belt sheave did slip on the pump shaft, and toss the v-belt, BUT when that was corrected… the motor still exhibited overheating tendencies’…. Running over 200F. NOT GOOD.
Avalon decided to go BACK to Georgetown SC, where we had come from the day before, to trouble shoot this problem, while at a dock (either City dock, or Harborwalk, or both).
AB had the mains’l UP, and a stays’l – sailing back and forth in the channel while PETE and BUNNY did the initial trouble shooting there in the Bay.
We had waited two days for this weather window, in the ocean, so, as Avalon picked up the emergency HOOK, and motored back to Georgetown, AB did one final turn, and headed out the inlet, and made tracks toward Charleston SC.
With full Mains’l, stays’l, and 50% of the Yankee (fores’l)… AB was flying..with a little motor to fill in… averaging between 6.5 and 8.0 knots SOG.
We knew that with the delays we would NOT make the Wahpoo Bridge lockout times in Charleston, BUT… you have to try.
The ocean turned to an “oily SEA” late in the day… Wonderful day out there.
AB is anchored, near s/v Dalmatian (Tom and Marylou), just east of the Mega-dock (city marina- Charleston). AB anchored at 1645 hours at N32 46.047 W 079 56.540 after about 70 nm of travel.
A late afternoon phone call to Avalon found out that they had discoved major “GOOP” inside the main engine heat exchanger. So that’s this evening’s task for them.
Tomorrow, we’ll slip through the Wahpoo bridge at 0900 (after the traffic lockout ), and try to make it down to Beaufort SC. WE’LL see.

NC to SC - Southport to Barefoot Landing (Myrtle Beach)

10 November 2017 | Barefoot Landing - Myrtle Beach SC
Dean -- Cool, and getting really COLD
Easy Day today. ICW from Southport to Barefoot Landing (Myrtle Beach, SC). Only two areas of real concern (Shoaling) at Lockwoods Folley, and Shallotte Inlet. But... no bumping of the bottom (mid to rising tides for both, and good advice...from some other cruisers. NICE.

Autumn Borne put on about 60 gallons of diesel fuel (two tank total), pumped out waste holding tank, and filled water tanks... SO we're ready for large southbound hops (to Wynyah Bay; Charleston SC; and hopefully then St. Mary's GA).

We had a wonderful visit with our cruising friends, Bill and Janet Brown, while we were in Southport, NC. Then we had a phenomenal surprise tonight. Susan accidentally left her gloves in Bill's car, and they actually BROUGHT the gloves to US here at Barefoot Landing this evening. Wild. They stuck around a short bit and talked, then carried on with their other errands... Really NICE folks !!!!!

Gator here at Barefoot Landing... sunning himself... PIC.

Cold front coming down from Canada tonight threatens a really COOL MORNING tomorrow...
We'll sleep in a bit, and have a really short day, motoring down the Waccamaw River to CowHouse Creek, to see another friend (John Fazzio- s/v "STEELAWAY").
More later.

No socks

31 October 2017 | Norfolk harbor
no socks.... old point comfort - Hampton Roads VA.

easy trip today -- Deltaville to Norfolk

31 October 2017 | Old Point Comfort -
Dean -- no socks
Tuesday 31 OCT 2017. happy Holloween !!

Avalon, and Autumn Borne pulled anchor this morning about 0900.

I say "about", because that's when we 'started" to pull.

AB had out nearly "storm scope"... We had more than 150 feet of chain out there... Dragging back and forth through

The mud (yucky mud). When that portion of the anchor chain appeared at the surface, during the PULL.. It looked like a "TUBE of gray MUD.... (Literally you could not see the CHAIN at all inside the "TUBE of MUD". It's a great thing, having a wash water pump at the bow.... Much better than throwing all that MUD, and YUCK into the Chain locker (enough manages to get in there anyway during a season).

The second problem this AM, was that during the storms over this past weekend, AB rotated around the anchor a few times, and managed to twist the bridle, in such a way as to let the chain enter the "slot" in the Manson chain hook Twice....NOT GOOD! I had to put a second chain hook below the bridle hook; have Susan Move the AB forward; then let out more chain; so I could get the troublesome area of chain ON deck where I could work on it... Without damage to my hands; While the secondary hook took the weight of AB.

We're now outside Deltaville, and heading towards Norfolk or Hampton roads. No Wind to speak of... But I've got a Yankee sail hanging there... Just in case. :)

We are getting a tiny LIFT from the EBB tide in the Bay.... ( in fact we may even get a flood tide GOING INTO Norfolk harbor.... Later today).


We had a wonderful happy hour with Carla and Rick last evening... Wine; cheese; crackers; etc. beer.... At the boaters lounge at the Fishing Bay Marina. Euphoria is scheduled to "splash" later this week. I guess their plan is to navigate SoUTH toward Titusville, or VERO Beach.... We hope to meet up again soon.

WELL......... Just rolled in the heads'l.

NO WIND whatsoever.

:(. Getting WARM inside our Bimini / Dodger (greenhouse effect).

We're coming up on Wolf Trap light... Then the YORK spit.

OK.... Back to helming.


Passed WARSHIP #78 Aircraft carrier "BUSH" on the way into the harbor;
Time passed... now anchored in Old Point Comfort anchorage;
Dark and Stormy drinks downed... NOTICE (NO Socks!!! )
NCIS on TV...
Life is good.

Storms here on EAST Coast - Deltaville VA

30 October 2017 | Fishing bay - deltaville VA
Dean - COLD and WINDY
We're still "hunkered down" ... It's very Windy, and cool outside!!!

. things were very WINDY last night here... steady 30's, and gusts to well over 40 MPH....
Waves in Bay when wind clocked around to the SW made it "bouncy".... nothing the AB hasn't seen before.
Except for two awake periods last night to make sure everyone, including AB was in the right places... we slept through the storms.

I had created a "dam" around the water fill port, on the port side of the AB yesterday, so when the rain started we collected
between 30 and 40 gallons of fresh rain water.... NICE!!

In the morning, yesterday, I had scrubbed and washed the entire deck, so that we'd be collecting "cleaner" rain water... and no anchor debris leftovers.... :(
So... now we're vegging... hot showers, (as soon as I warm the water more)... dishes from last nights spaghetti dinner, etc.
Waves and winds are supposed to calm down this PM..... So... perhaps another shore trip later.

Checking navigation, winds, etc. later... I think tomorrow Avalon and AB will sail to Norfolk... WED at the latest.
The Alligator River swing bridge starts it's long maintenance shut down period on Nov. 6th (thru the 17th).... open only on Sundays, and before 7AM, and after 7 PM weekdays, and SAT.
SO............. it behooves us to move South quickly....
OR fight those weird opening schedules.

PIC is of Pete's Sister Donna and husband Chris; great hosts in Annapolis, MD (when we were there)...
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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