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Autumn Borne Cruising
Fort Lauderdale to Miami on the outside
Dean - storm front - Small Craft warnings - ocean passage.
01/31/2013, Miami Beach

Last night, after negotiating the 19 bridges from Lake Worth to Fort L, we had dinner with Ondra, and Nelson Gainey on the s/v Last boat. The photo is of the AB in the Middle River anchorage. It was our first time in this anchorage.

Today (Thursday) we pulled into Miami at 1300 hours, and are now anchored north of Sunset Islands...

We looked at the web page "passage weather", last night... and knew it was a changing forecast.... but it but it looked like a doable condition.
Then this morning, as we're pulling the hook,... the USCG issued Small craft advisory for the section of ocean just north of Port Everglades...
We decided to make a run for it anyway....

WELL...we (AB, and Last Boat) made it, but we couldn't out run the weather front....
it overtook us about 1/2 way down the coast.
The winds went from 12 to 15 on the nose... to 18 to 28 knots from the WEST...
Making for some very confused seas.... with the foam blowing off the tops of some waves...

After about 1 hour of that weather front wind pattern, it was over... we rolled in the Yankee.. turned into the that point, and Hauled up the whole mains'l.... ( I put a reef in it later....)
Then rolled out most of the Yankee until just short of the Government cut at Miami...
Then the wind picked up again... and we rolled in a little of the yankee... NICE day..

Anyway... we're now anchored near Miami Beach...
We used the afternoon to put on sail covers, launch the dinghy (remove from foredeck), put the motor on thje dinghy, etc. The weather turned very cool this PM... In a few hours it dropped nearly 18F.

Fort Pierce to Lake Worth
Dean - Rainy Morning - Sunny PM
01/29/2013, Lake Worth, FL

We pulled the hook in Fort Pierce about 0745 hours... and started South. Today, the s/v 'Last Boat' led most of the way... The wind was not our friend today.... 10 to 15 with gusts over 22 knots, right on the nose... from the South-south-east.

we're anchored in Lake Worth at N26 45.37 W080 02.62

We cooked dinner tonight for Ondra, and Nelson... and just as we were finishing dinner... a dinghy came along side... with Nina, and Adrian aboard (crew of the s/v DOLPHIN). We first met them at Atlantic Highlands, before the hurricane, and before the NJ 'rounding'. We've been corresponding by text, and emails ever since, but were never in the same harbor, or anchorage since Atlantic Higlands... even though we've traversed almost the same steps south.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is again not in our favor, or at least in favor of an ocean hop down to Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)... so it looks like we'll slog it out in the AICW again... then sit it out in lake sylvia, or some lake there... until we can get outside to Miami.... Gee...stuck in Fort L, with the raw bar close, and restaurants, and .....

underway fort pierce to Lake Worth
Dean Sunny Wind on the nose
01/29/2013, ICW - Atlantic side

Nelson last night with traveling guitar...

FREE FREE at last from VERO
Dean - Rain in AM - Sunny in PM
01/28/2013, Fort Pierce FL

We're free... free at last... from VERO (aka Velcro) Beach... It's really is such an easy place to just "stay".
Free Bus service, cruising friends everywhere (that are fun, and helpful)... groceries close by, Happy hour places even closer... :) etc.

Anyway... we're OFF, and running South again... Albeit we didn't run very far, or fast today... just 10+ nm to Fort Pierce. The photo attached (for those of you that can get photos) is of sunset from the s/v "last Boat".

Susan and I went over there for dinner tonight ... YUMMMM shrimp and pasta... with rum and cokes...

After the plates were cleared... i got out the guitar... and played a bit... Still feeling my way, with the tender fingers...after not playing at all while we were doing the bottom work at Titusville.
We had everyone singing for a couple of the songs...
Nelson played a couple of chords, and song-starts, too... He has a guitar, but didn't bring it on this trip... :( bummer.

