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Autumn Borne Cruising
AB on the Hard at Westland Marina
Dean - cloudy - wind - storms to the north
12/10/2012, westland

Busy day today, here at Westland.
Yesterday we dropped the Yankee (heads'l) off the headstay, and stored it under the dinghy cover on the deck.

Today we disconnected the headstay at the roller furler mechanism, and eased the baby stay with the quick release device.

All this was done so that Westland's travel lift could "pick" us from the front (bow in at the take out slip). (the last time we hauled out here Westland lifted us stern first, but to do that we had to lower all the "STUFF" on the aft deck of the AB (radar, solar panels, etc. which was a real PAIN)!!!

Anyway, by 10 AM the AB was in the slings of the travel-lift, and being pressure-washed.

Both Susan and I were shocked at the lack of barnacle, and growth on the bottom. NICE!!!

We did have a small length of line wrapped around the propeller blades... No telling how long that's been on there... IF there was a crab-pot connected to the line... the cutter on the shaft cut that loose.

SO...we're on the hard, at the very back of Westland Marina... tucked in to a long line of sailing vessels, doing the same thing we are doing...

susan and I took our bikes and rode to the Library; about 2 miles one way; Nice ride...

On the way back, we stopped at an RV dealer and inquired about prices... and available styles.

Tonight (actually this afternoon) there was a tornado touch-down in county north of here... but so far, we've just had wind, and clouds....
We've got 120V power, and water available here at the site; ... SO... let the work begin !!!!

the s/v SEEKER in town
Dean - Wonderful - Butter melting
12/08/2012, Titusville FL

The sailing vessel SEEKER came into town yesterday... Susan and I greeted Kathy and Earl at the fuel dock in the afternoon. This morning I cooked breakfast for them, on Autumn Borne.
Then everyone split to do accomplish various projects.... finally meeting at Crackerjack's Seafood restaurant meeting tonight.
Karin, and Jules came to dinner as well...
Nice evening... of sailing stories, comaradarie, and smiles.

Titusville - Westland Marina Life
Dean - Warm - Butter melting
12/06/2012, Westland Marina - B-DOCK

Thursday, December 06, 2012
We signed up for an Air Boat ride yesterday, and Alligator watch trip... This should be fun...We're going with the Strutts (Brian and Sheila - celebrating his 79th birthday).
The days here in Titusville have been passing quickly... It's amazing to me how the time flies.
We have been doing small boat projects, all along.... One or two each day...and that makes one feel good.

SSB reception here in the marina is really bad.

I went to hang our zinc fish over the side (sacrificial anode for corrosion), and the heavy zinc part came off the wire connecting it to our 'boat ground'. Not Good! OH well... time for a new "fish".

We have been looking at iPads in the stores... (it may be important to have a second method of sending emails, or doing business on the AB, especially if we cross to the islands. One story we were told about the iPhones and roaming..... the sales girl at Target said she and her boyfriend went to Jamaica a while ago, and used the International feature of the phone.... BUT she forgot to turn it off when they returned to the States.... And her next phone bill was some $700. (I guess the calls were still trying to roam through a Jamaica cell tower... or something...) Not Good! But the technology is still amazing.

We're going to have to look into this Verizon World connection program more seriously in the next few weeks.

I did ask again about Westland lifting the AB out of the water forwards (i.e. dropping the forestays so I wouldn't have to take the radar, and solar panel systems down).... Maybe after the holidays.

The PHOTO by the way is from the last time we crossed to the Bahamas, That was the Autumn Borne at Mackie Shoals on the Bahama Bank.... (photo taken by Randy Kruml - s/v Kristinly).

RO unit pickling day - and other projects
Dean - Sunny and WARM
12/03/2012, titusville - Westland Marina

