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16 January 2018 | Vero Beach FL -
13 January 2018 | Vero Beach FLorida
10 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL -
08 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL -
04 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL -- Mooring field (south)
03 December 2017 | VERO Beach FL
01 December 2017 | ICW near Palm Bay
29 November 2017 | Titusville
28 November 2017 | daytona Beach FL
27 November 2017 | ST Augustine
27 November 2017 | ST. Augustine FL
26 November 2017 | St. Augustine Municipal Marina - Mooring M28
25 November 2017 | Cumberland Island
23 November 2017 | St.Mary's Georgia -- anchorage
20 November 2017 | Darien River (Georgia)
19 November 2017 | Vernon River (just above Hell GATE) Georgia
18 November 2017 | Cooper River - near Savanah GA
17 November 2017 | South Edisto River anchorage near Fenwick CUT

Windy and COOL... Inside Projects

16 January 2018 | Vero Beach FL -
Dean -- COOL, and very windy (up to 30 knot gusts)
Monday, 15 Jan 2018 -- Windy – COOL – project day

Today the weather dictated “inside projects”… So The LUBE OIL and oil filter are now changed on the Generator ( we missed the required change interval by just a few hours (16 hours)). But now that’s good for another 150 hours (touch wood).

The V-berth was also cleaned out, and rearranged… items tossed… and re-packed… That was tiring.

Our Mercury Outboard IS out for service… New Thermostat (old one stuck closed), new bleed lines (old ones rotted, and leaking), fresh lower gear oil, and the main reason it was in there, the water pump assembly. So… it’s practically a new motor now… NICE !

I had been looking for the source of those stupid fuel leaks for months…. Vinny found them in a few minutes in his test tank… Nice!!

Last night (Sunday) after watching the movie “The POST” at a local theater, with Kathy, Earl, Grant, and Libby, we settled in here at AB for the evening…. Windy…. We invited Kathy and Earl over to AB for a ham, potato and applesauce dinner…. They had been driving us around all weekend. Seemed right.

Nice to just sit and talk… too. ..

I was just about to order a SUP paddle too… (SUP = Stand UP paddle Board); Mike and Vickie gave us the SUP board, but didn’t have a paddle for that one. Have to order one that adjustable… Earl wants to try it, as well as Susan… So… “adjustable” is the name of the game there.

Saturday - 13 Jan 2018 - Busy WEEK at VERO Beach

13 January 2018 | Vero Beach FLorida
Dean -- Sunny but cooler than normal
Saturday, January 13, 2018 - Cool front settling in here in VERO Beach
Good Evening… We just finished dinner… this has been a wonderful, but very hectic day. Earl, and Kathy rented one of those weekend specials from Enterprise, so we did some far ranging shopping…
We drove down to Fort Pierce this morning to see what shopping wonders were at the Marine Liquidators shop… that proved very good for both SEEKER, and AB. I found PERKO hinges that fit our cabinets…. (RARE); and Earl found a Macerator for SEEKER, much cheaper than the West Marine unit.
We moved on to lunch at HarbourTown Marina…in Fort Pierce… very nice fish and chips, and tacos.
On the way back we hit a few places like Walmart, CVS, Melody Music, West Marine, etc. SO by the time we got back here to the marina, I think everyone was whipped…. Nice to be sitting, and watching TV…
Tomorrow, we may try to see the movie “The POST” starring Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks. Everyone has been looking forward to its premier, here.
Friday evening we spent at the condo of Gina, and Joe (s/v Okeema Rose), and re-connected with Don, and Judy Polifka.
Thursday night we spent next door on SEEKER, after the Tiki Hut Happy hour, at the Marina (on SEEKER we were in the company of Benny and Lisa (s/V Rhiannon); and Grant and Libby (s/v Nightengale). Nice evening…re-connecting with those folks.
Wednesday night Rhiannon (Benny and Lisa) treated us to dinner at Riverside Café. I had worked on their refrigeration system earlier in the week. NICE evening…
Anyway… it’s been a very busy week… starting with Manatee Monday… On guess when…. Monday!
More Later.

christmas in New York - SOCKs --

26 December 2017
We came north in great weather... in Mid-DECEMBER. It's now getting colder... MUCH COLDER... We're talking single, and negative digits.
(Photo = SOCKS)... therefore Socks have been required, while here.

Snow came after midnight on Christmas Eve... 9 or 10 inches of IT...

We had a lovely Christmas here at the home of our daughter; Now we're on the way to WNY for Grandkids X-mas gift giving.

Inside Projects - COLD FRont

10 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL -
dean - cold front went through.... BRRR
Yesterday was a total "inside" day... Rain / Wind / cold front coming in... etc.
We re-confirmed one of those "cruiser rules of thumb" regarding potable water filters (carbon 5 micron); They last exactly ONE MONTH... (the way we use the boat). EXACTLY the same as COFFEE (one large can of Maxwell House coffee, lasts exactly ONE month). So Susan suggested that when we "change to a new coffee can, go ahead and change the FILTER too.." Good idea!!!