Tomorrow we'll take off for Lake Worth, about 0745 hours.. or so... I think it's only about 45 nm...

Then we'll take a REAL good look at the weather for an outside hop.... I think it doesn't really look favorable until late Wed. or Thursday.... we'll see.

This afternoon, after we anchored here in Ft. Pierce I emptied the engine room; tipped the workbench up at 45 degrees, and went to work on the watermaker to re-commission it after pickling, and not using it for 2 months...(titusville). It took a little coaxing, but after about 1/2 hour it was making great Water... so I continued to make water for about 2 hours...

Then came something I hadn't counted on... a clog in the fuel line (diesel) that connects the bow tank with the transfer pump (to the mid-ship tank). So that took a while to sort out... but now that pump will transfer fuel at the rated .25 GPM at 7 PSI. yeah!

The sun was out most of the afternoon, and it was gorgeous... So I straightened up the deck; storing lines, fenders, etc. STuff that was useful when moored with another vessel, but not useful from here on South.

Anyway... nice day... we'll have to get our sea legs back... after being on land for so long, then sitting at a sheltered mooring for 13 nights... It's nice to be rocking slightly to the waves, and wind.

Project Day - Anniversary
Dean - Warm - Sunny
01/27/2013, Vero Beach

Sunday Jan 27th, 2013 - Vero Beach
Yesterday was a full project day for both of us... Susan did the Laundry, and I had my own list:
Change Zinc on Lube Oil cooler.
Weigh Propane containers ( to see if they needed topping up)
Tighten Alternator drive belt.
Add and transfer some fuel from the bow tank.
Add Bio-bor to the bow tank (anti - algae agent).
Add water/coolant to Generator cooling circuit.
Change the Lube Oil in the main engine (Perkins), after warming the engine.
Then...take the port propane tank to the filling station with Carla and Rick... top up.

We had happy hour(s) on the AB last night... Carla and Rick came out; Nelson and Ondra Gainey came over from the s/v "Last Boat"... 5PM to nearly 10 PM. The one thing that got missed was dinner... but there were lots of munchies... so no one starved.
Great time... I was so glad that Carla and Rick got to meet Nelson, and Ondra... both great couples, and great cruisers...

Today might be "defrost the freezer" day... later...
This morning we have breakfast appointment over on "Last Boat".

Most importantly, today is the anniversary of our Wedding... Susan and I have been married 45 years... I'm so glad I found her.

We're all set to drop the mooring lines... whenever... and head farther south, and then across to the islands.

Gainey's arrive - Happy Hour
Dean - Sunny and Warm
01/25/2013, Vero Beach, FL

Friday, Jan 25th, 2013 -
Today was a full day, even though we're still at Vero Beach.
The Gainey's called on the telephone... they were on their final leg in getting to Vero Beach... (Cocoa Bridge to Vero about 40+ miles -- a short day for them).
They arrived just after noon. We were out shopping again, with Carla, and Rick Rister... (ACE Hardware; Walmart; P.Office; etc. )

In the AM hours while Rick was at the eye doctor, I got cans of potable water for the AB, and for our rafted up neighbor (no motor on his inflatable)....

When we returned from shopping, and with loaded dinghy...we saw Nelson, and Ondra rowing toward shore with their dinghy motor tilted up... Not a good sign!
Oh OH... so we diverted to them... Greeted them, welcoming them to VERO... and inquired as to why they were rowing (exercise ??? Perhaps ?) NO!
They'd been fooling with the dinghy motor since they arrived... would not stay running... (could be fuel...stale)... Anyway..we towed them to shore, and then back to the "Last Boat"...after they arranged to have the outboard looked at by a local mechanic.

Tonight we all went for happy hour and munchies at the Riverview... being joined there by Benny, Lisa, and another couple (Frank and Sharon from a Caliber40). So it was quite the gathering... and lots of fun.

OK.. time for CSI or 2100 hour show... See Ya.

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