Monday, December 03, 2012
Nothing much to report Titusville. Although we did meet Steve Papile again (s/v John Ray - IP-38). We met last year right here in Westland Marina.... Then I guess we went to the keys...... don't really know where he and Michelle ended up last winter...
We played some guitar while we were here.... OH...we also met the crew from "s/v Old Rosie" here (Jane, and Ben)... also guitar players (steel hulled trawler/ketch).
The days have been occupied by small boat projects, and then moving the AB to a new slip (yesterday).
This one is a pull in slip, but very very narrow.... In fact we deflected the pilings to the side as we came in. Not a good feeling... but not a lot of room to move around in here either.
There's not even enough room for a fender between the boat and the piling.
Yesterday I tightened the rigging... I noticed that in the 24 knot winds there was just a little too much sag to the forestay, and the Yankee luff. Perhaps this will also help in the ease with which the Yankee sail rolls up on the roller furling gear? Anyway... I also adjusted the side shrouds, especially theport cap shroud to take a wee bit of curve out of the very to 8 feet of the mast. Nice!
I'm sure that won't have much effect on performance, but it's nice that the sail track is straight.
I'm throwing out one of our blue fenders.... It got crushed at Norfolk during the Hurricane, and never really returned to it's full shape. SO... replacement necessary on that one. ;)
One thing we've noticed regarding the potable water system on the AB. When 1.) the pump cycles get shorter and shorter, and 2.) there's nothing wrong with the accumulator it's a sure sign that the carbon filter is clogged, and needs changing. It happens every month or two as well, but the cycling of the pump is the sure sign. I changed the carbon filter out yesterday AM, and what a difference. Wow...
Today, I'd like to pickle the watermaker (R.O unit), especially if we're not going to make fresh water for the next month. All I have to do is FIND the chemicals....(in the v-berth).... Get the line around the waist, I'm going IN!!!!.
There was only a 50 Amp service available at this new Berth, so Brian and Sheila lent us their 50A/30Amp adapter so we could "plug in" last night. That would be a worthwhile addition for the AB.
The other thing I've been thinking about is a ditch-bag. Not because we're going on any long ocean hops, but things can happen anywhere, and you should have boat papers, insurance certificates, passports, etc. ready to go....just in case. Maybe I'll add that to a Santa List.... Hummmmm
WELL...ok... time to get breakfast, and see if I can find those pickling chemicals.

12/04/2012 | Kathy Payne-Davis
Hey you two- in St. Aug for a couple of days and then heading that way. We'll def stop in Titusville to visit!
12/04/2012 | The Perkins s/v JOURNEY
Hi Dean & Susan! We arrived in St Augustine Sunday a.m. and have decided to spend December here. Finally...WARM!
Daytona to Titusville FL
Dean - Sunny and WARM !
11/30/2012, Titusville FL - Westland Marina

We pulled the anchor at our anchorage just north of the SeaBreeze Twin Bridges, in Daytona, before sunrise yesterday. The reason for "pulling" so early was the "bridge lockouts" on the Main Street Bridge, to accommodate local business automobile traffic.
We slipped through the Main Street, and Memorial Bridges before the sunrise, and were "on our way" to Titusville.
The route south, took us through the Ponce Inlet portion of the ICW, which has in the past been a problem for many cruisers... No problem, as we passed through at high tide...(lowest depth seen was about 8.4 feet, and that was momentary).

Last night...when we anchored in between the bridges at Daytona, we were pretty much alone... then while we were eating dinner; the sun had set while I was grilling; 4 boats came to anchor right near us.... One small sailing vessel anchored "right" off our bow... I couldn't believe how close !!!! What do they think about????? I was concerned when we dropped our hook and faded back to within 6 boat lengths from an anchored ketch... This single-hander was less than TWO boat lengths from our bow....
I watched him for quite a while as the wind whipped him around on a rope rode... Unreal... Finally he got the message and moved.
(it wasn't like there was a shortage of space!!!).

Anyway... we made the trip in good time with it being mostly a motor-sail (with full Yankee sail) in 12 to 15 knots of an east wind. We arrived at Titusville at about 1400 hours, and were directed to an outside piling dock on the very east end of Westland Marina. Technically, we shouldn't even have been allowed to come in here.... Westland is "FULL" (in fact Over FULL).

We may have to move come Saturday AM, or Monday.... to a slip or maybe even to the City Marina... (possibly a $$$ shuffle in that we've already registered here...)

Dinner last night was with Brian and Sheila Strutt (s/v Moonshadow), our friends for the last 6 years of cruising. Lamb stew... yummmm!
They both look great...
It's nice to be here... and not moving for a while... but we will have to get used to being at a dock with 'close' neighbors.

As usual, I have a "To Do" list which I will start today... (I'd love to put AB on the hard here, and do the bottom work, but I know that's a bad idea, with the holiday season approaching).

Busy Day ahore in St. Augustine, FL
Dean - Gorgeous sunny day - front coming tonight
11/27/2012, St. Augustine FLorida

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
NCIS night... yeah! Anyway.... early rise this morning, to use the fresh morning dew to wash off the salt encrustation on the Autumn Borne's exterior woodwork, and Stainless Steel.
After breakfast we hurried to the Lightner Museum to see the multiple floors of Antiques, and treasures.... Wow... Quite the place.
The second stop was lunch, and then to Sailor's Exchange. The San Sebastian Winery was our third major stop today....
The final stop on land today was the local American Legion for a very brief happy hour drink.
There's a weather front going through the mooring field right now (2100 hours)... so I'm glad we got back to AB, in time to fix a nice grilled pork chop dinner, with baked potatoes, and sweet peas. Because it's really howling outside right now.... Glad we're not coming back in the dinghy, (even if this mooring is the closest we've ever been to the dinghy dock).
NCIS was good tonight...
We did get a second radar reflector at the Sailor's Exchange for those off shore times when we'd really like to be seen by other ship's radar.

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