The symptoms of this filter failure (clogging), for those that use these things... are as follows:
The pressure pump fails to reach the correct pressure to shut off and / or cycles on and off quite a bit before reaching shut off pressure.

Anyway.... the aft cabin head cabinet door has been re-hung, and works well, with it's new hinges... (it did take a little wood working to make the hinges fit the existing teak frame... as the hinges aren't QUITE the same as the originals.... they're "VERY" close, but...

Today it was 39F in Vero Beach FL, because of this cold front, and sinking jet stream (bringing snow to the southern states, etc.
I was told by Karyl Pomerhn not to speak about cold, as long as we were in Florida and not fighting with 20F and snow.... but the fact is... 39F (outside), when you're ON a boat with NO heat...(is sort of like living outside)... Fortunately the warm water keeps the HULL warm....and we do have a small Mr. Heater... (Propane heater) for when it's get's really cold.

I was going to say something here about the "talking heads" I just heard... talking about Roy Moore, and the GOP, and Alabama voters.... But I'm nearly speachless... The reporter would point out errors in the talking heads speach...and he'd just KEEP ON TALKING... as if she (the reporter) didn't say anything.... HE had 'exactly what he was going to say...and he was going to say it... regardless of any FACTS... or ERRORs..
( I guess if you say it long enough, and loud enough it becomes FACTS for some folks).... Wow !!!
I do applaud the reporter, though, for TRYING to point out the actual FACTS....that somewhat contradict what the "head" was saying.... yeah!!

OK... back to work... OR PLAY... sun is out.... YEAH!!

Cold FRONT and Thunder BOOMERS -- inside projects today

09 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL
Dean -- Clearing but getting colder
Saturday -- 9 DEC 2017 -- Thunder COMING !!! BRRR showers – Cold front
The weather forecaster was “spot ON” this morning… Rain and Thunder Boomers were forecast for 6 AM… and sure enough… 0610 “BOOM”…. I was already UP and awake, because of the rain that preceded the “BOOM”…. (couldn’t remember if I’d closed up the zippered screen in the aft part of the Bimini -- I had).
Anyway… this morning we were going to walk to the farmers Market, at the beach… But just about the time we would have left the marina… was the heaviest of the rain….
We even took the GPS chartplotter and phones, and put them in the microwave oven (boat’s “faraday cage”… because of the ferocity of the lightning around us…
SO….today will be “inside projects for a while”… this afternoon the rain will clear, but the cold front will be UPON us…. Going down in temps to mid-40’s…at night…. BRRR.
The Cruisers Net this AM….was really messed up… Propagation wise – About the only people we could hear were in North Carolina… Could not hear “net control” at all from the Bahamas… or hardly any relay stations… Weather is really effecting the “bounce of the HF signals”.
One project today, will be complete the Aft Head cabinet door installation with the new hinges… Yesterday I plugged the original screw holes (the ones that WILL NOT be used with the new hinges… SO this AM I’ll put on the new hinges and re-hang the door.
Also in “ramming around” in Non-normal places I’ve seen some mold (mildew really), that needs some attention… (cleaning). SO………….. day is filling up with inside projects.
Yesterday, we went shopping by bus… out the Mall (Target, and Walmart,, etc.)… It’s a “two bus Ride”… you have to take the No. 1 bus to the terminal, then change to the No. 2 bus… and ride it nearly to the end of it’s route. Quite the RIDE!!! But we did manage to get some Christmas shopping done.
SO…. On with the day!!

Time with the Dailey's and Boat projects

08 December 2017 | Vero Beach FL -
I think I posted yesterday about dinner, and time with the Dailey's (Donna, and Mike - s/v "MOJO")... They now live in Vero Beach, in a land home.
Dinner was great... and of course all the conversations that occured that evening....(WED.). We love their remodeled kitchen.... What a tremendous job they did on that area. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures....(insert unhappy face here)...
SO............ I dug back in the archives and at least retrieved one pic of the four of us... (PIC attached).

Yesterday, I spent the morning replacing a critical piece of the waste system in the aft cabin head. (insert Yucky face here)... but it all worked out great. We now have a working head again. BUT... in working in such a tight space, beneath the bathroom counter, I leaned against the teak door for the cabinet, and broke the bottom hinge. Damn! I knew it was corroding, and weak, but I thought "I'll never find matching hinges here in Vero Beach.... But I rode up to the WM on the bus, with Susan, Marylou, and Tom (Dalmatian)... they went ON to the MALL... But luck was with me at the WM.... They ACTUALLY HAD two of the PERKO hinges hanging on the wall... Wow !!!!
LUCKY !!!!

So today, we'll have a complete aft head again... .Yeah !!!

It's also time to do OIL changes on both engines (Perkins, and Northern Lights)... and in general clean-up the vessel.... each project brings "chaos" to the general living areas... because whatever area YOU'RE working in...the "stuff" has to be moved into a "non-working" area... which is usually the living space for the spouse.

This has been short sleeve shirt weather for days here.... I guess there's a cold front sinking in tomorrow, and Sunday... BRRR

OK time for cruisers net...(SSB-HF radio). more later.

Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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